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RT’s Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments




I have just followed up a link to a Rachel North ‘exposed’ website. The link was posted on StefZ’s website and points here:

There is text there taken from a blog post I made about Rachel North.

One bit that I instantly recognised was this

Jon then talks to Rachel North. Rachel recounts of her experience in the bomb train (Piccadilly line) which she boarded at Finsbury park. Rachel says “I felt this huge {pause} POWER smashing me to the floor.”

Ooooh Rachel that was close. Were the words ‘heat blast’ or ‘fireball’ on the tip of your tongue then? Rachel, do be careful. Remember, there’s a conspiracy to ignore.

But wait, what’s this? Rachel says “The air was thick with smoke” Hummm. Interesting. SMOKE. Something’s burning right? What causes smoke? Heat or fire, for example incendiaries – incendiary explosives. Why and I talking about fireballs, smoke and incendiaries? Well, because TATP, the supposed explosive used, doesn’t give off flames or significant heat when it explodes. Oh dear Rachel…. I’m not saying your lying,

It comes from my post entitled:


“Mad yelling wild eyed loons.”

by lwtc247 @ 18. Jun 2007 – 05:38:42

on my blog.

I want to say: I have nothing to do with that rachel-north-liar-and-charletane blog at all. Even if the author/s of rachel-north-liar-and-charletane share exactly the same opinions as me, or otherwise, I don’t want people using what I write of think about her, to be spun into some kind of critique that my words not meant for.

My views on RN are perfectly clear. I am not ashamed for thinking what I do about her. I have written how I feel about her and directly to her (waiting now to hear back from her saying she’s never ever commnicated with me – as she does) But I don’t like the way my comments are used on that website. I am also perfectly willing to junk my opinion of her should I come across information which shows my current belief about her to be wrong. {been waiting a long long time!}

If my comments were referenced to my website and it was clear my commentary was my own opinion at the time of writing, then fine… but it doesn’t.

It gives the impression I am a co-author or contributor or in some way connected to that site which I am not.

There. The record is put straight.

Here’s a comment I just sent them:

You have lifed text from my website about Rachel North (e.g. when she talks with Jon Ronson about the explosion on ‘her’ carraige) and woven them into your website as if it is your own work.

Whether or not I share the same opinion Re: Rachel North as you do. I do not want you to use my stuff unreferenced and in this fashion.

Please quote me and make sure you state what I write is my personal opinion about Rachel.

<a href=””>lwtc247</a>

21:19 BST (my computer time) 05-July-08

Rachel on the latest 7/7 trial



Yet another thing I very much dislike stemming from her blogging fingers, is her implicit slurr that people who WEREN’T ABLE to get to court to see the latest 7/7 CCTV imagery somehow couldn’t be bothered. Characteristic of her, and damn annoying. She probably knows it – perhaps why she keeps repreating it over and over and over and over and over and over again..

However she does have a seemingly relevant question. Why are the defence NOT contesting that the 4 alleged 7/7 bombers did it. Well, it’s not long before one can provide a plausible answer to that. Some Judges won’t allow certain approaches of a legal defence. Perhaps the defence were briefed as to what line they could or could not pursue.

Secondly, The defence may have thought: to take the possible (IMO probable) conspiracy face on, would be seen in the minds of the jury (or trial Judge – I don’t know the system employed here) as ‘diversionary’ or would carry some other negativism – especially if the defence thought the jury were of an initially skeptical mindset towards the non-official 7/7 conspiracy.

The Peter Power issue has not been debunked IMO because Power was never interviewed as part of a Criminal Investigation. Until investigated, the police should NOT have ruled out the possibility that in some way, “same stations, same times” Power has some kind of connection to the bombs, either directly or an employee passing on information onto the ‘bombers’ (assuming they did it). There would only THREE reasons why he would NOT be interviewed:

1) Police Incompetency (They are very incompetent at times, but unlikely forgetful-incompetency is not likely here)

2) They know Power/Powers company is not a part of it. (Impossible to make this conclusion in the ABSENCE of that criminal investigation)

3) There is some kind a connection between Power or Powers company to the bombers but it’s being covered up.

Which I ask you is most likely? (If you can think of any more, please drop me a line)

Power issue debunked?  I don’t bloody well think so.


Her blog is here:


2 other pages of note from R on this topic…
1] Monday, April 14, 2008
Title: Nick Kollerstrom, mainstay of the ‘truth movement’ is a holocaust denier
a.k.a The Holocaust denier cum ‘anti-semetic card’ is played early. A well used tool employed by some of the non-Blair watching “Blairwatch”ers

Title links to:

Rachel leaves another link in that post, pointing to:
2] Next – Off to Kingston for day 2 of the trial


James (Jamie) Bulger

Dear sweet James (Jamie) Bulger


Update 26 Aug 2010.
I found this link speculating on their identity: James Bulger: Bulger’s killers Jon Venables & Robert Thompson (photos) by photos it means old well known photos.

U’pdate: Saturday 6th March 2010 (evening): So, Venables’ offence was “a serious sexual offence” (caveat: so says ‘The ‘Sun’). So, as was 100% blindingly obvious, allowing him to have his liberty means he can at anytime, once again, take away the liberty of others. Lock the scumbag in Jail. Come on you worm of a newspaper, publish, publish publish and pay the stupid fine after.


