George Galloway interviews Paul Stott on 9 11 conspiracy theoories

I’m pasting a home made transcript of the below interview with George Galloway and Paul Stott. Will comment on it later and boy is there a lot to say about it


GG: We’re going to talk to a man who I think will emerge in time as the principle debunker of the conspiracy theorists on 9-11. I had the privilege of interviewing today for my television show which goes out on Sunday night, and I immediately  thought that we should him to a wider audience and that wider audience is you. Let me say right up top that I have never argued, never, and don’t now, that there are many things about 9-11 that we do not know. And I’m certainly not saying that there are not things that raise very serious question marks. And I’m not saying, I’m definitely not saying, that George W Bush and Dick Chaney are not  capable of very nefarious deeds indeed. But I am saying and have always said, will continue to say until someone proves otherwise to me, that to allege, as many do, that this act of mass murder on 9-11 ten years ago was some kind of conspiracy by the Americans themselves, that it might not even been what we thought it was, that it might be for example that these planes were not planes or that these planes were empty, that the passengers were duped or stooges or agents or any of the other plethora of other conspiracy theories that I hear – I just don’t buy them. That doesn’t make me a part of the conspiracy – although many of you out there think I am. Most people listening will find this hard to believe, but there is a class of person on the internet that thinks I am an agent… for George W Bush. I’m not making that up. They think I’m covering for George W Bush. They think that the radicalism you hear from me most of the time, is actually a cover, that I’m a gate-keeper. So, I’ve decided to call in some expert witness and Paul Stott the editor of the 9-11 Cult-watch blog, who’s a distinguished academic, he’s my man. Paul., welcome to the show.

PS: Good evening George, you’re all-right?

GG” Yes. Give me your top 5 will you? What’s your top 5 debunking facts?

PS: Well, I think the first thing to talk about really George it’s why people get these theories and why they believe in some of these theories and I’ve spent a lot of time going to 9-11 truth meetings, speaking to truthers, arguing with them on the internet, and I think very often they have a general… there looking for certainty, there looking for explanations from a world that’s lost a lot of its certainties and they don’t really seem to believe in anything anybody tells them anymore which is probably the fault of some of the politicians you mentioned earlier and they find their answers on the internet, they find their answers on you YouTube and once they start it just becomes a viscous circle really.

GG: Well when I hear people say “I’ve been doing a bit of research”, I know that they mean they’ve been on the Internet. And this assumption that exists that if because something is written on the internet, that it’s true, astounds me.

PS: Yeah I mean there was a time George that if you wanted to understand about American Foreign Policy you would read a book by Chomsky to read a criticism of it, or you read a book by one of the neo-Cons if you were a supporter of a that foreign policy. That period seems to have long gone now. It’s all about little snippets of information, little you know it’s a a sort of three minute culture almost and we’re actually all the poorer for that.

GG: Well it’s the old adage that a little knowledge is dangerous and when people have got that little knowledge from the internet, it’s particularly dangerous

PS: Yeah

GG: Now lets deal with some of the main arguments


GG: The argument that in fact these towers could not have fallen down with only two large passenger plane jets flying into them, that they therefore must have been dynamited down. Answer that.

PS: OK. Well, first thing to say there’s absolutely no evidence that anything other than planes hit. So that’s one of the, you know, you get these no plane theory guys. For people to have brought the towers down with explosives – I don’t know if you’ve ever attended a demolition of an old tower block in London or Glasgow,

GG: Yes, I have yes,

PS: Or wherever, there quite lengthy periods and an enormous amount of cabling has to be laid. Nobody has been seen laying any cabling in either of the twin towers, there was no evidence of any workers going in you know laying the thousands of yards of cabling that would have been needed and to be brutally honest, if your flying two planes into the towers at great speed, why do you actually need also lay explosives?

There is actually some rather interesting research being done that makes the point that for both of the twin towers the NY authorities revoked certain building regulations when the twin towers have been built so that they could be build cheaper so I’m afraid there’s probably some evidence that thy were Jerry build and weren’t as sturdy as they should have been. But we’ve all seen the planes hit. We haven’t’ seen anything of explosives in there.

GG: Now, seems to me that the official versions weakest point is building 7.

PS: Yes…. I think with building 7 the line you always get from thruthers is the focus on this line of ‘Lets pull it”, that one of the owner of WTC7, is alleged to have made. In a way exactly the same arguments apply to World Trade Centre 7 as to 1 and 2. Nobody has been seen placing any explosives in there. A considerable conspiracy of an extremely large number of people would have been needed. No whistle-blowers have come forward, Nobody has been cited up to anything they shouldn’t have been. So, there’s just no evidence as week as strong or as strong as the official story may be. That’s the best story we have until somebody comes up with something else. The line “Let’s pull it” – that’s pretty vague. It could mean let’s putt it down in the future.

