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J7 Truth… ‘pooof’

I find it strange at how many of those J7T (one branch of the J7 Truth movement)
[p.s. (attempted TM pending)] all seem to have vanished in late 2011.

Is it a case of mission accomplished?

Can I have an Islamic Caliphate please? Certainly Sir, which one?

It is a strong theme with me, that I want an Islamic Caliphate. A single Islamic authority that steers 1/6 the worlds population along the successful path, facilitating the implementation a single Shariah in all “countries” (for want of a better word – I don’t believe in ‘nation states’) and good advice is given (and followed) by Muslims who are not in Islamic countries.

The Caliphate being fed by true scholars – altruistic men (and probably women) of great wisdom exercising utmost honesty and uncompromising truth (quite unlike many of today’s rather disgraceful spineless coward “scholars” and “leaders”).

Essentially, a Caliphate that yields a long utopian golden age, where the demonstrable beauty of Islam pulls the hearts of billions more to agree to submit to Islams calling.

But what of the these “Syrian Rebels” and “Jihadists” in Syria They want this too right?

Well, from what I’ve seen, I have to say, their Caliphate is a touch different from the one I envisage.

Theirs seems to be an “Islam” that goes something like this: whatever the gun touting yobs, like drifting pack dogs, in your immediate area at the time happen to want it to be, where the dogs instantly assess whether a crime has been committed, dogs that instantly assess the legal case, and dogs that instantly decide upon the ruling, and dogs that instantly dish out judgement, which strangely always seems to involve throats and knives, or a gun; Caesar like, thumbs up or thumbs down. And to those that don’t conform to their ideas of what “Sunni Islam” peasant should be, then it’s an automatic thumbs down.

It’s as if the soul of Pol Pot has escaped the grave and weaselled its way into the psyche of these “rebels”, who I guess could therefore be termed ‘Potties”.

It is quite astonishing to see how some of the most prominent of “Syrian Rebels” are so opposite to my understandings and hope for what would be the re-emergence of Islam under a rightly guided Caliphate.

Someone must be wrong, unless it’s simply a case of these “rebels” believing the ends justify the means, and that to them the savageness is OK – just a temporary blip – an ‘unfortunate burden’ which all tyrants have no choice but to reluctantly take on.

Perhaps these kinds of “jihadis” are simply mindless morons who believe because they are carrying out “Gods work” they somehow have a special right to determine life and death (something I suspect ins’t unknown amongst them) – a licence to kill Yes, perhaps that’s it, perhaps these “jihadi’s” have wannabe James Bond image of themsleves and have to prove their “manhood”.

Of course, they could just simply be ZioNATO puttets

Or both!


I think it’s unquestionable that the evil forces of Zion are the only ones that benefiting from this, and should the rebels succeed in their tyrranization of Syria [Hafez Al-Assad’s tyranny is incomparable], then the pan-Zionist alliance will benefit again.

But it seems the exponential path of their own defeat is now being traversed, and I can’t say I am that sorry that this slander against jihad has ‘defeat’ written all over it, etching that resemble those on the unfortunate souls whose bodies these ‘rebels’ have mutilated.

Syria has once again shown in the open the obnoxious “western” states for the scum they are but also the dire Zionist rats leaders cloaking themselves with an Islamic burqa, states like Egypt (under Morsi and the Egyptian Army), Turkey, Saud occupied Arabia and Qatar.

Allah’s justice will come.


West War Crimes in Syria Exposed

There was a time during the 30-month covert dirty war on Syria when the Western governments and mainstream media would make a clamor over reported massacres.

By Finian Cunningham


Tutu says he cannot worship ‘homophobic’ God

South African peace icon Desmond Tutu has said he would rather go to hell than worship a homophobic God, likening the fight against gay prejudice to the anti-apartheid struggle.

I (kind of) remember a theist (or was it a deist?) recounting what Richard Dawkins said of Stephen J Gould – that Gould simply couldn’t believe what he [Gould] was saying [as it went against the atheistic faith of Dawkins]. The theist was very critical of Dawkins’ dismissal. I very much agreed,

But now, I am thinking of Desmond Tutu, what Dawkins said of Gould.

You cannot have anything worse than hell. It is Gods ultimate punishment. Absolutely nothing can trump what God does. Tutu, saying he’d prefer hell (by exercising a choice) demonstrates he simply does not understand what he is saying. He is failing to comprehend hell.

He is also guilty of this, which is perhaps the main point: What God ‘thinks’ isn’t limited to or validated by human perceptions and standards. If God ‘thinks’ homosexuality is wrong, then it is. Period. A person has zero legitimacy to judge and/or assess God; holding Gods principles up to legal and moral scrutiny. God is boundless, hence codes of morals, perceptions and ethics, especially the ones in the human sphere have no meaning to God. That a ‘high-up’ devotee to God could ever do this is absolutely astounding.

Gods’ Decrees are not a fashion, they are not questionable, by anyone, respected Archbishops included. I think in general people occasionally do this, but someone who understands God (in as much as anyone can) will know to do so is a terrible thing indeed.

Is the visual component of those ‘running’ the economy running out of tricks?

Max Keiser thinks so:

But Sandeep Jaitly of seems to propose those presiding over the fake economy cannot fail – they will make some new scam, But Shock Doctrine like, the new trick will necessarily have to be greater than the old trick, which means when the new trick begins to fail, the implication will be much greater than before.

Before the real collapse, I predict the US govt will once again issue a gold recall notice (and the UK mat do so too) robbing the people of their hard earned wealth Don’t agree to it if it happens.

FYI: What are ‘contango’ and ‘backwardation’? :

Gold Backwardation Explained (pdf) – By James Turk (31/7/13) (thanks Matthias)

There is no hope.

