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HAARPing on again.

There is no longer any natural hurricanes and earthquakes. No, they are all HAARP engineered events.

HAARPers discredit conspiracy research as do chem-trailers (none of which bother to wear gas masks by the way and who may have a mental incapacity to consider things like fireworks and industrial discharges), and people who blame “Israyhell’ for Fukushima and the US(hence Israyhell) for Chernobyl.

How come there were plenty of savage storms before the discovery of EM radiation and why isn’t any storm natural now?

My critics may say I do the same about Israyhell w.r.t. the July 7th bombings, but my stance is such that Israyhelli possible involvement deserves a thorough and independent investigation, which only fools and/or liars think happened in accordance with the official conspiracy theory cum government narrative. My suspicions make me think elements of Israyhell played a part, but I could easily accept evidence that rules them out.

What is racism?

I still believe the only racism worth paying attention to is when meaningful discrimination occurs, i.e. has a meaningful outcome (like as regard to lower salary, seeking employment, business deals, school places, hospital treatment, treatment by police, etc). Racism is of course wrong and stupid, but when it comes to racist name calling….. although wrong, derogatory and intimidatory, surely it isn’t really someone should get hung up about is it?

QPR’s (football club) Anton Ferdinand earns (possibly more than) what elite criminal bankers and politicians earn (even considering political gravy-training) is probably going to have a very comfortable life far better than 99% of british people. Any racist words should have been water of a ducks back. But he behaved like a little little immature boy who got upset about it and started balling (no pun intended).

People who know me may find my words uncharacteristic and very harsh, but there’s a reason behind it. Lets assume John Terry (of Chelsea football club), the supposed offender – who was found innocent of all charges in an English Court of Law called Ferdinands mother something awful and other awful things like Ferdinands penis was the size of a pigmy maggot…. you know… something stupid and horrible like that. There is no way such stuff would ever make it to court. Think of your slur, I dunno, the point is why should the supposed racist language Terry allegedly said end up in court and why should it get him banned and have his name blackened?

Why was the supposed racist language which was utterly trivial be entertained?

Now that the referee Mark Clattenburg has supposedly used what one guesses is racist language against two Chelesa players, it’s going to be very interesting to see if the interestingly names Clattenburg will be treated the same as John Terry.

If I was a betting man, I’d put a wager down that they won’t.

P.S. Ashley Cole was 100% right to make that tweet. I think intelligent people will understand why it was withdrawn.

The black and white world of Adam Curtis.

If you don’t know the BBC’s Adam Curtis is, you can use Google, wikipedia and Google video to find out.

I fell in love with Curtis’ analysis in The Power of Nightmares, possibly his most acclaimed work. Being hooked, I trailed my way through most of his other work and began to see a pretty big problem: Curtis sees the world in black and white. No I’m not talking about ‘race’ I mean virtually everything he does is cast as everything consisting of just two opinions.

I began to see this on his program about ‘game theory’ particularly on a statement about JFK and the Cuban missile crisis, and since then I see it a lot. It actually turned me off watching his last programs about the loving machines, and the bi-focus he ‘explains’ the world in, is simply inaccurate.

I’m beginning to think that his bipolar constructions are a reason as to why he gets the acclaim that he does, because people are much much happier when they are offered to chance to see things in a bipolar way. Anything else is confusion.

The world has a lot of bipolar-ism in it, but Curtis’ geopolitical “analysis” that only sees things as one philosophy at loggerheads with another actually cheapens and brings into serious question the things that he says. He also proposes that the whole world is moved by the bipolar spread he lays out. Until he makes another program and then the world actually moved because that that other spread, until that is the next program comes out.

I finally penning an article to this because low and behold, Curtis is at it again…

He’s Behind You
How Colonel Gaddafi and the Western Establishment Created a Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

Curtis’ work is valuable but quite overinflated and rather formulaic stitched together to hide the seams with some nice interesting music. Here’s a golden ‘oldie’ for you…

Why a number of British police are scum

Originally Published on: Jun 29, 2010 @ 10:03

Apart from an apparent passion for bumping offsmacking up women (like Sgt Delroy Smellie did)punching and bashing members of the publics head off the ground, the police are also scum for this reason…

Yeah the police need to be a bit ‘pushey’ at times like against those in the child porn business, errrm I said the police need to be a bit pushy not stabby (covering their tracks methinks), or into porn, child molestation, satanism and child abuse but when it comes to civillians who are clearly just being civillians, they go too far on too many occasons.

I’m sure if the police just buggered walked off instead of dreaming up the law on the spot and antagonising members of the population, then many situations would automatically end.

