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Dreadful Parravicini Prophecies on 2012 London Olympic Games (ENG Version)

featuring the 2012 Zion Olympics video:

I’m having trouble posting on Kev’s Site, so I’ll post an updated ‘articlized’ version of it here……

My initial thoughts were that Mr Parravicini is going to look like a bit of a tit if nothing happens, but perhaps that’s a bit unfair on Parravicini, as I think it’s fair to say it’s not him that’s saying all this will happen in the London 2012 Olympics, rather, the people interpreting his sketches.

And I’m afraid I’m not convinced.

The WTC sketch looks far more like the statue of liberty to me, or a one-armed punk looking for a high-five. To say that picture is a prediction of 9-11 is such a stretch of the imagination that ones imagination would surely snap! And as for the drawings of the first animal in space and Fidel Castros rise to power, I think the drawings are nonsense, as are the claims of what they were said to predict. Funny how the subconscious mind realises it’s ‘entranced’ host is holding a pencil and knows the dimensions of the paper etc. Hummmm…

As for the Olympic one The “torch” could equally well be a paintbrush, or a fork. Maybe the Grim Reaper is a painter and decorator or maybe he’s fond of eating pot noodles.

As for the 12 thing, having 5 numbers which evenly divide into 12 (1,2,3,4,6) seems to me to mean that many combinations will  easily be able to be spun around into 12, same for all small numerics actually. Take for example the 4:08 (4+8) => 12 ~ 2012. Why not (4-8) and where did the 20 magically appear from? These things just leave me cold. I fully believe others ascribe power to numbers and rituals (I believe there is magic) but the kind of synthesis I see in us mere mortals exposure of the numerologist/occultists probably has the Zohar priests and magi in stitches.

The outline is the only slightly interesting thing, but I’d really hesitate to say it’s proof of anything (including whether the sketch is a prediction irrespective of its imposition on the zion Olympics). On greater consideration of selected viewing angle, viewing height (made to fit!) ‘loose’ border and so on, I have to disagree even with the outline as having any worthy  significance.

As for the ‘bear’, Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev is no longer the Russian leader and Medved isn’t Medvedev.

It’s not too hard to pinch monotheistic eschatology and touch it up as ones own. It’s been done for a while and there are a number of people doing it today like David Icke. David doesn’t believe in religion but he can see some truth in it hence his mind has don the next best thing and come up with one universal/vibration and reptiles (One Creator, Djinn and demons)

This is one of the worst video’s of its kind I’ve seen. Kev, I’m puzzled as to what merit (if any) you give this.

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