Terror on the Tube 3rd Ed available now.

I’ve been busy of late so missed Nick Kollerstroms post on the matter.

Best to go to Nick’s website and read what he has to say about it. I’ve got the 2nd edition and thought it a very good book for its analysis of 7/7, I WILL be buying the third edition.


My thanks to Nick Kollerstrom for all his superb work investigating the July 6 2005 London bombings.

3rd edition

1 Response to “Terror on the Tube 3rd Ed available now.”

  1. 1 Paul Taylor January 29, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    I spoke to Nick about a month ago on the phone and he asked me to take a look at his book and review it for Amazon. As I dont have a credit card I have not been able to get a copy but I would love to review it. The basic premiss of Nicks work is very accurate but obviously this is a huge issue and the ability to structure a narrative is not simply an issue of information but of literary skill as well

    One thing that can say is that Nick is a good man, just looking for the truth and was abused by the BBC when he researched the crucial fact that the 77 timeline was a pack of lies. Even if Bridget Dunne and her shill sidekicks Tom Secker ( amusingly called Tom Selleck) by one of my stalkers call him a Nazi and anti semite ( or Holocaust denier)

    anyway i want a copy of Terror on the tube or if it would not be too naughty ( could somebdy ebook it) via torrent

    Nick is very signifcant researcher on 7/7 and is also interested in an acacdemic sense in the truth about the aftermath of WW2.

    let the truth lead us where it will. i am down with that. Are you?

    and please look at something of amazing importance on my channel

    Ace Baker/ the key to 911

    Part 1 and 2

    this is a masterpiece

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