GG:  Yeah that’s not the main argument about building 7 though. The main argument is “How could it have fallen down?”

PS: Well you’ve just had two planes fly into tow neighboring buildings and those two building come down. You also have uncontrolled fires in that building. You’ve had the Jerry built nature arguably of some of the developments in the world trade centre complex. I think also there’s a background difficulty here George that what you get with 9-11 truthers is they set for everybody else the burdon of proof the prosecution., you know you’re expected to prove every single aspect of the story beyond all reasonable doubt whilst all they require themselves to do is to really play the role of a rather haphazard defence barrister, raising the odd doubt here and there and there’s enough. The world isn’t like that in practice.

GG: What about the Pentagon. They say that there’s no footage ever been released of an aeroplane striking the Pentagon. That the space that was destroyed in the façade of the building was not wide enough for it to have been the size of jet airliner it’s supposed to have been.

PS: Well the, first of all the Pentagon is a military building. By in large you don’t get a lot of footage being released of what’s going on inside all that military buildings. So I’m not hugely surprised we’ve not have every single camera shot of every single angle. The footage you had of the plane going in – you may have seen some news footage of it – the most likely explanation which you see a little bit of I think in the footage, the plane goes through and the wings have followed through, the debris of the wings has gone through behind the planes. It’s also worth noting that with the Pentagon that with the sort the truthers big theory on that emerges from a French guy, Theirry Maison. who wrote the book ‘The big lie’. Not unusually in 9-11 circles, that was actually a work of fiction that eventually got turned into a work of fact. Its’ the same with the film Loose Change. There’s a strong correlation in a way, a strong over-cross between fact and fiction in these circles.

GG: And lastly flight 93. What happened to it? Was it shot down or brought down but the passengers trying to lead a revolt?

PS: I think that’s a harder one. I think at the time of 9-11, America was battered, was humilated and was humbled.

GG: Needed some heroes.

PS: And so I thing that’s the only part of the sort of questions you’ve asked, I can see a little bit on both sides, George. I think we certainly know Bush had given instructions that any additional planes were to be shot down. You’ve got the whole sort of mythology of “Let’s Roll” and what have you. We’ll see on that, really. I’m open perhaps on discussion on that than anything else personally.

GG: Now, how do people follow your Cult Watch blog. What’s the website.

PS: Well, it’s my name, Paul Stott dot typepad dot com and then slash 9-11 Cultwatch or you can just Google my name, go onto the 9-11 Cultwatch blog. The reason really we talk about is from arguing and debating with some truth activists here in London. And you know the use of these terms ‘gatekeeper’, I mean I’m an academic Gatekeeper keeper,  Chomsky’s a left gatekeeper, You’re no doubt a media gatekeeper now. And I’m afraid it’s was rather reminiscent from talking to people from Cults, there’s very little, very little you can do to get through to people.

GG: Yeah, there are serious people with serious questions but there’s undoubtedly also a cult around this developed. Undoubtedly.

PS: Yes, yes, and I’m afraid I don’t really see that changing in the short term because obviously the more serious analysts, if you like, or those who’ve perhaps got more interesting arguments to say, there eventually gonna tire of the more you know wacko elements I’m afraid.

GG: That’s Paul Stott, S-T-O-T-T. Paul Stott if you Google him, you’ll end up on the cult watch blog. And it’s worth doing I can tell ya.

Transcript Ends…


3 Responses to “George Galloway interviews Paul Stott on 9 11 conspiracy theoories”

  1. 1 lwtc247 April 22, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    In case I forget in my reply to the interview, I want to put this sickening and utterly disgraceful video here of Salmah Yacoob praising the killers of Muslims across the world known as the british army.

  2. 2 Abandon TV June 11, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    The 9/11 official conspiracy theory (OBL, planes, jet fuel, collapse) and the 9/11 official alternative conspiracy theory (Bush, thermite, controlled demolition, inside job) are both carefully manufactured and managed constructs which are designed to reinforce each other – much like the false left-right political paradigm.

    As such, we all tend to choose one stance NOT because evidence and reason led us to that point but because we (have been encouraged to) feel that the alternative stance is just totally ridiculous. This is also how politics works too – we choose to vote for party A because we feel that party B is (even more) ridiculous (and damaging) than party A.

    And back and forth we go…. round and round in circles…..

