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How manipulted am I

I don’t for a second dispute the ‘false-flag’ of 9-11, but I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I’m supposed to think this.  I’m thinking there is a force that wants a certain segment of the population to be this way.

Although I was many many miles from NYC on 9-11, it has changed my life. and that has come at quite considerable cost. The way I look at people or ‘sheeple’ now (a term I have picked up (!!)) is very different. In some ways I have become quite detached from them.

And at the risk of repeating myself, I’ve the growing feeling my scepticism and rejection of authority, as a (dare I say it) ‘conspiracy researcher’ is intended.

If I’m right what’s the reason behind it? I’ve a few ideas and none of the ‘base’ thoughts are are good. <- Is THIS intended also? Is it the plan to kill hope and positivism amongst people such as myself?

Is it so that I will be helpless to do anything other than follow the faintest glimmer of hop from an apparent giver of that hope, like what happened to the sheeple with Obama, only to be conned wholesale again.

Oh Allah, please ensure I avoid this great task. You have given be so much already. Is this my test? Even if I should fail, I want to be loyal to you.

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

Signposting our Doom? 3

Will comment on this later, God willing:


Operation Turkeywoods?

It’s early days yet, but this “missing” Turkish fighter – which CNN says has gone missing near Syria [Which pretty much covers a lot a lot Turkey itself!] and which the BBC has decided is the most important news story in the whole world right now, being it the top headlie,  are we witnessing an(artificial) “attack” on NATO and hence the (non)excuse for NATO attacks against Syria?

Update: 24th June 2012. h___ttp:// What can I say? Operation Turkeywoodspialidocious!

Update: 25th June 2012.

Aaah, it’s a plane now, as in, full of passengers… right…

Later on in the say (25th June 2012):

Turkey says. And the despicable BBC doesn’t challenge it.

Tuesday 26th June 2012: BBC propaganda B.S. altert…

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