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J7 Truth… ‘pooof’

I find it strange at how many of those J7T (one branch of the J7 Truth movement)
[p.s. (attempted TM pending)] all seem to have vanished in late 2011.

Is it a case of mission accomplished?

Can I have an Islamic Caliphate please? Certainly Sir, which one?

It is a strong theme with me, that I want an Islamic Caliphate. A single Islamic authority that steers 1/6 the worlds population along the successful path, facilitating the implementation a single Shariah in all “countries” (for want of a better word – I don’t believe in ‘nation states’) and good advice is given (and followed) by Muslims who are not in Islamic countries.

The Caliphate being fed by true scholars – altruistic men (and probably women) of great wisdom exercising utmost honesty and uncompromising truth (quite unlike many of today’s rather disgraceful spineless coward “scholars” and “leaders”).

Essentially, a Caliphate that yields a long utopian golden age, where the demonstrable beauty of Islam pulls the hearts of billions more to agree to submit to Islams calling.

But what of the these “Syrian Rebels” and “Jihadists” in Syria They want this too right?

Well, from what I’ve seen, I have to say, their Caliphate is a touch different from the one I envisage.

Theirs seems to be an “Islam” that goes something like this: whatever the gun touting yobs, like drifting pack dogs, in your immediate area at the time happen to want it to be, where the dogs instantly assess whether a crime has been committed, dogs that instantly assess the legal case, and dogs that instantly decide upon the ruling, and dogs that instantly dish out judgement, which strangely always seems to involve throats and knives, or a gun; Caesar like, thumbs up or thumbs down. And to those that don’t conform to their ideas of what “Sunni Islam” peasant should be, then it’s an automatic thumbs down.

It’s as if the soul of Pol Pot has escaped the grave and weaselled its way into the psyche of these “rebels”, who I guess could therefore be termed ‘Potties”.

It is quite astonishing to see how some of the most prominent of “Syrian Rebels” are so opposite to my understandings and hope for what would be the re-emergence of Islam under a rightly guided Caliphate.

Someone must be wrong, unless it’s simply a case of these “rebels” believing the ends justify the means, and that to them the savageness is OK – just a temporary blip – an ‘unfortunate burden’ which all tyrants have no choice but to reluctantly take on.

Perhaps these kinds of “jihadis” are simply mindless morons who believe because they are carrying out “Gods work” they somehow have a special right to determine life and death (something I suspect ins’t unknown amongst them) – a licence to kill Yes, perhaps that’s it, perhaps these “jihadi’s” have wannabe James Bond image of themsleves and have to prove their “manhood”.

Of course, they could just simply be ZioNATO puttets

Or both!


I think it’s unquestionable that the evil forces of Zion are the only ones that benefiting from this, and should the rebels succeed in their tyrranization of Syria [Hafez Al-Assad’s tyranny is incomparable], then the pan-Zionist alliance will benefit again.

But it seems the exponential path of their own defeat is now being traversed, and I can’t say I am that sorry that this slander against jihad has ‘defeat’ written all over it, etching that resemble those on the unfortunate souls whose bodies these ‘rebels’ have mutilated.

Syria has once again shown in the open the obnoxious “western” states for the scum they are but also the dire Zionist rats leaders cloaking themselves with an Islamic burqa, states like Egypt (under Morsi and the Egyptian Army), Turkey, Saud occupied Arabia and Qatar.

Allah’s justice will come.


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