Update: Saturday 6th March 2010 (afternoon):

Jack Straw is set to Meet Jamie’s mum; After how many days since Venables was taken back into custody? And latest reports say that Straw won’t tell Jamie’s mum why he was taken in. So it looks very much like Jack Straw is using Jamie for public relations – a political human shield if you will. If I’m right, it’s utterly obnoxious. Although this Jack Straw we are talking about. Straw like Thompson and Venables (T&V) is a murderer himself, the polynomial victims used to live within different borders that’s all. Actually Straw is worse – he’s a multiple offender and some of his victims were still in the womb, and Straw is supposed to have an adult sense of conscience and morality. T, V and Straw, birds of a feather….  Is there nothing Orwellian about Jack Straw?

How confident can one be that Thompson and Venables (T&V) are being watched so closely that it is very unlikely they will kill again? As confident that you were before Venables was taken back into custody?

Surely it’s not possible to keep an eye on them and what of the cost? I don’t mind paying for justice, but I do mind paying for injustice.

What if their adulthood they are irresolvable psychotic. I alluded to this in the main article, but if their minds are death bent and we know some peoples minds are then all they need is a brief moment, like the couple of seconds they had in The Strand shopping complex in Bootle. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give that line of reasoning much thought but why on earth are T&V not amongst the Geoffrey Dharma’s of this world? Because they are British? But the main reason I’m sticking with this line is simply because those two have horrible proved even though they were 10years old (I have memories of being 10 – I did some bad things then and I did them consciously – being influenced isn’t any excuse)

Surely if their life licence (a most bizarre term of atheistic fantasy) involves them having to visit a social worker / parole officer or check into a police station, it’s not likely the frequency of visits would be so high in order to avoid arousing suspicion. It seems likely to me T&V would be living close to the ‘life licence’ officer, rather than for that officer to have to travel to see T&V and to cut costs, I imagine a number of these ‘life licence’ criminals are concentrated in an area near to where the officer is located. It’s likely therefore to be a city or reasonably sized town so the individuals can insulate themselves somewhat to hide their deadly crimes, but it’s in a city that they are most likely to get involved with or carry out serious crimes if they so chose, and as the city/town was designed to given them a reasonable {Ed: unreasonable actually} degree of anonymity then they have a greater chance of getting way with it.

One would hope these killers are tagged, but that does not prevent crime and I have doubts as the effectiveness of tagging anyway from hazy memories of reading an article saying they can get out of the tag.

Stick the killers in Jail. It’s where they belong and means the UK populace aren’t paying to maintain the liberty of these nasty and freakish savages.

Boomeranging back to Straw, he contradicted Home Secretary Alan Johnson who said not just Jamie’s parents had a right to know the reasons for the re-incarceration but the whole public. Johnson’s right, but who cares about that? Certainly not Jack Straw. reports The Daily Mail writing that rumour mill is in gear. That’s quite natural, given the government have a bent for hiding stuff from us that we’d really like to know about. Heck, even Host of ‘the politics show’ Andrew Neil could see that in the episode with complementary creeps Michael Gove and Tessa Jowell both of them were spouting NeoLabour drivel (surely you realised red and blue are NeoLabour – oui???). We’ve been treated by these politicians saying the fact he was recalled proves the life licence works. Really? It worked so well that it stopped him from doing something that would have seen him taken back into custody? Errrmmm!… Idiot British politicians repeating what they believe is the party line – a keen eye on career progression. How blessed we are to have these “intellectual fortresses” sincerely representing us.

And if T&V did kill again wouldn’t it be in the interests of people like Judge ____ (Woolf?) {who said they should be freed at 21 years of age}, and Jack Straw {who keeps their identity secret}, to stop any T&V repeat murder to come out thereby avoiding accusations of (criminal) negligence?

These Killers should have their Identity EXPOSED and be offered the chance to show remorse.

Interestingly, in the past, cases where young men were suspected (and subsequently convicted) of killing kids, they were thought to thought to be Thompson and/or Venables e.g. Dante Arthurs [wiki] who the Australian authorities were said to be acting unusually hush-hush and Sean Walsh  [wiki] Imagine these men were innocent yet were killed by the actions of a vigilante before their trial on the basis they were T or V. Not far fetched if you read about them.

Even more interesting is how did the Australian and Irish police know they weren’t T&V? Someone talked that’s why. Why then are Jamie’s parents NOT informed about these nasty killers. Remember if they are being watched closely then T&V are safe – Right???


Just found this Re: Sean Walsh:

MURDERED toddler Jamie Bulger’s distraught mum says she CANNOT be sure evil Sean Walsh’s boast he killed her son is NOT true. Sick Walsh claimed his real name is Robert Thompson and he was sent to live in Ireland under a false identity given to him on the orders of an English court. And now Jamie’s mum Denise, 38, is tortured by doubt and wants the Irish Government to open its files on Walsh. In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sunday Mirror, Denise, who in now remarried, said: ‘ “Walsh looks so much like Thompson it is uncanny.

Sept 2004. Denise acting on a tip-off from an anonymous source that helped her locate Thompson. Upon seeing him, she was “paralysed with hatred” and was unable to confront him. Then Around may 2006 she said of Sean Walsh “”Walsh looks so much like Thompson it is uncanny.” We have an idea what Thompson actually looks like. Although Denise was reported in the same article as saying “”So many crazy things have happened in this case > that it would not surprise me if Walsh did turn out to be Thompson.” So I don’t think she does think Sean Walsh is Robert Thompson. Source:


Jack Straw: “I was however very anxious that the victim’s family should know that he was being recalled before they found it out from the newspapers.” Read more: Yet HERE, Jamie’s mum, is reported thusly: “Mrs Fergus told the Daily Mail she was angry that the Parole Board had not told her that her son’s murderer had been returned to custody. She said the authorities had broken their promise to keep her informed.”

