Still wrong

Bill Still. A name that deserves it’s own complete sentence. What can I say about Bill. A true legend in educating people about the history and nature of money.

Bill’s got some intersting ideas, which seem so simple, yet so powerful, with regards to significantly reducing the problems that stem from the current financial system.

The main problem that Bill focus’s on, is that of (so called) sovereign governments borrowing money from private bankers. Bill argues that if this situation ended, then a great destructive force would stop wrecking national economies and most importantly the suffering of the man on the street, would diminish.

By borrowing money from private banks (or the bank of the private bankers, like the US federal reserve), interest becomes payable upon it. While the USA was able to plunder resources of other countries, it was able to use those resources to offset (some in excess) the cost of borrowing money. But it’s become harder and much more expensive to wage those wars of theft. Hence the problem of borrowed money has (“sacred”)spiralled out of control. (All to plan of course).

Anyway, the problem with Bill is that his proposals are only a half-way house. Sorry, that’s unkind, let me re-quantify. Bill proposals are perhaps a “90% way house” in his favour, but Bills proposals will also ultimately cause problems.

Why? Because bill is an advocate of creating money, by creating/printing/minting debt free notes and coins (from materials that do not reflect the actual value of what they are constructed from). Although Bill has correctly identified a principle element of usury – the borrowing of money against which the amount due for repayment is greater (in monetary terms) than the principle (initial) amount borrowed. Bills call to creating money is simply a second dimension of the same usurious beast, even though it would result in lesser severity and have the associated problems occur over a longer time span.

The best form of money has as it’s prime property that of intrinsic (inherent/fundamental/inescapable/within itself) value*. If I am to sell an object, say a sheep, I want an object or token of payment that actually reflects the value of the sheep. e.g. a gold coin. What if that gold coin could be bought for $253. Which would I be happier to receive? – the gold coin or $253? I’d much prefer the gold coin. Why? Because the gold has intrinsic value but the value of the note is nominal i.e. the note has a purely fictional value given to it. and not a real value at all. By accepting the note, I’d be selling my sheep for a temporary illusion of value.

Yes, there’s a part of the value/cost of gold that is nominal, but the nominal amount is nowhere near as significant as for the note. The intrinsic value makes it have ‘value durability’. No matter that nominal fluctuation imposes itself upon the gold, the intrinsic value remains. This is not the case for nominal fiar currency. The value of the nominal value paper note is demonstrably unstable and subject to devaluation via inflation. As mentioned, Bill Still says that currency devaluation is largely because government borrow their money, But even if a government did print it’s own money, it would be creating money out of nothing i.e. ‘making money’ (which is almost exactly the same as the outcome of lending money on interest!) and then it would have a nominal value imposed upon it, subject to the political needs of the government. So Bill’s idea is in fact just a mini-me version of the current reality. Creating money is in itself inflationary robbing those who earn from the trade of their goods and services of the results and rewards of that trade. Robbing everyone of degrees of hard earned financial security; A scandalous rip-off.

And before you write in mentioning hyper inflation in Hapsburg Spain, realise that situation was much different from what would be the case today. It’s actually poetic justice that the gain of gold based on exploitation plunder and tyranny was self-destructive. In an ideal world where fair and honest trading takes place, I simply cannot believe large amounts of gold would a) be able to accumulate in such amounts b) that there would be no healthy economic ‘sink’ for that gold to be spent. In today’s world, there are many potential costly sinks today e.g. helping the 1 in 7 on the planet that do hungry each day, cleaning up pollution, providing decent housing / regeneration and health care, construction of mega projects such as PV arrays, irrigation or arid lands, research into sustainable energy etc etc etc. None of which were available in Hapsburg Imperialist Spain.

So Bill, you are still wrong. Gold is the ultimate in currency. Your solution, although it would reduce the severity of what we see today in global finance, would still cause more problems than is the case for the use of Gold and silver.

Bill has said why would you want a currency whose quantity is restrictive – I believe I have answered his query above. Bill (and others) also argue that it’s not the token that’s important, but who controls it. Again, I think I’ve scotched that ‘concern’ above.

I am NOT saying that the common man will be utterly free of the evil manipulation of money if gold and silver were to the principle form of money. What i am saying is there is no system that is better than the use of sliver and gold. The maximum number of people would benefit and the least amount of people would suffer.

