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ZBC Newz slug

The BBC – known more accurately these days by it’s urban nickname the ZBC used to be quite subtle about their propadanga. Now they just don’t seem to care how shoddily it’s done.

Liam Fox MP, had his ‘friend’ act as his advisor and through his friend, Adam Werritty, both became quite rich in the back of governmental business.  Fox ‘officiated’ Weritty’s presence in government matters pretending that somehow Werritty was a government advisor. Werritty could then have the potential to get lobbying money from third parties like Israyhell (and there are growing indications each day that Israyhell was a prime driving force in all this sleaze) or get the UK government to pay for things as part of it’s dalings with the third part etc. etc.

I’m sure this scam has been done in many many different guises over the years. Anyway, when the  defence secretary regisns, perhaps the 4th most “significant” post in government, and given its armies are currently busy slaughtering brown skinned Muslims in numerous places across the globe and the other aspects of this scandal, you’d expect it to be BIG NEWS.

But once again, that lamentable corporation the BBC seems heavily involved in the art of establishment-damage minimisation. Here’s the importance they give give the story:


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Viva Palestina - break the siege

This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

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