Oh Jack, you old prune, can’t you be truthful about anything? No wonder you were with fellow Blair for so long.


Uodate: 3rd March 2010. Hasn’t any (feeble) arguement that Killer Jon Venables be granted anonymity now finally been squashed with his offending and recall to remand/prison? Yes, of course it has. What is the stupid “establishment” doing about it? Why keeping quiet of course. Disgraceful. READ the BBC article HERE. In that BBC report,  Alan Johnson said there was a “WORLDWIDE INJUNCTION” on JON VENABLES ON HIS NEW IDENTITY.” << That’s Bullshit, surely?! And the usually frustrating Jack Straw is there, quelle surprize. It is 100% in the publics interest to expose these killers. I hope they are exposed. I still can’t imagine the pain of Jamies parents. what they are being put through every day is undescribable.  Tell his partents WHY this killer has been recalled. Jamies dad: (original post date: 2008/12/22/  06:35)

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 1)

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 2 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 3 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 4 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 5 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 6 )

4-Mar-09 Update: This article is frequently one of my most viewed posts, which brings me much joy. Joy bcasuse it means people are remembering dear little James, and new younger people are getting to know about him. I know a little boy who reminds me a lot of James.

Today as a man, I am very much different to what I was when a boy.

I look back with much regret and some shame at the things I did, but I wasn’t anything near as like the sick, murdering pieces of scum like Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Have these people (if that word is applicable) actually changed and realised the sheer horror and inhumane cruel wickedness of their past heir ways?

Guess what?

Nobody really knows [URGENT UPDATE: Having read the wikipedia entry about these two killers, I got the feeling these sick bastards should NEVER be released.

“On the ‘Tonight’ programme, screened on Britain’s ITV1 in December 2008, police officers who worked on the case revealed that Venables and Thompson had made several attempts throughout the day of 12 February 1993 to abduct a child. They were seen on the shopping centre’s CCTV casually observing other children, selecting a target.

Before the abduction in the shopping centre, the boys had attempted to walk off with another child. They were overheard in a store talking about “taking one of the two” and the mother of the two children thought they were attempting to steal some goods. It was later reported by one of the boys that they were planning to take one of the two children, lead them outside and push the child in front of the passing cars causing an accident on the busy road. One officer commented that Bulger’s killing was not simply an opportunist crime: it had been systematically planned. “They knew exactly what they were doing. They had planned… from the outset… to go and kill a young boy.”source ]

What follows is an e-mail from a friend and it contains information I’d didn’t know and it rips yet another tear into my soul.

Should these people ever be allowed to go free? Actually, becasue they were boys when they acted like little satans and now they (may) have a developed conscience and awareness of the meaning if life, I lean towards thinking they should be allowed to go free. – BUT AFTER READING THE INFO I SHARED IN THE URGENT UPDATE, THAT LEANING HAS GONE!.

But what if they still the disgusting evil little killers are now of simply disgusting evil large killers ?

That’s a big dilemma.

If they are to be freed, one thing is for sure, where ever it is they go, the people in the local area should know exactly who they are, and what they did.

Giving then a new anonymous identity is NOT the answer and ridicules the killing of poor Jamie Bulger May God have rest his soul.

For His Memory

Do you remember February 1993 in England , when a
Young boy of 3 was taken from a Liverpool shopping
Centre by two 10-year-old boys?
Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only
A second, Jon Venables took his hand and led him out
Of the mall with his friend Robert Thompson. They took
Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the
Way stopping every now and again to
Torture the poor little boy who was crying
Constantly for his mummy.

Finally they stopped at a railway track where they
Brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint
In his eyes, pushed batteries up his anus and cut his
Fingers off with scissors. Other mutilations were
Inflicted but not reported in the press.

N.B. :- Remember, a 3year old cannot possibly
Defend themselves against a 10 year old, let alone of 2 them.

What these two boys did was so horrendous that
Jamie’s mother was forbidden to identify his body.
They then left his beaten small body on railway
Tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess
They had created. These two boys, even being boys,
Understood what they did was wrong, hence trying to
Make it look like an accident.

This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss has awarded
The two boys ( now men ), anonymity for the rest of
Their lives when they leave custody with new
Identities. They will also leave custody early only
Serving just over half of their sentence.
They are being relocated to Australia to live out
The rest of their lives. They disgustingly and
Violently took Jamie’s life away and in return they
Each get a new life!

Please…. . If you feel as strongly as we do, (
And if you haven’t already signed this petition ) that
This is a grave Miscarriage of justice – Hit the
Forward button and add your name at the end, and send
It to everyone you can !

If you are the 700th person to sign, please
Forward this e-mail to:
And  mark it for the attention to Lady Justice Butler-Sloss.

Then continue on until it hits 1400, before you
Email her the list again.

There is power in numbers & these petitions do help.
Maybe it’ll prevent another child from a violent
Death & maybe it’ll get greater, more appropriate
Convictions for these criminals.whatever their age.

Please take a few seconds to forward it to your
Mail list & don’t forget to add your name to the list.

Thank you.