If we all used gold and silver there would be little currency speculation, bolstering G&S’s retention of value even more.

* It has intrinsic properties because of its physical properties of being rare, soft and inert/indestructible, all of which make it perhaps the most desired material for jewellery/ornamentation/beautification as well as being physically useful.

P.S. Max Keiser is also wrong, for a similar reason. He advocates using interest as a financial control. Ellen Brown is also wrong. She advocates borrowing more money to spend her way out of some of the current economic troubles in the US (and wider) economy. Inflation causes a diseased economy. I posit the way to kill any Hapsburgian type problems would simply be to give a fair chink of gold and silver to the poor (perhaps from mass employment – putting the gold aside only to cater for payment of the labour of the poor). I suggest at a stroke that such a thing would have nullified any such negative Hapsburgian pressures.

6 Responses to “Still wrong”

  1. 1 peacepact November 13, 2011 at 10:29 am

    The workers taking on the means of production and the use of co-ops to create reality within the economic system is surely the first step. I think we need to organise towards a general strike with the actual taking back of what is left of our raped and pilaged industries

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 13, 2011 at 10:38 am


    The concept of co-ops pleases me. I believe it should be researched if jurisprudence would allow for legislation forcing hypermarkets to cede a % of their business / premises to Co-ops given the abuses that come from their monopolistic position, and I’d say co-ops are an important early point. I’d like to see it developed alongside use of gold and silver to facilitate trade. That I believe would maximise the chances of the co-ops success.

    We certainly need civil disobedience in cases where the people are being so obviously ripped off. Simply not leaving your money in the bank would be a great start as would boycotting goods of evil regimes.

    I’m not against private ownership or great individual private wealth but given that both of those things have been gained illegitimately, I believe they should be taken away from the perpetrators.

  3. 3 Project November 13, 2011 at 10:28 pm


    I thought you might find this pertinent to your opinions:

    My Letter to Bill Still – Director of The Secret of Oz – How

    If you can muster the patience needed to go through the entire thing, you will note the issue with Gold.

    The twisted reality, the way I perceive it anyway, is as follows.

    This time around in contrast to 1910 when they did things in secrecy, they will make a big deal of conducting the reformation of the monetary system in public. This time they will officially argue for Gold standard. Few people really understand this, including almost all the economists I have encountered, including this pseudo hero of the people Ron Paul. They will all pitch the Gold Standard, just as this fellow who played a great role in educating me ab initio with his many books, G. Edward Griffin does. I am now much less impressed than I was before.

    As my study has progressed, I am forced to the conclusion that all players, ALL significant so-called reformers in this arena, including, ellen brown and company, even Bill Still who also once upon a time very instrumental in educating me, and so was Ellen Brown for that matter, are fabricated leaders. See my expose of Ellen Brown for instance here:

    and Ron Paul here:

    All this study and reflection has convinced me that the bankster minds are super diabolical, and this time around they will try to make their new scam open and transparent with Gold Standard people like Ron Paul leading one way with his coterie of reformers behind them from to G. Edward Griffin to the World Bank and the part of the banking establishment itself pitching it, and fiat money people like that Congressman from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich along with their coterie of die-hard zealots like Ellen Brown, Bill Still,, et. al., and some other banking establishment playing faux opposition.

    The Gold Standard crowd will win as a consequence of this “noora kushti”, i.e., wwf wrestling, i.e., hegalian dialectic.

    There is no overt means of thwarting this scam except to show that a) world’s gold mines and bullion are already owned by the same banksters, and b) bring that information to the New York Times, i..e, mainstream. Even then, the detractors will lose because most don’t understand the power of the bankster oligarchy to play diabolical games – and they will invent newer ones to suit their strategies of conquest. The proof of that is here: FORD SEES WEALTH IN MUSCLE SHOALS, Special to the New York Times, Tuesday, December 6, 1921, page 6. It is quoted in my letter to Bill Still. And if the tag team of America’s two most prominent industrialists, the most loved industrialists at the time, could not overturn the banksters, no rag tag bunch of activists can, most of them often having to depend on the same writings of dissent to feed them!

