David Cameron and his phantom “witch-hunt” against people who are gay

Doing homosexual acts is wrong, morally wrong. God sets moral code and God decrees it’s wrong. Therefore it’s wrong. I don’t give a damn what some idiot human/humans say in trying to reverse Gods ruling on this.

Now, as you may know hokey-cokey-cokey Cameron (Cameron has a history of drug taking) was ‘handed a list of suspected paedophiles on ITV’s This Morning programme.’

He then pulled the old trick. He tried to dodge it using the commonly applied technique that the “Friends of Israyhell” group do, e.g.

Person A: “That Israeli commander who killed Iman Darweesh Al Hams should go to jail, yes?
Person B to person A: “You’re an anti-Semite

Iman Darweesh Al Hams

Only this time Cameron used the ‘untouchable gay; version, escaping having to actually discuss like a regular human being what this was all about, by ludicrously saying it was “witch-hunt” against people who are gay. Huh? The masses are already neutered about the gay issue as they are about the Zionist issue (who’s scored a win-win there I wonder)

Well, it was either a massive dodge OR Cameron is saying that paedophiles need some level of protection because they have done homosexual acts. Is Cameron saying homosexual acts are sacrosanct (like Obama did about Israyhells security)? Just think about for a moment…. how on earth is this a ‘gay’ thing – which of course everyone will understand to mean a consensual performance of homosexual acts. Most of these abused people gave no consent whatsoever. Cameron deliberately conflated child physical abuse, child sexual abuse, child abduction and child murder with ‘gayness’.

What a F’ing idiot this slimy Cameron toss-pot is.


Someone said once (perhaps unfairly?), that you should judge a people by it’s ruler.

Either way, Horrible Cameron’s not going to allow any of the elite – including members of the so called ‘royal’ family be investigated let alone be prosecuted for this.

As a number of people have already mentioned, a few two-bit anonymous people will get prosecuted to satisfy the public, helped along with loads of corporate media brainwashing so that the real dirty ones, a.k.a. the ‘elite’ once again will get away with their putrid acts of Satanism.


8 Responses to “David Cameron and his phantom “witch-hunt” against people who are gay”

  1. 1 felix November 9, 2012 at 8:00 am

    It was a set up to defuse and deflect.

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 9, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Do you think so? Could you elaborate on that Felix? – It’s just that today we discover the list consisted of Tory MP’s. Now Cokey-Camerons bullshit make a lot more sense. His bullshit being that if one is gay allegations of child sex abuse are invalidated. The bastard. The tories are famed for indulging in gay sex and God knows what else (Mark Oaten’s one takes some beating). I think it’s likely that Cocaine-Cameron saw some of the names and that’s why he came out with the crap that he did.

    ‘No stone left unturned’ (yeah bollocks) Mr Hague could well have been close to the top of that list which is likely to put the more senior politicians at the top, and perhaps Cameron say it and KNEW something about Hague which set him of fin politician mode and dodged the question.

    Now it turns out Phillip Schofield has had a complaint about him made by MP Rob Wilson. One wonders why.


    The article says ITV may have “breached its duty to give individuals a chance to respond before subjecting them to serious allegations on-screen.” Huh? How can you give them a chance to respond before you put the allegations to them?

    Anyway, the 1.1 million paedophiles in the UK must be shaking in their boots. Oddly enough, this is close to the 1% which the ‘occupy’ movement are trying to fight. Much intersection methinks.

    Amazing that David Icke has been pretty much right about many of these allegations.

  3. 3 felix November 10, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    It was a way of getting the McAlpine name out into the open (accidental camera angle naturally catching it…) then get the lawyers to fire up their cannons. Result – all a big mistake, apologies etc etc. Otherwise, your analysis is pretty good.

  4. 4 lwtc247 November 11, 2012 at 11:06 am

    If the ‘camera flash’ was staged, it would strongly suggest Mr. Schofield was a conspirator, and although he works for the BBC, it’s hard for to accept his involvement, I did watch Cameron fairly closely and he did seem a bit surprised and unprepared for it. But I shouldn’t totally reject the possibility as his actions were quite out of the ordinary and a number of people have queried how he got those names in just a few minutes. I’ve give our Phil the benefit of the doubt. For now.

    I’m sure something’s up, but I can’t quite find a plausible explanation behind it all – that is other than things are strangely happening which are increasingly looking like protecting the elite’s ass.

    Perhaps this is another “Damien Green” – when the police made strange efforts to scout around his Westminster office with the end result that the official line was that MP’s offices should be off limits to the police. Can’t have them uncovering the shit that these bastards get up to huh.

    All this stinks.

    David Icke’s take on this – in light of the new developments – is pretty good… http://apache.icke.positive-dedicated.net/headlines/75235-is-it-only-me

  5. 5 lwtc247 November 11, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    what are the McAlpines of this world waiting for? Where are the writs?

    Is it this?… Not wanting to precipitate an investigation into the allegations against them, they are just waiting to see what non-investigation based news comes out against them and if that news fails THEN they will know their accusers have nothing – that’s when the hammer will fall.
    If the McAlpines of this world did do such crimes – and no outsider really knows – then such a strategy would make sense.

    • 7 lwtc247 November 13, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      Good video Paul. I’m very much in agreement. Although there are older allegations about Lard McAlpine. If he is a pedo then by outing him on something that was false, it will help cover those REAL offences which the older allegations relate too. Clever. Police involved in child porn (and possibly child snuff movies) have been killed in strange circumstances. The stakes are very high the elite WILL take steps – that’s what I think anyway. So even if this wasn’t a frame-up, as is your suggestion, then Messham has probably been leaned on very heavily. Another David Kelly would be too fishy.

      Actually I say a camera sot of Cameron indeed looking at the names on the list he even said he knew the names on it.

  6. 8 felix November 16, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Schofield will be internally “disciplined”. Anyone else in the frame must “apologise” Everybody happy. No writs.
    How unusual. As if there were no producers on Schofield’s programme (as Newsnight has…)

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