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You know when you were a child and you were caught doing something wrong…

well, just before that, did you ever suspect you may have been spotted?

Of course because you haven’t been fully rumbled yet, you still think there’s a chance you can get away with it, but you have to make the wrong behaviour you just did look normalised. So you continue to doing a similar thing for a while, mimicking the wrong behaviour, but of course the mimic itself isn’t wrong. You hope that if the person watching you did indeed notice you doing the wrong act, then by showing them the mimic, they will think that they were mistaken in what they thought they saw you do, and maybe you were just spotted doing what you are mimicking.

The problem is, it’s not always east to make a wrong act look like an innocent act. The mimic can often look very peculiar and if when done, can look very odd and somewhat suspicious and attention drawing in it’s own right.

This aspect of human behaviour is prolific in the comedy of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder, etc).

Come now to Oliver Letwin MP, who has been caught leaving government documents in public bins. [Read about it here at the dog-end of journalism called the BBC, who seem to have reluctantly cobbled together a few paragraphs about it, doing so only to stave off accusations of a total failure of their responsibility, and in the process, give Letwin a easy ride]

What incredibly odd behaviour.

Has Letwin been caught doing a mimic?

P.S. Does Letwin have pipes made of Platinum? Wikipedia states:

Oliver Letwin reportedly agreed to repay a bill for £2,145 for replacing a leaking pipe under the tennis court at his constituency home in Somerset, which he had claimed on his parliamentary expenses. [4]

And no Israyhelli ‘genocide/supremacist/racist/ethnic cleansing/torture’ apologists, the picture wasn’t selected to show his Jewishness, the exact opposite in fact. The pic above is chosed as it rather resembles Peter Falk (RIP).

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