    There is another aspect of this many people interested in the Gold standard don’t understand fully. Asset protection is of course provided by monetizing of the assets in gold. But ask yourself: after these successive boom-bust cycles over the past one hundred years, who are the major asset holders in the world whose assets need to be protected from inflation? Is it the public, most penniless and in debt, or the banking oligarchy who now own most of the world debt, and its real and tangible assets as a consequence?

    This is why the banksters now prefer the gold standard. It protects all theirs ill-gotten gains, as well as their accomodating one percent economic elites’ gains on Wall Street from future inflation, and it keeps the banksters themselves in full control of the monetary supply as the world’s governments still have to come to them to purchase that monetizing element – GOLD!

    The highest order bit of the matter is not what solution to apply, but how to take the power away from the oligarchy to control nations’ destinies. Once that has been accomplished, and that’s the hardest and most significant bit of the matter, there are mulitple solutions which can be debated and discussed, and it is not necessary that one solution fit all. Developed and industrialized nations have very capital intensive industries – just to set up a fab takes several billion dollars. But poor nations entire domestic spending budget isn’t that much. It is a calculated plan of social engineering to embroil people in solutions so that none of them can focus deeply on the porblem. This is why few among the public even understand the problems. I expanded upon this in two detailed reports and just fyi, I leave their links below:

    Sorry, none of this can be digested in the few minutes attention span which you noted elsewhere you have during the day to bring to bear on weighty matters. That by itself is due to social engineering – The Fable of the Bees. See it on my website if interested.

    Good luck finding the time to read through all that :-)

    Zahir Ebrahim

  4. 4 lwtc247 November 16, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    LOL. Zahir. Despite the whole world being what it is, you still manage to pitch a few lines that give me a much needed laugh, courtesy of your choice turn of phrase(s). Tq.

    The point about the banksters already owning the gold is IMHO a non-issue for this reason: The radical legalisation that it seems necessary to get passed, in order to get back to having some semblance of a fair/equitable economy, would necessarily need to rob the banksters of a large slice of their existing financial (and hence power) pie, so there isn’t in fact any difference between reforming the money system (via government) to use gold or any other alternative.

    Similarly one can equally say that any form of money could be bought up and controlled by these ultra-elite even if they allow their puppets to pass the legislation.

    It’s funny how people that want to wrestle the banksters grip off of global finance yet criticise gold and silver and the solution can so easily have their criticisms of gold put back onto their system and not only that, but returned with interest when in fact anything other than gold and silver still carries baggage of the current financial fiasco.

    So, as I pointed out in the main post, Bill all others who do not see gold / silver as the solution don’t actually offer any solution at all, rather, a the same rip just with a different smell: Eau du Obama – the smell of false hope.

    If gold and silver were currency, the elite would HAVE to release it into the market.

    P.S. I’m in favour of either an emergency tax of large proportions on the wealth or an independent audit equipped with bullet proof vests to assess their ill gained wealth whereupon it would be confiscated and given to the poor.

    I’m also for physical gold and silver. Not this e-gold nonsense.

    Only Gold and Silver fit the bill.

    That banksters use gold and silver for valuation protection and inflation proofing shows perfectly well the merits of gold and silver.

    Fact is, the more we have departed from gold, the more we are robbed. It is not GOLDS fault, it is the fault of those who LET the elite grab all the gold.

    A currency for significant transactions must not be able to be created (hence the not also be debased) and it must have intrinsic value.

    “The highest order bit of the matter is not what solution to apply, but how to take the power away from the oligarchy to control nations’ destinies.” – Yes. I agree that is the MAJOR issue right now. I have the solution: You take back their gold and make gold currency. Making gold currency once more prevents it all from happening again.

    It’s actually dead simple.

    They’ll resist of course but so what. Their theft must not pass without redistribution, retribution and recompense.

    I suggest Ford et al failed as they played by the game bent rules of the fixed game.

    Re: attention span, deliberately engineered or not (and it probably is) the short span is the result.

  5. 5 lwtc247 November 16, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    You might like this.
    — I’m deleting it on advice from someone who’s knowledge and opinion I trust.

  6. 6 lwtc247 November 16, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Correction: Gerald Celente, a gold advocate says ‘Gold standard won’t save US’
    so it’s too late perhaps.

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