The UK police seem to be more and more hated.

There’s numerous evidence in the web of UK police intimidating people and abusing their station.

I’ve come across some of Independent news media by “Subject Access” { } who live-streams and afterwards posts videos of small demonstrations in London. The latest one was uploaded Sat 27th Feb 2021. The end of the video is quite distressing seeing that high reverse arm lock the police are forcing upon some defenseless small woman pinned to the ground. (I would fast-forward past all the music bit 8m to about 51m)

The contempt people have for the police is telling, and I think it’s only getting worse.

I am not the least bit surprised.

We even now have police saying that being offensive is a criminal act. { }

The UK is a society in a state of progressive rot, and kept in this direction by the usual cowards who will just take whatever they are given and by police who lie and twist the law in order to get their way. Those police are actually a danger to those police that use common sense and decency towards the people they are there to protect (yes, I know that’s just a slogan to pacify}. My hat’s off to the Londoners (note how few wear masks – a stance I personally disagree with) who stand up to these bullies.

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