Zion Attacks !!!

But not if you read the disgraceful reporting on the BBC.

To the BBC which claims impartiality/neutrality, as uncannily does “fair and balanced” FOX News, the Zionist macabre love of killing Palestinians is only ever mentioned in terms of Palestinian “militants” killed or “Israeli strikes”  – and here we get to the crux – in retaliation to rocket fire.

Over the lst few days especially, the BBC has always made it out as though Zionist Israel only responds to violence by the Palestinians as first aggressors. Claims that are of course ridiculous.

Hugh Tisdale - They stole my land, burnt my olive trees...

Zionists are always the defenders, never the seeders of death and destruction.

Aah, the fabled Zionist reality inversion strikes again.

It is incredible that the BBC’s pro Zionist bias has been exposed very well over the last decade or so yet it has provided no change at all and the BBC cum BBZ continues to pump out the utter lies and distortions again and again.

I remember some time back George Galloway said words to the effect of: If an Iraqi whose family had been killed by bliar’s lies retaliated and tried to kill Bliar or his family, then it would be justified.

Similarly, I think one could make a case for legitimacy of a victim of the BBC’s propaganda to attack the BBC given its contributory role in the gross oppression and suffering of various peoples across the world, including Palestinians, Arabs and Persians – especially Muslims ones in particular or even Russians.

In fact that logic was used by Clinton and bLiar when NATO attacked a TV station in the former Yugoslavia.

Oh how I look forward to the passing of the BBC Newz (“Newz” because it certainly ain’t ‘News’). But it will always go on, won’t it? Because it’s purpose is to serve the nauseating pro-Zionist British establishment, britain is the mother of Zionist entity known as Israel.

6 Responses to “Zion Attacks !!!”

  1. 1 spencer burrows July 9, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    ah the BBC too busy fucking kids that lot, oh and those insidiously corrupt politicians, investigating their own relatives. oh if you know of any radicals Owen Patterson MP voted for the illegal invasion and occupations and every bombing campaign going in the muslim world.

  2. 2 xeliffelix July 9, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    lwtc – drK at nodisinfo.com is doing some excellent work regarding these attacks, in addition to so many other faked events by the Zionists in recent and not so recent times. He calls a spade a spade and can see hoaxers and fakers a mile off. The job of the BBC and its US equivalents is to give oxygen to these species.

  3. 3 lwtc247 July 12, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks xeliffelix.
    I’ve had a look at that site. Quite interesting and more, shall we say, “upmarket” than aangirfan.
    I notice MH370 is featured there too. But I still don’t see anyone suggesting the most likely explanation as to what happened IF it simply didn’t innocently crash. It certainty does appear from where I’m standing that the search and rescue operation was deliberately crap (no apparent help from Boeing or the ‘in your face’ USans either). It looks like it was deliberately conducted as as designed so as NOT to find anything within the 30 day period period that the black boxes would be transmitting location pings,

    Well back to the topic of Zion massacring more Palestinians…

    The obnoxious BBC has today been labelling it as Israyhell and the Palestinians ‘trading’ attacks and maintaining the sustained the campaign to make it look like tit for tat, anonymousing the Palestinian dead and playing up the ‘rockets’ as though there were on a par with ISrayhells US paid for weaponry and so forth.

    I really hope that wnen Scotland becomes independent that the increasingly ridiculous Alex Salmond’s rule will rapidly pass and a real Scots nationalist (whose values over time haven’t eroded to the Westmonster club will sieze BBC assets in Scotland and ensure a Scots broadcasting service when covering the protracted Holocaust of the Palestinians so that people, including the English dissidents, would be proud of. Well, one can dream.

    • 4 xeliffelix July 12, 2014 at 8:50 pm

      There will be no Scottish independence – the London controlled MSM will kindly propagate the necessary scare stories close to the “free” election, as indeed they are already doing.

      aangirfan is cut and paste; nodisinfo tells it like it is: Occam’s razor says it’s a hoax anywhere in the vicinity of GWOT, AlQ, Gun control….all we have to go on are photos, videos and “witness”s statements all through the discredited MSM It is our duty to call all these events fakes, hoaxes and psy-ops. Nodisinfo does a grand job.

      • 5 lwtc247 July 13, 2014 at 5:01 pm

        You’re probably right. Bonnie Scotland is probably not going to be able to breakaway from the English cuckoo in the nest. Why allow the possibility by holding the referendum in the first place if there was a chance it could break away? But I’ll hold onto the slim possibility for now – despite Salmond throwing away >80% of independence by agreeing to tie Scotland to the Bank of England. The stupid tit.

        I appreciate nodisinfo’s effort, but honestly speaking, I find analysis of digitally snapped pictures which are likely to be compressed, and resized which appear on the internet not particularly convincing. But perhaps that’s my minority view. If I was certain the pics nodisinfo discusses are originals, then that would be slightly better.

        What rings my bell a little bit bit more, are the obviously false things our fantastic leaders say and the ends their filthy words attempt to achieve, spell achieve, in transit or their terminus, plus the assistance the get from the corporate MSM.

        I’m not dismissing false flags, how could I after 911 (and 77), or even in some cases Manchurian candidate like / MKUltra ‘mind control’, but my thoughts are currently that it simply easier to manipulate events (MSM again) rather than always create them from scratch.

        E.g. The Woolwich attack. I find it hard to believe two men would be willing to face a life in jail over a ‘fake’ killing. Of course they could be sipping coconut on the beaches of Hawaii right now c/o herr mudjesties intelligence services, and the news we are getting about them being in jail is nonsense, but as you point out yourself, Occams razor suggests they did kill some soldier and it was exploited by the rotten establishment to the hilt.

        But it’s hard to know really.

        What I am certain of is that we are bring ruled by psychopaths that simply cannot appreciate the misery they inflict or have much notion (if any) what what they do is evil.

  4. 6 lwtc247 July 12, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Indeed that all this kiddie fiddling took place within the BBC and yet it remained secret is very suspect. But the links between the UK establishment and its cherished propaganda outlet (along with the various spy agencies and of course the police force) is probably there to some degree – to facilitate this.

    Clark, on the Craig Murray thread I mentioned previously, said it’s all about Control. Perhaps there’s only a certain amount of kiddie fiddling that can take place within one institution before it fills up and needs to move elsewhere. And hey, the BBC is a great place to make a torture/rape child paedophilia snuff movie. Professionals and high tech equipment etc…

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