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fcuking cowards

I was on holiday recently and there was some middle-aged woman walking slowly by the pool. She was sporting a black T-shirt that had in white letters “fcuk off” written on it. unfortunately I was a bit of a coward myself avoiding saying to her “why are you telling me to F* Off? I predicted her answer doubtless following on from a smile coupled with a feeling of accomplishment for being able to “correct” someone
and a warm glow because someone was giving her attention.

“Actually it says f,c,u,k – It means French Connection UK”

Fact of the matter is of course is that it was actually saying F* Off. That’s the whole purpose of it, to ‘catch the eye’, to be noticed. It’s what every advertiser dreams of achieving, spending billions of pounds in attempts to do so every single year. It’s really quite incredible that just a word has been able to make millions of pounds. I’ll say it again… A commercial enterprise built on just a word, absolutely amazing.

It is very annoying that people believe they have the right to bring these words into my eye-scan where upon it forces me think of it again… and again, each time strengthening the neural connections in my brain so I’m less likely to forget it.
fcuk relies on the fact that if people like myself get angry or annoyed by it, they have the inbuilt escape clause that it’s not written f*ck but fcuk instead. Yet those who attach themselves to the fcuk brand are doing so because they want to “announce a f*ck” but can draw upon the aforementioned ‘escape clause’. So fcuk wearers are cowards. They want to say f*ck, but don’t have the balls to actually do it. In my eyes, they have stooped to the kind of level that deserves a good spitting on when seen in the street. I’m too polite to do that to do that of course but when I see them, that’s what I’m going to mind-associate to fcuk from now on.

It annoys me yes, very much so, but it’s also quite amusing in a contemptible kind of way, that those who show off fcuk probably thing they are ‘cool’, ‘liberated’, ‘independent’, ‘funny’ and ‘rebellious’ and that’s EXACTLY what fcuk are counting on to sell their stuff. You are being taken for a fcuking ride (as they may say). Mindless consumer trendy plebs.

It’s not a million miles away from going on pilgrimage to Tibet and coming home with a half dozen plastic buddha.

So here’s a new fcuk advertising suggestion for their attention seeking consumers, a t-shirt (with perhaps matching headband) reading: “I’m a fcuking idiot”, “I love fcuking attention”

Or perhaps “Shute Stephen Marks in the fcuking hed”

I think I’ll try and summon the energy to actually challenge one of them these days. When I do so I predict they’ll react in the same way I imagine that woman to react – I’m sure they’ll very much downplay cum dismiss it.

Let them dismiss it when I paint on their house “Someone here likes fcuk”

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