British spy returns to Saudi Arabia


The ever horrible Frank Gardner, an expert in propaganda, who very obviously a British spy, returns to the place where he was shot while trying to recruit Saudi patsies, under the guise of “investigating” the 2004 Khobar towers bombing.

h-ttp:// (remove the hyphen)


1 Response to “British spy returns to Saudi Arabia”

  1. 1 lwtc247 July 11, 2013 at 1:26 am

    Frank’s pimping for war, trying to seed the concept of ‘Holy war’ in the minds of disaffected Egyptians. His latest hate piece has the title: “Is Egypt heading for holy war?” and his first line is ‘Even posing that question will annoy many. ‘
    Well yeah Frank, it will annoy, but not for the fake reasons you are going to spew out.

    http://ww— (remove the three hyphens in the url to read the Franks latest hopes.

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