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The hidden hand that rules us.

Over the last few days, I’ve heard from people (e.g. on this blog) who I have a lot of respect for. They have essentially said that the vast majority of things and causes that we ‘see’ are set-up’s or frame-ups, or should you prefer, ‘schemes’, which stop us seeing the real hand that rules us. I need to consult with you…

1) What is that hand if it’s not ultimately the hand of Iblis? (which I think it is)

2) What / Who are the genuine voices are there out there opposing this demonic world order?

3) Is everything (e.g. internet, GM food etc) a ‘trap’ for us?

4) How to genuinely oppose the seemingly growing invisible hand?

5) What if our “everything is NWO” view turns out to be wrong, and by cutting off “useless” channels of resistance / “distractions” / support for supposed NWO resistors, means we have actually increasing the rate at which it the dark cloud enshrouds us?

6) Have we been conned that by just praying things will get better?

It seems likely much of what we see / do / are told – is part of a great deception. But a ‘double deception’ would encourage those who can see the 1st-level-of-uncoverable-deception, to believe it’s all encompassing, thereby cutting-off connections to people genuinely putting up the good fight.

A recent poster, Zahir Ebrahim, of raised some of these points in rece nt posts and I have heard them today from another deep researcher – who today for example said the “Occupy” movement was likely staged / manipulated to bring about a serious ‘clash’, the consequence of which is for the benefit of satanic cults.

It’s incredibly difficult however to  shift to this view. I see no hope in it. To sever links with what one may loosely call resistance groups would surely have the elite rubbing their hands more furiously than if I was involved in a ‘distraction’.

I have no doubt Satan will use ANY group to serve his purpose and will dispose of any group that was at some stage useful to him. Satan has no (/needs no) loyalty to any group. It seems pretty clear that ‘liasons’ with djinn are going on to this day by people who want the knowledge held by djinn who can transverse the dimensions at will. There are Magi who engage in these dark arts.

Is there any genuine ‘chink’ of light out there? And even if there isn’t, isn’t it still the moral thing to oppose it no matter what?

First they came for the

First they came for the anti-usury Christians,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Christian.

Then they came for the Africans,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t an African.

Then they came for the Palestinians,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Palestinian.

Then they came for the Muslims,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Muslim.

Then they came for me,
and there was no anti-Zionist goym left to speak out for me.

What is the capital of Israyhell?

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24 Hours To Save The [lives of the] Malyshevs

24 Hours To Save The Malyshevs

by craig on Oct 20th in Uncategorized

Mikel and Nina Malyshev’s family have been told by the UK Border Agency that they have been moved from Yarls Wood to an undisclosed location before deportation to Uzbekistan tomorrow. The UK government continues to refuse to acknowledge the terrible human rights situation in Uzbekistan in general, or the fate that awaits the Malyshevs in particular. No reply has to date been received to a fax to the European Court of Human Rights asking for a suspension.

Please take action – contact your MP, and contact William Hague and Teresa May. The UK government cannot be allowed to continue to pretend that it does not know about the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

Please repost this and my appeal yesterday on any website on which you can.


Could someone kindly give Amnesty International a call and see if they will urgently contact the British government on this one? They have run cases recently against Uzbeks being deported back from the Ukraine and from Kazakhstan. I have to dash to a meeting on another asylum case.

Craigs appeal yesterday:

Vicious and Uncaring Deportation

by craig on Oct 19th in Uncategorized

Further involvement of the British state in the callous ruining of lives today. Mikel and Nina Malyshev have been taken to Yarlswood Detention Centre and will be deported to probable imprisonment and torture in Uzbekistan on Friday 21 October.

The Home Office continues to insist in asylum cases that there is no human rights problem in Uzbekistan. But no serious authority outside government doubts that Uzbekistan is one of the worst human rights abusers in the world. Unfortunately the lives of Mikel and Nina Malyshev are to be sacrificed to the British government’s agreement with the Karimov regime to provide transit for supplies to the British military in Afghanistan.

It is noticeable that, since the current British government came to power, no government minister or official, nor the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, has made a single reference to Uzbekistan’s terrible human rights abuses, including over 10,000 political prisoners, absolutely no free media or assembly, banning of all opposition parties, millions of children used as forced slave labour and torture and extra-judicial killing on a massive scale.

In fact such is the British government’s enmity towards the people of Uzbekistan I am afraid that Mikel and Nina will be sacrificed without a thought. They have been living around Swansea for years as valued members of the local community. They have not claimed state benefits and have done much voluntary work. Nina’s daughter is today in labour, brought on early by her mother’s detention. The total number of Uzbek asylum seekers in the UK is in the low dozens, escaping the cruelest regime on earth. I understand and share indignation at fake asylum seekers, but we should be deeply ashamed at our vicious attitude to genuine cases like this.