1. M & L. Grisold, Wantirna; Australia
2. J Lever, Ferntree Gully; Australia
3. G Tsakalofas. Melbourne ; Australia
4. D. Barrett, Frankston; Australia
5. C. Burns, Diamond Creek , Australia
6. R. Pascoe, Diamond Creek , Australia
7.M Swinkels, Montmorency , Australia
8. C Harris, Cottlesbridge , Australia
9. L Anderson, Hurstbridge , Australia
10. C Thomas, Port Melbourne , Australia
11. P Marks, Port Melbourne , Australia
12. C Giles, Elwood , Australia
13. A Stedman Mckinnon, Australia
14. S Colquhoun, Camberwell , Australia
15. J Sutherland, East StKilda , Australia
16. L Brannan, St Kilda , Australia
17. K Lane , Merrijig , Australia
18. C Luckham, Brisbane , Australia
19. M Porter, Ballina , Australia
20.T Benton, Sydney , Australia
21. C Conti, Canberra , Australia
22. S Cox, Canberra , Australia
23. V Burdett, Canberra , Australia
24. K Glanville, Canberra , Australia
25. M Ryan, Wagga Wagga , Australia
26. I Ryan, Wagga Wagga , Australia
27. M Glanville, Cootamundra , Australia
28. P Glanville, Cootamundra , Australia
29. M.Schafer, Ardlethan , Australia
30. A&M Connellan, West Wyalong , Australia
31. G & T Robertson, Griffith , Australia
32. R& E Naidoo, Griffith , NSW, Australia
33. Carissa Naidoo, Griffith , NSW, Australia
34. Sue Nand, Coleambally , Australia
35. Kathie Okely, Morundah , Australia
36. Maureen Streeter, Fairfield , NSW Australia
37. Kristy Sutton, Campbelltown, NSW Australia
38. Mindy Kleinraby, NSW, Australia
39. Sarah Field, Ingleburnnse , Australia
40. Jane Grahame, Glen Alpine, NSW, Australia
41. Luke Briggs Ruse NSW, Australia
42. Colleen Bushe Blair Athol, NSW, Australia
43. Megan Bushe Ruse, NSW, Australia
44. Beryl Henneberry, Croydon Park , Australia
45. Michelle Henneberry, Croydon Park , Australia
46. Didier Joseph, Wattle Grove , Australia
47. Natalie Loos, Greenacre , Australia
48. Denham Holmes, Narellan , Australia
49. Lyn Cole, Kirkham , Australia
50. Steve Cole, Kirkham , Australia
51. Robyn Lyons, Condell Park , Australia
52. Lauren Cole, Kirkham , Australia
53. Y. Porcic, Preston , Australia
54. S Hour, Wetherill Park , Australia
55. L.Britton, Werrington, N.S.W., Australia
56. A.Gosper, Cranebrook, N.S.W., Australia
57. S Watts, Cambridgepark, NSW, Australia
58. L. Seymour , Werrington, NSW, Australia
59. T Johnson, St Marys, NSW, Australia
60. K McDermott, South Penrith, NSW, Australia
61. D Kemenade, Oakhurst, NSW, Australia
62. M. Springfield , Orchard Hills, NSW, Australia
63. D Domotor Penrith, NSW, Australia
64. N Pereira Mulgoa, NSW, Australia
65. B Johnson, Glenmore Park , NSW, Australia
66. V Karam Yagoona, NSW, Australia
67. S Karam, Yagoona, NSW, Australia
68. A Hvistendahl, Ryde, NSW, Australia
69. D Stern, Cammeray, NSW, Australia
70. S Devlin, Campsie, NSW, Australia
71. Alicia Gordon, Springwood, NSW, Australia
72. Anthea Popis, Blaxland, NSW, Australia
73. Kylie Rummler, Emu Heights , NSW, Australia
74. Janene Jennings, Blaxland, NSW, Australia
75. Rachel Laidlaw, Picnic Point, NSW, Australia
76. Lauen King, Chipping Norton, NSW, Australia
77. Natalie Zlotkowski, Cronulla, NSW, Australia
78. Nicole Hooper, Bexley , Australia
79. Jasmin Prior Carlton , NSW, Australia
80. Belinda Cornwall, Kogarah, NSW, Australia
81. Rebecca Richardson, Carlton , NSW, Australia
82. Margaret Ferguson, Tarago, NSW, Australia
83. Jan Finlayson, Nicholls , Australia
84. Matt Brown, Dunlop , Australia
85. Sara Brown, Dunlop , Australia
86.. Maria Hall, ACT, Australia
87. Julia Tallarida, ACT, Australia
88. Julie McMahon, ACT, Australia
89. Julie Larkin ACT, Australia
90. Heidi Back, Isle of Wight , UK
91. Pat Woodford, Isle of Wight , UK
92. Alison Bell, Tauranga, NZ
93. Nilima D’Silva, Auckland , NZ
94. Puspa Patel, Auckland , NZ
95. Manisha Rama, Rotorua, NZ
96. Carolyn Bosley, Rotorua, NZ
97. Marie Dennis, Rotorua, NZ
98. Sharon Watt, Hamilton, NZ
99. Leona Krusza, Emu Plains, NSW, Australia
100. Feona Westwood, Palmerston Nth, NZ
101. T. Garnham, Rotorua, NZ
102. B. Garnham, Rotorua, NZ
103. J.L. Chrystie, Rotorua,NZ
104. A.C. Chrystie, Rotorua, NZ
105. Marika Pollard, Te Awamutu, NZ
106. Angela Barras, Hamilton, NZ
107. Gillian Jackson, Ngaruawahia, NZ
108. Justine Hinton, Ngaruawahia, NZ
109. Ailsha Saxon, QLD, Australia
110. Stephen Davis, QLD, Australia
111. C McPherson NZ
112. I. McPherson UK
113. Karen Tipping, London , UK
114. Louise Nicholson, Taupo, NZ
115. Carmelle Schofield , Scotland , UK
116. Carol Blake, Taupo, NZ
117. Mike Headland, The Hague , NL
118. Theresa Mcmillan, Leicester , UK
119. Steve Mcmillan, Leicester , UK
120. Michelle Tyrrell , UK
121. Susan Moore , UK
122. Elizabeth Gibson , UK
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124. Sally Bersey UK
125. Sally Anne Bersey UK
126. Kelly Laird UK
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128. Holly Richardson UK
129. Shelley Townsend , UK
130. Hannah Thompson UK
131. Cathy Steyn, JNB RSA
132.Doreen Beck, JNB RSA
133. Ruth Carson
134. Shaun Beck
135. Charise Beck
136. Sonja Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
137. Chris Ralph JHB RSA
138.Freddie Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
139. Egbert Bosman, JHB, RSA
140. Soekie Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
