The BBC newz (newz, ‘cos it certainty ain’t news) and current department really turns my stomach. Medialens [1, 2, 3] amongst others has consistently uncovered the filth (my words, not their) that gets passed off as journalism, and not only that, but insanely the worlds best journalism – so they would have us believe]. Far from the pinnacle of journalism, it’s the pinnacle of propaganda and downright lies.

Here’s an article stolen from: (thanks to ICH for publicising it]

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria

BBC Covers Up War Crimes – Misleads Over Syrian Security Operations.
by Tony CartalucciUpdate: Indeed BBC did not see “MIGs” bombing Aleppo, though it appears they weren’t even anti-tank SU-25’s but rather training aircraft. Aero L-39 Albatros are also not even “Russian-made” as the BBC claimed. The article below has been amended to reflect this information. Read here for more

July 25, 2012 – When big lies must be told, BBC is there. From Iraq to Afghanistan to Libya and now Syria, BBC has paved the way for Western disinformation meant to mange public perception around a war the public would otherwise never support or tolerate.

The BBC, caught on record producing entire “documentaries” on behalf of corporate-financier interests, has already been caught in immense lies regarding the NATO-fueled destabilization of Syria. This includes the disingenuous use of photos from Iraq, to depict a so-called “massacre” in the village of Houla, Syria.

Now, as NATO’s Al Qaeda mercenaries operating under the banner of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” flow over the Turkish-Syrian border in an attempt to overrun the city of Aleppo, BBC is there, attempting to manipulate the public’s perception as the conflict unfolds.

BBC’s Ian Pannell admits he rode with a convoy of milatnt fighters into Aleppo at night. He claims many are desperate for the FSA to succeed, “clamoring for freedom denied by their president,” but concedes many others fear an “Islamic takeover” and sectarian “division and bloodshed.” The latter of course, is self-evident, while the former is the repeated, unfounded mantra of the Western media used to cover up the latter.

Pannell poses amongst staged settings, claiming a single burning tire equates to a barricade set up by the militants (see more on the use of burning tires as propaganda here and here). He concedes that militants are taking to the rooftops with sniper rifles in the districts they claim they control – begging one to wonder where else terrorist snipers have been, and how many “sniper” deaths have been mistakenly blamed on the government.

Covering Up FSA War Crimes

Pannell then attempts to cover up serious war crimes committed by the FSA militants he is traveling with, claiming that men the FSA arbitrarily rounded up while “seeking revenge” were “suspected Shabiha,” harking back to Libya’s NATO-backed terrorist death squads rounding up and killing Libya’s black communities in orgies of sectarian genocide – which outlets like the BBC defended as simply rebels targeting “suspected African mercenaries.” Pannell papers over what he just reported with the unqualified claim that there is “little justice” on either side. What became of the FSA’s victims is not revealed.

Image: From BBC’s Ian Pannell – young men “suspected” of being “Shabiha” are rounded up as the FSA “seeks revenge.” BBC fails categorically to explain how NATO-backed terrorists can “liberate” a city that is admittedly pro-government – but it appears it will be done through terrorism, brutality, mass murder, and intimidation. 


BBC reporter Ian Pannell’s failure to report on the war crimes he admitted witnessing, smacks of endorsement and complicity – an attempt to preserve the romanticism the West has desperately tried to associate with their FSA death squads. Pannell’s report also confirms earlier descriptions of widespread atrocities committed by the so-called “Free Syrian Army.”

In Libya, when the government of Muammar Qaddafi collapsed, and as Libyan terrorists overran the last of the nation’s security forces, entire cities of Libya’s blacks were overrun, their populations either mass-murdered, imprisoned, or forced to flee to refugee camps. These are people who had lived in Libya for generations. A similar fate awaits Syrians should NATO prevail.

BBC Confirms Syrian Army Use of Heavy Weapons ARE Proportional to FSA Threats

Pannell’s propaganda in Aleppo continues, where he admits FSA militants possess tanks they allegedly “captured” from the Syrian military, but then, showing video of what is either an anti-tank SU-25 aircraft or an Aero L-39 Albatros training jet, rolling in with machine guns, claims it marks a “dramatic escalation” and a sign of “desperation.”

Image: From BBC’s Ian Pannell -FSA tanks are positioned in or around Aleppo, according to BBC. The myth that NATO-backed militants are “lightly armed” is unraveling as they attempt to take on large cities flush with cameras and media from both sides. Eager propagandists attempting to portray victories have more than once shown “captured tanks” in the hands of militants. Heavy militant weapons beget heavy government weapons. 


