On the extradition of Abu Hamzah, Babar Ahmad, Khaled al-Fawwaz, Talha Ahsan and Adel Abdul Bary

If someone was to ask me today what ‘defines’ britain (a tough question to ask any country really) I would have to say ‘shit defines britain’. Britain is a shitty joke, its monarch, bogus money, parliamentary representatives, psycho-numbskull armed forces – twats and bullies in uniform, its English football team (lets be honest, it’s England that is the majority player we’re talking about here) and of course its justice system.

This has to include the little plebs who go around voting for the same shit every few years thinking their vote will make a difference. Well yeah, it does make a difference, it makes a difference to some ordinary family somewhere that’s been massacred at the hands of british armed forces. The difference being by voting in the system even if your party loses, you have legitimised the government in power as you must accept the ‘bad luck’ that your party doesn’t win yet it was ‘fair play’ to those who did and therefore is mandated by all people. It makes the difference because by legitimizing the absolutely putrid system which has one unshakable agenda – to protect fellow shit, shitsrael, at all costs, and Shitsrael is busy conducting war through its octopus arms on the only people that are preventing the arrival of the Zionist messiah – the false messiah.

And so, in this shit sandwich of a country, the UK. ( or alliance of countries) that puffs it chest out in the self-talked-up belief that somehow, it is a shining star in civilisation / in the progress of man, is also engaged in a war of Islam  and has  extradited men who are set to face more shit, USan neocon Demicon Zionist Obamney liar shit,  to rot in a prison cell for the rest of their lives, likely irrespective of any evidence or lack there of.

Now, there was a lot of talk by supposedly intelligent people who accused these men of being Mi5/Mi6 agents and so on. Yeah right they are. So much so that to be tortured and locked in Mr. Shit’s hell hole for the rest of their lives is just to make it seem like they are not western intelligence agents.

Well done to people like MPAC and George Galloway that added to the demonstration of men like this, men unafraid to speak their mind, men who correctly speak out against the shitty UK state, making it easier to fling ‘radical’ labels on such people and treat them like animals, leading to their deportation. Well done. Hope you’re proud of yourselves. You speaking out against their deportation there welcome but laced with shame.

I too am partially to blame, for not doing more to try and stop this madness.



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