David Icke backpedals

Edited: Sat 15/Dec/2012

I am certain in some of David Icke’s ‘early’ stuff, he mentioned the Mayan 2012 calendar thing that would mark a great change in the world, the ‘old’ one undergoing fundamental change, as if a very visible and perhaps cataclysmic change would occur.

Well, DI like these other ‘new age’ pseudo-religionists who pilfer traditional religion and cast it in their own image, must be feeling very embarrassed that their ‘prophecies’ are turning out to be load of rubbish, as it always was going to be*. Well, perhaps they won’t be embarrassed as they’ll erase from their minds their self-erase their past prophecies and belief in pseudo=prophecy and be quite surprised someone like me is giving them scorn.

Numerous times on this blog I have criticised ridiculous numerologists who were of course spectacularly wrong about the Olympics and nukes detonating in London and New York, but they don’t listen, they just begin to string together some other ‘magic’ numbers in order to be wrong again.

The actual ‘big conspiracy’ is Israyhell, hell-bent on bringing their Messiah, who will of course turn out to the anti-Messiah, the anti-Christ, which I will elaborate on in my next post, but talk of ‘religion’ is old-school, totally untrendy, something from the ‘past’ [people mention the past as a method of dismissal, trying to get away with the unspoken idea that the past was automatically worse than today because it was in the past]. Being a religion based analysis, few really care about it, so it gets ignored.

We’ve got people like – but not limited to – DI  to thank for that.

*Bogus in the sense it was likely a simple human concoction, devoid of Divine knowledge. A Muslim intellectual was asked by a now adult person from a Hindu background, about a stone (or leaf) their persons parents found while they were a child. It contained written details  of their childs future life, which the former child told the Muslim, was very accurate. The Muslim said (paraphrase) that Muslims we are not to engage in fortune telling etc, but that doesn’t mean fortune telling is always bogus. There are other creations apparently capable of gleaning this information. Prophecy involving these routes could possibly yield accuracy.

2 Responses to “David Icke backpedals”

  1. 1 Anthony Clifton December 14, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Icke like Mark Glenn poo poo’s the Old Testament where the History of the Children of Israel is not a “Jewish” narrative….


    just imagine if Icke, Alex Jones, Devvy Kidd, G. Edward Griffin and all others who avoid this Truth like the Plague would simply address the fundamental issue of the “god” of Talmudic Judaism being lucifer…

    Nothing like courage and conviction….


    where are the BLESSINGS America for “Blessing” the “Jewish”

    – GOG & MAGOG –

    so-called Zionist State…?

  2. 2 lwtc247 December 25, 2012 at 6:11 am

    Re: “god” of Talmudic Judaism being lucifer.

    I guess I can’t rule that out, but it could be they still believe in God but have just distorted what God has commands, which would give the appearance of their ‘god’ being Lucifer.

    While I think there are some people who really do worship Satan, I can’t believe many do, and if Satan is worshipped they I have a strong suspicion that they must believe that some kind of ‘paradise’ awaits them after this life as surely nobody would worship a thing that would mean they have to spend eternity in hell (Satan included) under punishment by Gods decree.

    I really don’t think Hll is a semi-autonomous region where Satan is ‘lord’ and gives special favour and privileged to henchmen. No. ALL occupants of hell will be punished under Gods ‘eye’. Although I suppose if someone really thought it would be semi-autonomous then perhaps they actually do think they could be living the ‘life of Riley’ sipping the finest wines raping an pillaging and torturing other poor souls – whatever their mark of ‘indulgence’ they have.

    So, I think people still have God as their ‘god’ but follow in this case rabbinical distortions and innovations upon of God.

    I do agree, the “populist truthers” really do avoild the issue. Exactly I can’t be sure although their reasons why are not likely to be all that good.

    I have seen numerous “Brother Nathanael” videos. In general I like what he says. Courageous indeed. Is http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=777 actually his website?

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