In reality the Syrian army is using force directly proportional to the threats NATO-backed militants have presented. Tanks and heavy weapons mounted on trucks, also featured in the BBC report, are legitimate targets for government heavy weapons. The precision an SU-25 lends the battlefield versus heavy artillery bombardments when neutralizing FSA heavy weapons is the only conceivable way to minimize civilian casualties.

Images: (Top) From BBC’s Ian Pannell – BBC and other Western media outlets have claimed “MIGs” are bombing Aleppo’s civilian populations. This all based on a single “tweet” made by BBC’s Ian Pannell. Pannell now reports this video depicts what he saw – which in reality is either an anti-tank SU-25 or Aero L-39 deploying machine guns, not bombs, versus what Pannell already admits are FSA heavy weapons, not civilian populations. (Bottom) Several orthographic views of the SU-25 and Aero L-39 for comparison. 


And as the Western media is so found of reminding its viewers, Aleppo is decidedly pro-government, and pro-President Bashar al-Assad. Therefore to indiscriminately use disproportionate force serves no purpose for the Syrian government, who has gone through extraordinary lengths and placed its soldiers at great risk to minimize damage to the city and its inhabitants – a city and population that serves both an important role economically and culturally for all Syrian people.

Remember Fallujah, Iraq

A government is put in a difficult position when armed gangs enter a city “seeking revenge” as BBC’s Ian Pannell puts it, when these gangs have trucks mounted with heavy weapons as well as tanks in their possession. For the West, to berate the Syrian government and portray its security operations as unmitigated “brutality” is disingenuous at best, especially considering the militants are there solely because of years of financial, military, and political support from the US, Israel, and the Gulf State despots.

File:US Navy 041108-M-8205V-006 An air strike is called in on a suspected insurgent hideout at the edge of Fallujah, Iraq by U.S. Marines assigned K Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, during the openin.jpg

Image: Western hypocrisy – Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 was bombarded by artillery and airstrikes for weeks leading up to the final invasion. When over 10,000 troops entered the city, they were accompanied by tanks, and supported by heavy artillery and airstrikes. When the West is subjugating others, heavy weapons seems acceptable – but not when another nation attempts to defend itself from admittedly Western-backed terrorists. 


The West might want to also revisit the lessons it learned from flattening the Iraqi city of Fallujhah, twice. The US bombarded the city for weeks prior to its final invasion in 2004, where over 10,000 troops entered with heavy artillery and air support. Apparently it is acceptable for the West to subjugate others using such tactics, but nations are prohibited from using similar tactics to defend themselves. The Syrian uprising was a foreign-plot stretching back as far as 2007, foreign militants admittedly flowing over the border from across the Arab World, admittedly armed and funded by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

The Battle of Fullujah is considered a notch in the belt of Western military prowess, while the West condemns Syria’s attempts to defend one of its most important cities from foreign-subversion and destruction. While NATO believes it can still win the geopolitical battle it is waging against the Syrian people, it has already long lost the battle for moral superiority.

6 Responses to “BBsCum”

  1. 1 felix July 26, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    They’re all perps – Ian Pannell “near Alleppo”, Jim Muir in Beirut …. Wyre Davies….who enthuiastically embroidered Pannell’s report from his position in Turkey.

    “univerfied” = we know it’s fake but you have to prove it.

    have you had a look at Cartalucci’s source for repudiation of the BBC report? She or he has been agitating for regime change in Libya and Syria for 18 months and retweeting the kind of stuff the BBC and especially the Guardian put out. See this very me-centred forum here:
    and all that went before and followed.

    Notice his/her “manifesto”: “”I think it’s a mixture of things……. if you can find it on one of the 115 pages”

    strange that he/she should want to puncture the BBC’s propaganda

    • 2 lwtc247 July 28, 2012 at 9:02 am

      “univerfied” = we know it’s fake but you have to prove it. – love it! :D

      Strangely, Fisk said: “the BBC’s extraordinary and brave report from the fighting in Aleppo”

      “have you had a look at Cartalucci’s source for repudiation of the BBC report?” – No I didn’t, so you think it’s necessary – I mean it’s not as though BBC repudiation is in isolation of other independent reports. Actually I’m in favour of regime change in Syria too, but one that avoids western funding and assistance. Cartalucci has reported against many western cheerleaders of Libya/Syria. He doesn’t register on my radar.