When chemical evidence came to light that 9/11 was a false flag, I e-mailed several members of my family to inform them of perhaps the most literally explosive news they would ever hear in their lifetimes.

They simply weren’t interested.

Actually, that’s not quite true – they were a touch interested, in that they asked my not to send ‘political’ stuff like that to them again.

I’m sure you can imagine how I felt.

THE people you would expect to be the most sympathetic towards ‘one of their own’*, most receptive towards something relayed of utmost importance for all our benefit, something that was, and has been, affecting their lives since Sept 2001 (and actually shaped their lived before 2001 too!) with hard evidence-based logical impartial and unbiased science. But alas, it wasn’t to be. For what ever reason, they decided to continue living in the world that others had decided to project upon them.

Even with my own father; When I tell him of what I know about 911, it’s as if everything I say simply reflects off him, a kind of ‘thought mirror’ envelopes him, because surely every single thing that I say to him is just me repeating ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘read off the internet’. For example, we discussed on one occasion, about the kerosene/office fire temperatures melting the steel. I said hydrocarbon fires cannot melt steel, to which he responded ‘oxyacetylene?’. Sadly, for some reason I don’t know, I didn’t have the piece of mind to ask him something like ‘but there was no oxyacetylene!, only office furniture and kerosene’. Instead, I fell into his unintended ‘trap’ and kept in the oxyacetylene line and said something like ‘it will only melt steel with perfect fuel/air ratios and under pressure’ (to which he gave some suggestion that it was a valid point but otherwise made no inroads).

It’s not unknown for my father to play devils advocate on occasions, just to help one strengthen ones ideas and worm out problems etc, but here on the subject of 911, it was obvious nothing was impressing him.

From our conversations, I have to say I get the impression he thinks I’m simply blinding myself into something that will excuse the acts of Muslims (and by implication, Islam). For readers unfamiliar with ‘my story’, I am a revert to Islam, the only one (to my knowledge) in my family. I suspect this is a major factor in why they will not respond to the deadly serious implications of unchallenged research on 911 that shows 911 was an inside job.

I’m just guessing here but from what I’ve seen, the vast majority of Muslims I know believe 911 was an inside job, but the bulk of ‘Westerners’ (ill defined I know) don’t [note: a significant number of them do of course].

Actually. my Father has a point (if I read him right), that Muslims probably do have a predisposition to turn a  blind eye to things done by Muslims of in the name of Islam [yeah, I know the official version of 911 isn’t anywhere near as being Islamic] but Westerners have a predisposition to do the same – but from the other way around. Westerners overwhelmingly believe Western narratives, which basically boils down to what their state media tell them, and the employed professional liars and spin meisters that get (s)elected once in a while – usually 4 to 5 years or so.

The Muslim world is highly westernised, (yes, ‘he’ and ‘they’ have had enormous success) and although many many Muslims may believe 911 was an inside job, too many of them are too comfortable in their Westernised lifestyles to care to do much about it.

Even in cases like Iraq, although many were opposed to the war, very little was done about it. And certainty, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING effective was done about it.

We’ve had the MASSIVE economic frauds such as the LIBOR rigging scandal and AIB, MF Global etc, and still no one cares.

Almost daily, the evil Zionists occupying Palestine, kill and oppress more Palestinians and thieve their lands, but people allow themselves to be hopeful at “suggestions” of “peace talks” – how utterly ridiculous.

And as for Syria… I mean, bloody hell, the dirty Turkish leadership with it’s backpassage relationship with the lingering Zionist outbreak and Egypt (LOL at the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ element of them) in collusion with the US,UK and France in bringing yet more pain and horror supporting the totally shit-for-brains savages pretending to be Muslim holy fighters in Syria. It’s utterly perverse that this alliance of evil has taken on board many Muslims across the planet as cheerleaders. Many Muslims do actually support the “rebels” and do believe they are fighting for an “Islamic state”. They have bought into the largely Western plus Totalitarian Saud portrail of it, that somehow it’s all about Sunni vs. Shia bullshit [Read this, I find it an excellent article]. I’m thinking of writing to the authors of Roget’s Thesaurus to have ‘Common Modern Muslim’ as a synonym to retard and idiot.

The  bottom line is, that almost everyone doesn’t give a damn, and those that do, like the ‘jihadists’ in Syria, who, while I admire their undoubted bravery, leave me laughing in contempt at the utter stupidity in their obnoxious and evil beliefs that have NOTHING to do with Islam, are far and few between.

Truly, we are on the road to hell and there is absolutely NOBODY that gives me the slightest bit of hope to believe that the coming total and massive doom can be avoided. This isn’t to say there are not people people unaware of all this, as there are!, but none of us seem capable to stopping this leviathan.

This post was triggered by the excellent article “Noam Chomsky is in Denial About 9/11 by Mark H Gaffney” – ( which captures what I regard as the hard evidence of 911. I’ve written about Chomsky’s incredible failings of 911 before, all the more astounding that a man with his knowledge of US and shitty little temporary israyhelli crimes (ok, he’s not that hard on israyhell), doesn’t prevent him from swimming in the pool of conventional narratives here.

Well, as the ‘titanic’ slips deeper into the unforgiving icy water, lets have the ships band play one of my fave feel good (and appropriate) songs…

*Re: The bonds and expected automatic sympathies of family, Perhaps I a have been subconsciously cut off or exiled from this, being a ‘black sheep’ having become a Muslim? Even my own sister has said on occasion (thinly disguised with half-hearted jest) that ‘you’re not going to blow anyone up are you?’ kind of questions.

Keiser Report: Facing New Peasant Revolt (E469)

Puffery. The baseless ‘talking up’ in the false economy.

Excellent (as usual) show.

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