141. Melanie Oosthuizen, JHB, RSA
142. Renee Swanepoel, JHB, RSA
143. Esmerelda Johnson, JHB, RSA
144. Eric Johnson, JHB, RSA
145. Jan Fourie, JHB, RSA
146. M. Petersen, JHB, RSA
148. T Bernard JHB-South Africa
149. Diane Cooper – South Africa
150. Sheila Mallett – South Africa
151. Lisa Pienaar – South Africa
152. Angela Dargan – Essex , UK
153. Gemma Bashford – Essex , UK
154. Hayley Sheppey – Essex , UK
155. Zoe Locke – Essex , UK
156. Lisa Flint – Essex , UK
157. Michelle Tindall, Essex , UK
158. Alan Pease, Essex , UK
159. Susan Reed, Essex , UK
160. Nina Stearn, Bournemouth , UK
161. Marie Lesson, Poole , UK
162.Debbie Molony, Chippenham , UK
163. Sarah Mitchell, Calne , UK
164. Donna Parsons, Palomares , Spain
165. Bree Barnes, Brisbane , Australia
166. Joanne Foley, Brisbane , Australia
167. Anna Stevens , Australia
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182. Julie Halliday , Great Britain
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196. I Eaton, Cyprus
197 simon bromley
198 K Lees, Cyprus .
199 louise phipps, leeds england
200 dave yates. england
201 Natasha Yates, England
202. Noveeda Mahmood – England
203. Ebrahim Ravat – UK
204 Lisa Stanhope uk
205 Theresa Laycock uk
206 Darren Laycock uk
207 Brian Hale Uk
208 Lily Paterson
209 Tommy Ewan
210 Cliff Morton – UK
211 Elaine Sheridan UK
212 Karen Cunningham UK
213 Michelle Deadman UK
215 Steph Birch Corby
216 Colette McGivern Corby UK
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219 Gary Parker Corby UK
220 Kylie Konarczak UK
221 j konarczak uk
222 J. Holloway
223 Dick Walmsley
224 Mike Knowles UK
225 Julie Knowles UK
226 Peter Dean UK
227 Diana Dean UK
228 Hugh Jury Masterton NZ
229 Gina Kerr NZ Having young children of my own reading what was done to this innocent boy makes me ill. The world deserves protecting from these now adult psychos and you are hiding their identity. Sorry but Lady Justice Butler-Sloss you are a DISGRACE.
230 Dave Neilson, Wanganui, NZ – Makes one wonder what is our world coming to?
231 Alan Davis, Wanganui, NZ
232 Rodney Tuaoi, Wanganui, NZ
233 Carmel Pompey, Marton, NZ
234 Venka Howes Wanganui NZ
235 Brian Howes Wanganui NZ
236 Megan Howes Pahiatua NZ
237 Dave Wild Pahiatua NZ
238 Paytan Howes Pahiatua NZ
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240 Emma Collins Wanganui NZ
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242 Gary Collins Wanganui NZ
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245 Kim Everson Auckland NZ
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251 Judith Anne Cossey – Auckland – NZ
252 Arthur Richardson – Eltham – NZ
253 Francie Richardson – Eltham NZ
254 Helen Cheyne – Inglewood NZ
255 Val Hutchinson – Waitara NZ
256 Carolyn Phelan – New Plymouth NZ
257 Brenda Phelan – Melbourne Australia
258 Kaylene Thomas- Melbourne Australia
259 Pamela Pawlowski – Rowville Australia
260 Fivy Taweel – Mt Waverley Australia
261 Linda Hollingworth – Rowville Australia
262 Rosie Walter – Wantirna VIC Australia
263 Kellie Graham – Wheelers Hill Vic Australia
264 Bob Saniga – St.Andrews Vic Australia
265 Tony Howe – Bedfordshire UK
266 Barry Dean – Hertfordshire UK
267 Sue Dean – Hertfordshire UK
268 Deb Hunt -Hertfordshire UK
269 Peter White- Hertfordshire
270 Chris Romain – Surrey UK
271 Martin Baxter – Surrey UK
272 Iain Mills – Suffolk UK (plus children)
273 Adam Hart – London UK
274 Claire Steele – London UK
275 Mandy O’Hara – UK
276 Jadene Lister – UK
277 Lynsey Earle – UK
278 Maureen Earle – UK
279 Lorraine Randles UK
280 Stephen Hall UK
281 John Seymour
282 Heather Seymour – UK Our son is the same age as Jamie would be & his plight hit us hard, sinced then we have both been active in the scout movement to ensure kids have something constructive to do with their lives!
283 Marie Rowley, UK .
284 Powell family X4 UK
285 Ann Marie Whitehead
286 Mark Whitehead
287 Jan and Phil Astbury
288 Lynda Greenwood Robinson
289 Kathi Willson LEEDS UK
290 john rowley
291 Dave Edwards UK
292 Bill Farrow UK
293 Knocker Shields UK
294 Chris Hooker Can
295 Jean Rigby Can
296 Yvonne Morland, Essex. England .
297 Helen Morland, Bedfordshire, uk
298 Joby Humm, Essex UK
299 Vivien Wright, Suffolk, UK
300 April Childs, Essex UK
301 Kim Adams, Florida, USA
302 Sandra Lloyd Shropshire UK- a horrendous crime. 3 mothers lost their boys that day.
303 Dave & Pauline Tremellen, Shropshire, UK
304 Barbara and Lawson Tremellen,Quebec
305 Kristin Jankowski, Arizona, USA
306 Christina Apostolakos, Alberta, Canada
307 Kim Perry, Montreal, QC
308 Patricia Ouellet, Montreal, QC
309 Dani?le L’Ecuyer, Brossard Qc Canada
310 Vincenzo Monticciolo, Montreal, Qc, Canada
311   Joe Campanella, Montreal,Qc,Canada
312 Josie Di Sorbo, Montreal, Qc,Canada
313 Lenny Walsh , Qc , Canada
314 Chris Leslie , QC , Canada
315 Marlee Carbonneau, QC, Canada
316 Bill Upton , QC , Canada
317 Marie Mcphee QC Canada
318 Ursula Bashaw, Quebec, Canada
319 Sandi Brierley, Quebec, Canada
320 Linda Hyland, Quebe, Canada
321 Donna Stewart , Quebec , Canada
322 Velma Lloyd , Quebec , Canada
323 Charles and Diane Pope Canada
324 Donald pope, kingston, on canada
325 Sandra & Al Smith, Surrey, BC Canada
326 Rex and Maureen Franklin, Surrey, BC Canada
