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The Truthseeker?

It’s been obvious for some time now that The Truthseeker is itching for a ZioAllied war against Iran.

Why? Well, all we can do is guess.

And he’s dong so again, without fear of shame, off he goes re-printing horse-shit.

To bypass the harsh-on-the-eyes colour scheme used on “the truthseeker’ site, I pasted the text below.

“Disputing Netanyahu’s claim that Iran was close to developing a nuclear weapon, experts say Tehran will need at least two more years to accomplish the task of fashioning a nuclear warhead – if indeed it has such plans”

Ah, ‘Netanyahu’s claim is challenged’  = The article is anti-MSM, ergo a trustworthy news article.

‘Two MORE (my emphasis) years to accomplish the task’  This is slight of hand. Less discerning readers may get the (subconscious) message that because of “MORE years” that therefore there has ALREADY BEEN SOME YEARS spent building one, and that those MORE YEARS are just two, then it’s very close to getting one.

Lets not forget, Irans highest leader has said nuclear weapons are forbidden in Islam. Sadly, the “truthseeker” seems to forget and/or ignore this time and time again.

“if indeed it has such plans” – This is to cover it’s tracks. like the dispute of  what Netanyahu said, this is to consciously make you question it but the subconscious payload has been delivered.

Maybe the Truthseeker is plain dumb and accidentally prints this garbage over and over again, but I don’t think he is dumb, I think he’s pretty damn smart. He’s been printing almost ANY report about ‘big bad Iran’ he can get his hands on. The source of which doesn’t matter, nor it’s miserable and junk (about Iran) content.

If Iran is not trying to make a nuclear warhead, then ALL of what the “truthseeker” says on the topic is just a fairy tale, a total time-wasting irrelevance. And it’s most likely that Iran is NOT doing so. Why then is the “truthseeker” going on and on and on about it?



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