–My spam filter is going to be red hot these next few months!–

I am refering to British police, but here is a U.S. example British police are no doubt studying:

P.S. grab your copy of these vids ASAP as it looks like dirty work is afoot on YouTube re:police bruitality




On the extradition of Abu Hamzah, Babar Ahmad, Khaled al-Fawwaz, Talha Ahsan and Adel Abdul Bary

If someone was to ask me today what ‘defines’ britain (a tough question to ask any country really) I would have to say ‘shit defines britain’. Britain is a shitty joke, its monarch, bogus money, parliamentary representatives, psycho-numbskull armed forces – twats and bullies in uniform, its English football team (lets be honest, it’s England that is the majority player we’re talking about here) and of course its justice system.

This has to include the little plebs who go around voting for the same shit every few years thinking their vote will make a difference. Well yeah, it does make a difference, it makes a difference to some ordinary family somewhere that’s been massacred at the hands of british armed forces. The difference being by voting in the system even if your party loses, you have legitimised the government in power as you must accept the ‘bad luck’ that your party doesn’t win yet it was ‘fair play’ to those who did and therefore is mandated by all people. It makes the difference because by legitimizing the absolutely putrid system which has one unshakable agenda – to protect fellow shit, shitsrael, at all costs, and Shitsrael is busy conducting war through its octopus arms on the only people that are preventing the arrival of the Zionist messiah – the false messiah.

And so, in this shit sandwich of a country, the UK. ( or alliance of countries) that puffs it chest out in the self-talked-up belief that somehow, it is a shining star in civilisation / in the progress of man, is also engaged in a war of Islam  and has  extradited men who are set to face more shit, USan neocon Demicon Zionist Obamney liar shit,  to rot in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, likely irrespective of any evidence or lack there of.

Now, there was a lot of talk by supposedly intelligent people who accused these men of being Mi5/Mi6 agents and so on. Yeah right they are. So much so that to be tortured and locked in Mr. Shit’s hell hole for the rest of their lives is just to make it seem like they are not western intelligence agents.

Well done to people like MPAC and George Galloway that added to the demonstration of men like this, men unafraid to speak their mind, men who correctly speak out against the shitty UK state, making it easier to fling ‘radical’ labels on such people and treat them like animals, leading to their deportation. Well done. Hope you’re proud of yourselves. You speaking out against their deportation there welcome but laced with shame.

I too am partially to blame, for not doing more to try and stop this madness.



The Truthseeker?

It’s been obvious for some time now that The Truthseeker is itching for a ZioAllied war against Iran.

Why? Well, all we can do is guess.

And he’s dong so again, without fear of shame, off he goes re-printing horse-shit.

To bypass the harsh-on-the-eyes colour scheme used on “the truthseeker’ site, I pasted the text below.

“Disputing Netanyahu’s claim that Iran was close to developing a nuclear weapon, experts say Tehran will need at least two more years to accomplish the task of fashioning a nuclear warhead – if indeed it has such plans”

Ah, ‘Netanyahu’s claim is challenged’  = The article is anti-MSM, ergo a trustworthy news article.

‘Two MORE (my emphasis) years to accomplish the task’  This is slight of hand. Less discerning readers may get the (subconscious) message that because of “MORE years” that therefore there has ALREADY BEEN SOME YEARS spent building one, and that those MORE YEARS are just two, then it’s very close to getting one.

Lets not forget, Irans highest leader has said nuclear weapons are forbidden in Islam. Sadly, the “truthseeker” seems to forget and/or ignore this time and time again.

“if indeed it has such plans” – This is to cover it’s tracks. like the dispute of  what Netanyahu said, this is to consciously make you question it but the subconscious payload has been delivered.

Maybe the Truthseeker is plain dumb and accidentally prints this garbage over and over again, but I don’t think he is dumb, I think he’s pretty damn smart. He’s been printing almost ANY report about ‘big bad Iran’ he can get his hands on. The source of which doesn’t matter, nor it’s miserable and junk (about Iran) content.

If Iran is not trying to make a nuclear warhead, then ALL of what the “truthseeker” says on the topic is just a fairy tale, a total time-wasting irrelevance. And it’s most likely that Iran is NOT doing so. Why then is the “truthseeker” going on and on and on about it?



Christians are essentially Muslims.

It’s hard to say things which go strongly against peoples understanding of faith. However, it’s said that the prophet Muhammad (saw) said a Muslim doesn’t truly believe until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself, and I want my Christian brothers to realise they have adopted some distortions of the message of Jesus (as). (remove the 4 ‘=’ signs)

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