327 John and Carol-Ann Lawson, Salmon Arm, BC Canada How could a person with your education and power be so thoughtless and stupid. 10 year olds know right from wrong. What I don’t understand is how Australia would accept these two murderers.
328 Loralee Lawson Salmon Arm , BC Canada
329 Steve Lawson Surrey BC Canada
330 Will and Grace Lawson, Salmon Arm , BC Canada
331 Lesley and Glen Seeley Surrey BC Canada
332 Tammy Murphy, Surrey , BC , Canada
333 Claudine Storness-Bliss, Surrey , BC , Canada
334 Kris Storness-Bliss, Surrey , BC Canada
335 Pamela Deliva- Montreal , Quebec . Canada
336 Gary McCaskill–Abbotsford, B.C.
337Diane McCaskill..Abbotsford, B.C.
338 Cheryl Desgroseilliers, Montreal , Quebec , Canada
339 Rosa Maria Carta, Montreal , Quebec , Canada
340 Nancy Bono – Montreal , QC ( Canada )
341-Nancy Cardoso – Montreal , QC
342-Carlo Scavella – Montreal , Qc
343-Toni Scavella – Montreal , Qc
344 – Maria Pulcini – Montreal , QC
345 – Tina Mauro – Montreal , QC
346 – Maria Notarmaso – Montreal , QC
347- Sabino DhePaganon – Montreal , QC
348-   Firma MacDonell – Montreal , Qc
349 – Venus French – Ottawa , ON., Canada
350 – Paula Lussier – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
351 – Christine Solomon – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
352- Chelley Daigneau – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
353- Natalie Levesque – Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
354- Shannon Kapounek – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
355-Kara Marshall – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
356-Erica Marshall – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
366 – Olga Pekalska – Ottawa, ON, Canada
367- Susan Gower – Summerside, PEI
368-Mark Ritchie
369-Marnie Suykens
370 – Sean McConachie
371- Kirsten Hanley-St Germain- Oakville, ON, Canada
372-Brooke Charlebois-Oakville, Ontario Canada
373-Barb Charlebois- Burlington, Ontario, Canada
374-Aura Beattie – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
375-Lorry Jackson ? Calgary , Alberta Canada
376-Linda Shier-Spruce Grove , Alberta Canada
377-Shirley Fowler ? Devon . Alberta Canada
378 Anne Ward Neville Edmonton Alberta Anonymity in Australia ?!! Why inflict these murderers/terrorists on the poor Australians.I’ll bet if they had the identities of these 2, ,justice would prevail—it isn’t at this moment.These 2 are NOT victims,they are perpetrators!! Quit protecting them.
379. April Patriquin, Stony Plain, Alberta , Canada
400.  Jo-Ann Jagiello, Edmonton , Alberta , Canada
401. Lori Krueger Edmonton , Alberta Canada
403 Linda Urchenko Edmonton , Alberta , Canada
404 Eva Bernath St Albert ,   Alberta , Canada
405. Sue Hooke , Alberta , Canada
406. Gene Stuparyk , Alberta Canada
407. Nadine Grenier , Alberta Canada
408. Lynne Grenier, Hawkesbury Ontario Canada , THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF THEIR SORRY LIVES!!!
409 Andr? Perras, Rockland On. Canada
410 [Suzanne Cardinal] Rockland On. Canada
411 Angela Lamothe, Ottawa , ON Canada
412 Carol Larocque, Ottawa , On Canada .
413 Terra Selig, Ottawa , Canada
414 Tammy Larocque, Ottawa , ON Canada
415 Karen Ethier, Ottawa , ON Canada
416. Manon Roy, Ottawa , ON , Canada .
417 Jim Brighton, Ottawa , ON , Canada
418 Chantal Brighton, ON, Canada
419 Claudia & Al MacDonald, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
420 Marilyn & Darrell Kidd, Penticton, BC, Canada
421 Bill&Carol Bishop, Penticton , BC , Canada
422. Terri Davis, Thunder Bay , Canada
423.  Tammy Logan, Thunder Bay , Canada
424. Lynne Dubois, Thunder Bay , Canada
425. Donna Zen, Thunder Bay , Canada
426. Pirjo Makila, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
427. Marcella Vallelunga, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
428. Sharmila Conteh, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
429. Cynthia MacDonald Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
430. Rosemary Boateng Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
431. Debbie Millar, Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
432. Liz Cronk, Hamilton , Ontario Canada
433. Melanie Reinhardt Hamilton , Ontario Canada
434.Tina Thomas Brantford, Ontario Canada
436.Cheri Barker Woodstock ,Ont.Canada
437. Owen Barker Woodstock , Ont. , Canada
438. Doreen Graichen, Ingersoll , Ontario
439. Randi Millen, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
440. Steve Millen, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
441. Rodney Stafford, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
442. Nancy Lucassen, Beachville , Ontario Canada
443.  Brenda Ellah, Ingersoll , Ontario , Canada
444.  Stacey Yates, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
445.  Sarah Sowrey, Huntsville , Ontario , Canada
446. Angela, Barrie , Ontario
445. Louise Arpin Oshawa Ontario , Canada
447. Fabio Courtice , Ontario
448.steve vemb oshawa ontario
450-   Marie Guzzo,   Ajax , Ont.   CANADA
451- Penny MacDonald , Whitby , Ontario , Canada .
452-Carol Bussieres, Oshawa , Ontario , Canada
453 – Michelel Frappier, Oshawa , Ontario , Canada  a
454. J.Prentice
455. F. Prentice
456. K. Watson Caledon . Ont.
457. S. Maglione  Caledon Ont.
458. C. Grutta, Wasaga Beach , Ont
459. P Grutta. Wasaga Beach ,Ont.
