Three questions for warmists

1) Water vapor in the atmosphere is said to account for what RANGE of global waming ?

2) What is the latest calculation for the increase in global warming due to man made CO2?

3) If your a warmist, don’t you feel an complete idiot after reflecting upon the (correct) answers to the above two questions?

1 Response to “Three questions for warmists”

  1. 1 Anonymous December 23, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    Weeeell, CH4 is a pretty bad greenhouse gas and derives mainly from agriculture – animals, rice especially – but is oxidised to Co2 eventually. Water is in a complex cycle the tropospheric water vapour content will rise as temperature rises, the main driving force for that being increasing atmospheric , anthropogenic CO2 levels. Unless the whole of our energy use was turned into boiling water, human activity will not significantly increase the levels of this greenhouse gas. The vast majority of the scientific world is agreed on man-made Co2 increase leading to global warming. Somehow that is not translated into sense by journalists who are the gatekeepers betweent the scientists and the sheeple. We are a million miles here from the web of deceit surrounding 7/7 9/11 David Kelly, The War on Terror etc etc Blame the scientific journalists in the newspapers, the TV. Shame on them all. Global warming is not something that requires balance, just as there may still be people who believe the earth is flat. It doesn’t mean you should have a flat earther on every TV programme to balance the opinion. Best to stick to real conspiracies, of which there are plenty to absorb us here.

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