    All ‘debates’ about 9/11 therefore become a matter of attacking your opponent’s position (let’s say the official 9/11 conspiracy theory) while defending your own position (the official alternative 9/11 conspiracy theory) from their attacks.

    When people ‘wake up’ and realise the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 (OBL, planes, jet fuel, collapse) can only be a load of nonsense they will probably soon find themselves in the alternative ‘camp’ (Bush, thermite, controlled demolition, inside job). Did they really get there by themselves or were they carefully signposted in that direction – or even rounded up and gently herded there?

    If both positions on 9/11 are constructs (let’s just assume that for a moment) all that is going to happen is that we will all end up collectively defending and attacking a pair of delusions. Both delusions will be continually being destroyed and then patched up again. In this war of 9/1 truth we might say that both sides are being funded by the same people but that most (but not all) of them are unaware of this fact. Does this type of strategy sound at all familiar?

    What we CAN say for sure is that this is exactly what we have seen with 9/11. The battle for the truth has become (for whatever reasons) a stalemate. A ‘Vietnam’, if you like. As a result, a decade on from the event itself, people are now starting to give up, get bored, get frustrated, lose hope, get distracted and wonder off onto other ‘less futile’ subjects.

    That would represent Mission Accomplished, assuming the official and alternative 9/11 theories really are constructs designed to frustrate the public and distract us from reaching the truth.

    Let’s face it, 9/11 is fast becoming just another question mark along with JFK, the moon landings, who built the pyramids etc……. one of those subjects shrouded in mystery which comes up briefly in after dinner conversations and is discussed casually for a few minutes before moving on…

    Deep breath….

    In light of the above here’s an idea: why don’t we just forget about the various ‘theories’, stop trying to prove ‘who did it’ and just look at the raw evidence again (perhaps for the first time!) and look at it with an open mind see what that evidence itself actually tells us?

    Dr. Judy Wood – Where Did the Towers Go? (read video info section)

    Dr Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did the Towers Go – Part 1
    Dr Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did the Towers Go – Part 2

    Media Acknowledges Steel Turned to Dust on 9/11 (Full Clip) | ABC News
    Directed Energy Technology

    The history of the so called 9/11 ‘truth’ movement….

    Dr. Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and others – Censorship of Important Evidence by AE911 Truth

    Andrew Johnson Directed Energy Weapons 9/11 COVER UP.

    Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez Questions Richard Gage at AE911Truth Presentation on 4/12/2011 (Part 1/2) (read video info)

    Why does Dr. Steven Jones Laugh about Dr. Judy Wood Losing her Job after 9/11? (read video info)

    A few questions to ponder…

    Do you think the people who planned an event as sophisticated as 9/11 (which was essentially a psychological operation) would not build in a cover up story?

    ARA and SAIC are both involved in Directed Energy Weapons/ Technology. ARA are co founders of the ‘Directed Energy Professional Society’. Both were contracted by NIST to help with their ‘investigation’ into 9/11. Even Donald Rumsfeld has personally discussed DEW technology in press conferences and you can see certain types of DEW being demonstrated openly on youtube.

    None of this by itself proves DEW technology was used on 9/11, but I think it’s safe to say that DEW technology is not some kooky idea with no basis in reality….

    ….WHY then do the main ‘leaders’ of the so called 9/11 ‘truth movement’ ignore all evidence related to DEWs, ban people from their forums for even discussing it, censor all mention of this technology and consistently ridicule, misrepresent and ostracise proper scientists like Dr Judy Wood for bringing up this subject?

    And why do they continue to mock this technology in public talks as ‘beams from outer space’ while smirking and laughing?

    And why is Dr Wood the only person to submit her EVIDENCE (not theories) legally, taking it all the way to the supreme court. And why did she receive no support or even publicity from the so called 9/11 truth movement – a movement who have also submitted a legal challenge to the official story, but one which has no mention of thermite (or ‘thematic material’) even though it supposedly forms the basis of their entire research!?

    Is the so called ‘9/11 truth movement’ just the official ‘party in opposition’? They sure are doing a good job of acting that way.

    Oh yeah and directed free energy technology if disclosed (or exposed) could presumably liberate the whole world from dependency on fossil fuels and end the justification for governments and wars and CO2 taxes and the NWO etc etc – just thought I’d mention that in case anyone is interested in that sort of thing….. apparently not.

    • 3 lwtc247 July 17, 2012 at 10:56 am

      Very sorry “Abandon TV” – your comment was held in ‘pending’, and I’ve not had much chance to visit/maintain this blog of late, hence the delay in clearing it’s link heavy content.

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