460. L. Doherty,   Brampton , Ont
461. Codi Boone-Murphy Miss, ON
462. Amber Boone-Murphy Miss, ON
463. M. Cordy Miss, ON
464. T. Boone Miss, ON
465 C. Cooper Miss, ON
466. C. Arnold Oakville , Ontario
467. D. Ramsey, Pickering Ontario
468 C. Gregoire, Pickering Ontario
469. E. Gallop, Whitby , Ontario
470.  A Keilty,  Toronto , Ontario
471. J Dempsey  Innisfil , ON
472. Bob Widmann, Toronto , Ontario
473.  John Ralko, Winchester , Ont
474.  Brian Veinotte, Kemptville, Ont.
475.  Sharon Thibodeau, Val Des Monts , Qc .
476.  Carrie Whipple, Val Des Monts   QC , Canada
477.  Helene York, Val-des-Monts QC, Canada
478.  Louise Becker, Orleans , ON , Canada
479. Maureen Luscombe, Orleans , On, Canada
481.   Natalie Smith, Gatineau , QC, Canada – This is very sad and tragic may it not happen again.
482. K. K.Kennedy   – Nepean -ONT
483. Judy Cotterill, Kanata , Ontario Canada
4 84   Linda Findlay -Palmer, Kanata , Ontario CANADA
485.  A. Strutt ,   Ohio USA
486. Sandy Marshall, Ottawa , Ontario
487.  Ann Riddel, Ottawa , Ontario
488. Bex Haverson , Alberta , Canada
489 M. Butterfield – Scotland
490 Bill Butterfield  Aberdeen- Scotland
491 George Cushnie, Aberdeen , Scotland
492 Dawn Cushnie, Aberdeen , Scotland
493 leona cushnie Aberdeen Scotland
495 Jonathan Forster, Norwich England
496 Katrina Dorling, Wollongong , Australia
497 Tanya Goodwin, Wollongong , Australia
498 Melissa Reay, Wollongong , Australia
499 Benjamin Lipscombe @ Wollongong , Australia !
500 Samantha and Anthony Green, Wollongong , Australia
501 Shanna Fuz Australia
502 Joshua Fuz Australia
503 Kolby Lane  Australia
504 Hunter Fuz Australia
505 Jarrah Fuz Australia
506 Toni Buchanan Australia
507 Betty Buchanan Australia
508 Lana Masson Australia
509 L Bowden Australia
600 C Duff Australia
601 Nutan Srivastava Australia
602 Leanne Gavellas
603 Joshua Gavellas
604 Lachlan Gavellas
605 Beverley Trim Brisbane Australia
606 Chloe Trim Brisbane
607 Alexandra Trim Brisbane
608 Andrew Trim Brisbane
609 Vanessa Marshall Australia
610 Isabella Marshall Australia
611 Thomas Marshall Australia
612 Peter Marshall Australia
613 Leanne Jones Brisbane
614 Tyrone Jones Brisbane
615 Christine Boock Brisbane
616 Michael Boock Brisbane
617 Sherryl Rohweder Australia
618 Harmony Steinbach Brisbane , Australia
619 Paul Steinbach Brisbane , Australia
620 Lynette Dixon , Kalgoorlie , Western Australia
621 Vanessa Scott Kalgoorlie , Western australia
622   Taylor Jenkin, Kalgoorlie , Western Australia
623 Mary Rogers, McCrae , Victoria , Australia
624 Tracey Hillard, Perth , Western Australia
625      Karen Cox, Perth , Western Australia
626 Jenny Hutchins Perth , WA
627 Poppy Mallon, Kensington, Perth , Western Australia
628 Joanna Church Alexander Height WA
629 Jo Paduano, Perth WA
630    Marie Newman , Willetton , WA
631 Maureen Mableson, Dianella , Western Australia .
632  Brian Mableson, Dianella , Western Australia .
633 Peter Knox, Kinloss , Scotland
634 April Knox, Kinloss , Scotland
635 Karin Arula, Cairns , Queensland
636 Natalie O’Neill, Cairns , Queensland
637 Talia Graf, Cairns QLD
638 Damien Ottone, Cairns QLD
639  Katie O, Canberra ACT
640  Leonie Guy  Cairns QLD
642 Eric Bogard, Vietnam
643 Garth Barker, Vietnam
644 Malcolm Laycock. Dongara WA
645  IAN TAYLOR. Ho Chi Minh City . VIETNAM – Why would any country accept these 2
647 Kathy Holmes Wangaratta Vic
648 Cameron Syrett Glenbrook NSW Australia
649 Michael Horoba Yeppoon QLD Australia
650 Martyn Berry, New Zealand
651 Denise Mardel, Kemps Creek Australia
652 S Wilde Melbourne Australia
653 l kuti, Australia
654 Donald Tanner , Australia
655 Danielle Rose, South Australia
656 Coralie Taylor , South Australia
657 Carly Veljkovic – South Australia
658 Travis Benes  – Ballajura  Western Australia .
659 Kylie Jones – Kalgoorlie Western Australia
660 Cheryl Rossiter – Port Augusta , South Australia
661 Pauline Macdonald Port Augusta , South Australia   They do not deserve the dignity of a new identity. To give them one is condoning their actions. New identities were meant for victims. NOT PERPETRATORS
662 Geoff Macdonald Port Augusta , South Australia
662    Wendy PRIESTLEY, Stirling North, South Australia
663       Keryn Hilder,   South Australia
664       Darren Solly Flinders Ranges S.A.
665 Carol Warwick Cradock S.A.
666 Janne Warwick Flinders Ranges SA
667 Anneleise Dolphin Port kenny
668 L.. Meyers, Eyre Peninsula, SA
669 Charmaine, Australia
670 Sacha McClymont, New Zealand
671 Sophie Benjamin, New Zealand
672 Morgan Lilly, Houhora/Pukenui New Zealand.
673 Lucy Benjamin-Mitchell, Kaitaia, New Zealand
674 Holly Thomson, Kaitaia, New Zealand
675 Alana Berry, Auckland ,New Zealand
676 Curtis Taylor-Swan, Auckland ,New Zealand
677 robbie paul, auckland,new zealand
678 Mieke Hazlewood,Auckland New Zealand   xo
679   SaMaNtHa HaRrIs,AuCkLaNd NeWzEaLaNd XoXo
680 Niicole Jones , Auckland New Zealand!! = [
681 Arishma Singh, Auckland New Zealand
682 Grace, Auckland, New Zealand
683 Jordyn, Auckland, New Zealand
684 Michelle, Auckland, New Zealand
685  Michael de Villiers Auckland, New Zealand
686 Guppiie, Biirmz, UK
687 Anshi. J -New Zealand
688 Dhruv Swarup – Auckland, New Zealand
689 Mohd Faiz Abdul Aziz, Auckland, New Zealand


