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The hidden hand that rules us.

Over the last few days, I’ve heard from people (e.g. on this blog) who I have a lot of respect for. They have essentially said that the vast majority of things and causes that we ‘see’ are set-up’s or frame-ups, or should you prefer, ‘schemes’, which stop us seeing the real hand that rules us. I need to consult with you…

1) What is that hand if it’s not ultimately the hand of Iblis? (which I think it is)

2) What / Who are the genuine voices are there out there opposing this demonic world order?

3) Is everything (e.g. internet, GM food etc) a ‘trap’ for us?

4) How to genuinely oppose the seemingly growing invisible hand?

5) What if our “everything is NWO” view turns out to be wrong, and by cutting off “useless” channels of resistance / “distractions” / support for supposed NWO resistors, means we have actually increasing the rate at which it the dark cloud enshrouds us?

6) Have we been conned that by just praying things will get better?

It seems likely much of what we see / do / are told – is part of a great deception. But a ‘double deception’ would encourage those who can see the 1st-level-of-uncoverable-deception, to believe it’s all encompassing, thereby cutting-off connections to people genuinely putting up the good fight.

A recent poster, Zahir Ebrahim, of raised some of these points in rece nt posts and I have heard them today from another deep researcher – who today for example said the “Occupy” movement was likely staged / manipulated to bring about a serious ‘clash’, the consequence of which is for the benefit of satanic cults.

It’s incredibly difficult however to  shift to this view. I see no hope in it. To sever links with what one may loosely call resistance groups would surely have the elite rubbing their hands more furiously than if I was involved in a ‘distraction’.

I have no doubt Satan will use ANY group to serve his purpose and will dispose of any group that was at some stage useful to him. Satan has no (/needs no) loyalty to any group. It seems pretty clear that ‘liasons’ with djinn are going on to this day by people who want the knowledge held by djinn who can transverse the dimensions at will. There are Magi who engage in these dark arts.

Is there any genuine ‘chink’ of light out there? And even if there isn’t, isn’t it still the moral thing to oppose it no matter what?

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