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If 9/11 was a false flag opration, why hasn’t anyone squealed?

For some, that question is enough to stop them believing anything other than the official conspiracy theory or ‘official narrative’ as others may phrase it.

But lets be frank, it is a thoroughly stupid stance to take.

1) That someone involved in one of the most significant world shaking event would, having initially been a willing participant, simply MUST admit to the fact later. This ‘opening’ condition alone, is likely to result in the majority of participants having a very strong reason to keep it secret.

2) Given the likely real suspects behind 9/11 and the dirty things they get up to, it is more than reasonable to believe any potential squealer would face execution with a similar threat facing their families.

3) Imagine some false-flag (FF) has occurred and a squealer came forth 7 years alter. From the time the event happened up until the ‘confession’ the false flag was still a false-flag. It does not magically become a FF simply when someone admits to it.

4) Even if a confession does come forth, the following powerful filters need to be successfully penetrated; The ‘confession’ needs
a) mass exposure
b) mass communication (not necessarily the same as a)
c) mass acceptance.
These filters even when overcome still don’t guarantee people will abandon the adopted mental barrier heading this post.

5) Not all FF’s will have a whistle-blower. To believe that to date, the FF’s and black-ops that have been exposed are the only FF / black-ops that have ever occurred and that no deadly secret has ever been taken to the grave  is simply the philosophical stance of cretin.

The weight of ALL evidence towards official forces being involved in 9-11 is simply overwhelming relative to the ‘official conspiracy story’, and in my opinion is is well beyond all reasonable doubt.

Why should justice and punitive action NOT be taken just because of the idiots who adopt such pathetic stances as “If 9/11 was a false flag operation, why hasn’t anyone squealed?” The only answer to that is surely this: Because in reality, possibly deep in their conscious, they prefer and benefit from the consequences that followed the FF rather than the consequences of having true justice be served and all ramifications from that.

What a world, huh!

Suggested reading:  “Conspiracy Theorists & Cognitive Dissonance” by


Chinese sportstars

Sport is politicised, but when that politicisation deals with politics ‘the West’ doesn’t like you will hear that old line: “Sport and politics shouldn’t mix”. Laughably, Olympic sport is ‘sport by nations’ and hence this beast is absolutely, inherently and hypocritically political!

Stephen M. Walt of Walt and Mearsheimer. “The Israel Lobby” fame,, {P.S. Anyone know where I can get the full video to: London Review of Books: The Israel Lobby: although there is a lengthy discussion of it here:} has written a short, as usual honest, and interesting piece on nationalism in regards to the 2012 Olympics.

It’s a pity he didn’t examine in any detail the peculiar phenomenon he identified, namely the  “imagined community”. I’d have valued an analysis by Walt on this, e.g. a few questions as to whether “imagined community” – as far as nationalism goes – is deliberately ‘beamed’ upon is, why it’s done, who does it, etc. Lets not forget however that “imagined community” also has a ‘good side’ and the healthy part of it is something most of us draw upon.

Anyway, despite not really watching the zion Olympics, I’ll be happy if any country who the the USUSZ (the real axis of evil) hate or talk badly of. Hence on hearing of a win for China, I’ll crack a smile.


And I will crack a frown when some sour-grapes US swimming coach, John Leonard, pours deliberate suspicion upon Ye Shiwen, the 16 year old Chinese double gold medallist, by albeit accusing her of taking ‘performance enhancing drugs’. This disgraceful mud will now probably stick to her for her entire life.

Ye Shiwen

And it so happens the games authorities have proved she wasn’t doped up. So Leonards defamation was wrong and a vile slander. If someone effectively accused John Leonard of doping up athletes, I can well imagine the little pool turd would feel his career effected and probably take to the courts to clear his name (and perhaps pocket a load of cash).

Funny, but I’ve not heard Leonard spitting out accusations in regards to the absolutely extraordinary and astounding success of Michael Phelps, holder of 19 Olympic medals (15 of them gold). No. Phelps of course isn’t a ‘drugs cheat’. He’s just a ‘phenomenal talent’, as only USans and other selected white people can be.

And no US athlete deliberately takes specific substances (e.g. food) to aid, maintain and boost their athleticism do they? [just that those food containing substances don’t appear on a rather selective ban list].

People probably remember that mega big-head (whatever you do, we is the US do it far bigger) Carl Lewis, who was so vocal about Ben Johnson, but Carl Lewis, himself was a drugs cheat, testing positive in THREE drugs tests just prior(!) to the “1988 Ben Johnson (Seoul) Olympics”  (something Panasonic, a 2012 Olympics sponsor using Lewis, seems to be unawares of) yet, at the time had the nerve to harp on and on about Johnson. Lewis, the possible embodiment of an ego, will love that I mentioned his name, irrespective of me pointing out he’s a drugs cheat.

I would not be surprised in the slightest, if, somewhere in the domestic US athletics fraternity, there various operations which grant various levels of ‘protectionism’ and ‘cloaking’ for the benefit of US athletes, but that’s the USA, so such thought could not possibly have merit.

George Galloway in fine form

No man is an Island, hence NEVER give absolute loyalty to them, unless it’s the Mehdi or Isa. Oppose them when deserve opposing and support them when the deserve supporting. So I bring you George Galloway in fine form…


“Israeli” self-Immolation, Akiva Mafa’i and Moshe Silman

Don’t see a thing on the BBZ’s “international news” page about the death of Akiva Mafa’i who self immolated on Sunday 29th July 2012.

This is the second death by an “Israeli” after Moshe Silman self-immolated on 14th July.

Sadly, “Israels” role will, I predict. come to pass, but the hedonistic ‘Westernisation’ marbling that runs through it is very interesting and could well cause major jolts along the way, not for reasons of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians of cours, but because their own channel of selfishness is being constricted by the phoney govt in Tel Aviv.

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