Who wants to live forever?

I’ve recently had some discussion of this question.

Yes, it’s an age old question and one that you yourself have probably had a number of past discussions on. Personally, I sometimes revisit these kinds of questions, because as I advance in years, I gain different perspectives as do the generally ageing people around me which opens up a new avenues for stimulating contemplation.

Well, either that or I’ve simply forgotten!

Re: older minds giving more productive discussions: It does take some time to get ‘clued up’ on such matters hence youthful thinking can, in the main, appear as ‘has been‘ or unproductive thinking, reinventing the wheel if you like, so perhaps older more seasoned and experienced minds are becoming more valuable to me. Yet at the same time, as the video below will point out, a conversation between a) Aubrey de Grey (formerly of Cambridge) with and Sherwin B. Nuland of Yale b) Aubrey de Grey with Martin Raff of UCL, seems ‘devoid of any possible intellectual divide based on youth’, but that’s because I’m talking about people from all different walks of life and not within scientific specialisation.

The main point of this post is to ask you if you would want to live forever and if yes or no, your reasons why, but that question rapidly diverts onto the question of can death be cheated, within which I make some assumptions:

1) The vast majority of those who believe in God accept (or will one day accept) death

2) Those who do not believe in God will seek ways to cheat death.
http://w   ww.youtube.com/watch?v=pxYTiAbEASo

1 Response to “Who wants to live forever?”

  1. 1 lwtc247 September 17, 2011 at 6:52 am

    One thing I find interesting is that of God and “life determining/extending acts” done via choice in this physical world.

    It’s said that some animals, depending on how they were raised, show longer lifetimes. The scientists doing this would say the controlled conditions THEY subjected the animals to caused that longer life.

    Some believers in God believe that lifespan is fixed. If the lifespan of creatures is also pre-determined – and they (may)believe there is only ONE number/time written down for that purpose. Why then why would God skew the lab/test animals with longer average lives making people think that the conditions the animals were raised was the cause?

    God is NOT playing pranks on us, of that I am 100% sure, so to me it suggests that the time written for our lifespan, is a function of lifes path along which we tread because if the animals lifespan was fixed, then there should be no difference in lifespan from these test mice than that of the population average, and (again) God doesn’t pull pranks.

    This makes me think there are (almost) an infinite lifespans written down to match every single path of life we pursue. That seems perfectly in tune with free will AND of course God knows exactly which path we will travel down.

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