Please send messages to your own MP, to William Hague and to Teresa May, via this website. You may help save a life.

You may also wish to send a message to their own MP, Hywell Francis, who yesterday refused to help, saying “Haven’t I done enough already?” Not just cruel but lazy with it.

Hillary Clinton starts an official visit to Karimov on Sunday to mark the resumption of US arms supplies to Uzbekistan, which were suspended after the massacre of 800 pro-democracy demonstrators in Andijan in 2005.

Don’t you mean 99.99%?

Finally American (more accurately: ‘USan’) leadership that I don’t mind: The Occupy Wall St. protests. This weekend has seen a number of similar protests around the world.

No, I won’t attempt to smear them by posting a video of one of their activists reading out their manifesto or demands, after which the crowd, very likely for morale building / unity / solidarity reasons then go ahead and repeat, but I’m sure you can find plenty of places in the ‘alternative’ media/blogosphere that will.

John Pilger, my favourite Journalist, was talking at a demo in London the other day on the 10th Anniversary of the US/NATA global bomb fest, which has perhaps claimed 2,000,000 million innocent lives so far.

John said “Civil disobedience is the only way now”. John is wrong IF it doesn’t include public based austerity measures against the state which is screwing them over. For example:

a) Refusal to pay taxes

b) Refusing to keep their money in banks.

there are more, but those two are perhaps the most potent.

And the good news for a change is that there are reports of this very thing happening…

“NYPD Criminals Arrest Protesters For Trying To Close Their Citibank Accounts “
– Source:

More power to their elbow.

Don’t see the pathetic BBC covering or this, do you? Ho ho ho.

ZBC Newz slug

The BBC – known more accurately these days by it’s urban nickname the ZBC used to be quite subtle about their propadanga. Now they just don’t seem to care how shoddily it’s done.

Liam Fox MP, had his ‘friend’ act as his advisor and through his friend, Adam Werritty, both became quite rich in the back of governmental business.  Fox ‘officiated’ Weritty’s presence in government matters pretending that somehow Werritty was a government advisor. Werritty could then have the potential to get lobbying money from third parties like Israyhell (and there are growing indications each day that Israyhell was a prime driving force in all this sleaze) or get the UK government to pay for things as part of it’s dalings with the third part etc. etc.

I’m sure this scam has been done in many many different guises over the years. Anyway, when the  defence secretary regisns, perhaps the 4th most “significant” post in government, and given its armies are currently busy slaughtering brown skinned Muslims in numerous places across the globe and the other aspects of this scandal, you’d expect it to be BIG NEWS.

But once again, that lamentable corporation the BBC seems heavily involved in the art of establishment-damage minimisation. Here’s the importance they give give the story:


You know when you were a child and you were caught doing something wrong…

well, just before that, did you ever suspect you may have been spotted?

Of course because you haven’t been fully rumbled yet, you still think there’s a chance you can get away with it, but you have to make the wrong behaviour you just did look normalised. So you continue to doing a similar thing for a while, mimicking the wrong behaviour, but of course the mimic itself isn’t wrong. You hope that if the person watching you did indeed notice you doing the wrong act, then by showing them the mimic, they will think that they were mistaken in what they thought they saw you do, and maybe you were just spotted doing what you are mimicking.

The problem is, it’s not always east to make a wrong act look like an innocent act. The mimic can often look very peculiar and if when done, can look very odd and somewhat suspicious and attention drawing in it’s own right.

This aspect of human behaviour is prolific in the comedy of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder, etc).

Come now to Oliver Letwin MP, who has been caught leaving government documents in public bins. [Read about it here at the dog-end of journalism called the BBC, who seem to have reluctantly cobbled together a few paragraphs about it, doing so only to stave off accusations of a total failure of their responsibility, and in the process, give Letwin a easy ride]

What incredibly odd behaviour.

Has Letwin been caught doing a mimic?

P.S. Does Letwin have pipes made of Platinum? Wikipedia states:

Oliver Letwin reportedly agreed to repay a bill for £2,145 for replacing a leaking pipe under the tennis court at his constituency home in Somerset, which he had claimed on his parliamentary expenses. [4]

And no Israyhelli ‘genocide/supremacist/racist/ethnic cleansing/torture’ apologists, the picture wasn’t selected to show his Jewishness, the exact opposite in fact. The pic above is chosed as it rather resembles Peter Falk (RIP).

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