      Unfortunately it’s rare for me to have the time to trawl through 100+ pages of commentry any more, but I caught this(your?) comment…

      “Turkish prime minister has said it is Turkey’s natural right to deal with a threat posed from Syria’s north as he acknowledged that Syria’s embattled President Bashar al-Assad is abandoning territories to Kurdish groups linked to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as he is rapidly losing control across the war-torn country.

      Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told in an interview with the TV 24 channel on Wednesday that a PKK-linked Kurdish presence could give Turkey cause to intervene militarily in Syria, as it has done repeatedly in northern Iraq since that region slipped from Baghdad’s grip following the 1991 Gulf War.”

      Which is in keeping with what I believe Turkey, a close ally of so called “Israel” is trying to do while idiots blind themselves with the few (possibly staged) ‘hostile’ words and minuscule diplomatic ‘actions’ against “Israel”

      Turkey is a bastardised-western pro-Zionist state. That’s it’s function.

      Thankfully October has finished.

      Turkey and Iraq – Operation Shekhinah

    • 3 lwtc247 July 28, 2012 at 10:28 am

      Felix. “The Voltaire Network” – Heard the name but never had the chance to research it. This ‘Thierry Meyssan’ you have mentioned, is it the same ‘Thierry Meyssan’ as in one of the pioneers of 9-11 scepticism?

      You are taking a keen interest in Syria. May I ask why?

      • 4 felix July 28, 2012 at 2:42 pm

        If you are on the side of “regime” change in Syria (just as I am in favour of regime change in the UK, but the MSM will agitate against it…) then that puts you in the same boat as Israel, as well as deceitful politicians like Cameron and Hague…. which is why massive amounts of western funding and interference, not to mention media lies and propaganda is used. But no matter. What do we really know about what is really happening in Syria? Probably very little, just as about what really went down in Libya , based on well rehearsed and prepared lies and distortions. what are all those Libyans doing in Syria? A whole foreign policy based on faked videos and faked reports from “activists” cheerily propagated by the BBC, Guardian and the rest of the shower, aided and abetted by perps like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, the UN makes me vomit. As if manipulated western “democacy ” is some sort of default model for the world. Why was nobody ever sceptical of all those grainy, faked Al Jazeera videos? Why is everybody sleepwalking? I would’t trust Fisk any more than the rest of the Oxbridge mafia which runs the show.

      • 5 lwtc247 July 28, 2012 at 5:49 pm

        I’m only in favour of regime change in that I think practically ALL “Muslim leaders” are crap and I want a ‘leader’ who abandon the UN, stop trading with the oppressive tyrants as seen in the USUKZ, obliterate usury and faux economics (move to gold/silver etc as currency), empower SME’s, stop environmental destruction and pollution, remove filth from the media but allow a real independent media (as real as one can get – e.g. sleaze uncovered must be verifiable and pass evidential thresholds). Hence I’d lik to see a removal of just about all ‘leaders’ I think therefore, it’s a little bit unfair to say I’m the same boat as “Isarel” cocaine Cameron and gay Hague.

        Re: what’s really happening, I think not many of can really know. And even if we do know people directly involved, they will report events as has passed through their own personal/world-view filter. I have taken it upon myself however to reject western ‘explanations’ of events and instead side with the ‘little guys’ instead, while being conscious that the both poles could well be false choices and cul-de-sac’s that TPTB want to shuffle me into. But what better to do than support the oppressed/’little guy’ as an initial standpoint?

        As for ‘human rights’ groups, I generally feel they are moving in the right direction, but sometimes one is left frustrated on the lines they themselves draw in the stand or their own apparent moral framework which determines what issues they look at. But if they disappeared tomorrow I feel the world would be a worse place to live in.

        Re: grainy, faked Al Jazeera videos? – agreed. You know, it’s quite possible in my estimation anyway that nearly 100% of all info we get is actually synthetic BS. After AJ (and I think the BBC) showed that
        Libyan footage … errrrr… FROM INDIA, surely that was grounds for the disbandment of those whole operations, but it hardly had any impact at all. Surely a demonstration of just how deep in shit we truly are.

        Why is everybody sleepwalking? – ‘cos we are quazi-(sometimes outright) hedonistic cowards that have lost or humanity and I would say abandoned God.

      • 6 lwtc247 July 28, 2012 at 6:02 pm

        As it stands right now, the choice is a bipolar one, as it was in Libya. The western backed rebels or Assad, from which I can only see the best outcome as being one in which the western cockroaches [someone did those civilian killings, and cui bono it was them!] are squashed and after that the people get a leader worthy of the title. It would be a complete disaster if these western stooges won.

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