Tutu says he cannot worship ‘homophobic’ God

South African peace icon Desmond Tutu has said he would rather go to hell than worship a homophobic God, likening the fight against gay prejudice to the anti-apartheid struggle.
Source: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/2013/07/201372619342804519.html

I (kind of) remember a theist (or was it a deist?) recounting what Richard Dawkins said of Stephen J Gould – that Gould simply couldn’t believe what he [Gould] was saying [as it went against the atheistic faith of Dawkins]. The theist was very critical of Dawkins’ dismissal. I very much agreed,

But now, I am thinking of Desmond Tutu, what Dawkins said of Gould.

You cannot have anything worse than hell. It is Gods ultimate punishment. Absolutely nothing can trump what God does. Tutu, saying he’d prefer hell (by exercising a choice) demonstrates he simply does not understand what he is saying. He is failing to comprehend hell.

He is also guilty of this, which is perhaps the main point: What God ‘thinks’ isn’t limited to or validated by human perceptions and standards. If God ‘thinks’ homosexuality is wrong, then it is. Period. A person has zero legitimacy to judge and/or assess God; holding Gods principles up to legal and moral scrutiny. God is boundless, hence codes of morals, perceptions and ethics, especially the ones in the human sphere have no meaning to God. That a ‘high-up’ devotee to God could ever do this is absolutely astounding.

Gods’ Decrees are not a fashion, they are not questionable, by anyone, respected Archbishops included. I think in general people occasionally do this, but someone who understands God (in as much as anyone can) will know to do so is a terrible thing indeed.

2 Responses to “Tutu says he cannot worship ‘homophobic’ God”

  1. 1 Paul Taylor July 27, 2013 at 11:47 am

    procreation requires men and women. personally i have zero interest in religion regarding it is a giant red herring that diverts people from common sense. yes it may be comforting in the manner of a dummy in a babys mouth. however its also a load of nonsense that is about faith rather than reason

    unfortunately people who believe in God or show interest in the opinions of celebrity religious personalities like Tutu or the CIA asset the Dalal Lama lose credibility with me.

    there is no evidence at all for God, it is a conceit dreamed up by the authorities to get us to comply with injustice. that applies to all varirties of God. It is a lie, it is untrue and anyway its all unknowable

    please lets focus on objective realities and leave ‘God’ out of it

    • 2 lwtc247 July 27, 2013 at 3:26 pm

      The danger about posting anything about God is, that people who believe there isn’t a God try (voluntarily or otherwise) to bring it to a debate as to His existence. I thought it would happen here.

      God IS the point. God tells us He made man and Djinn for no other purpose than to worship him. That’s it. It’s why we are here.

      Well, I would say there is evidence. The Qur’an, the lives of the prophets, the miracles of Jesus etc. All that plus contemplation of life, consciousness the universe and the stunning natural world IMHO lead one conclude there is a God. Whether one accepts them as evidence is a different matter

      Anyway, the above isn’t the purpose of this post, which is to point out Mr Tutu wrong doing here. He’s doing the well known ‘trap’ of looking at God with the prism of man’s (mis)understanding. It seems like he’s innovating in the faith, and if so, that’s plain wrong.

      There are lot of mindless morons who are religionists, but they are this way in-spite of religion, not because of it. Deviating from the religion or manipulating it naturally makes one fall into error.

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