On Jon Venables and Child Porn ( ) Jul 24, 2010 @ 13:50

Even Al Jazeera’s at it!

Al Jazeera is in my opinion, one of the better news… errmmmm…  ‘organisations’. However it’s English branch (AJE) quite often displays the foul of a particular type of westerism which willing media whores like Faux News, CNN and the BBC take pride in chruning out whilst at the same time having the audacity of calling themselves ‘fair and balanced’.

AJE once broadcast David Frost asking his guest (I think the wife of Daniel Perle) “are we winning the war on terror?” What a thoughtess idiot to say something like that. Frost carved out his career by giving the appearance that he thought the establishment should be challenged – or at least that what Frosts cheerleaders say.

Is Frost a charleton? perhaps he tailcoated, or maybe age really does mutate Brits into conservative racists (now a days in the process of being engineered into ‘conservative bar-homosexulaity’ racists.). It could even be that others created Frost’s ‘image’, and the guy himself just ambled through life propelled by some self serving spin manchine. Who knows.

Anyway, as for AJE, some might say it has to appeal to it’s target audience – and as many, perhaps most English speakers will have a western outlook, then it may explain such westernisms, but I reject that view and think that it’s the foot in the door for money to begin to creep into journalism – a pandemic partly responsible for much misery on the planet today, and as I suggested earlier, it’s a particular brand of westernism – i.e. a bizzare mix of (economic)neoliberalism, neoconservatism, neofascism and philosophical ultraliberalism with a lashings of social darwinism, garnished with mind rotting entertainment. Eeeeew. It’s a FAR FAR cry from things the west should be about, yet pretends in its fullest capacity to support, like the Magna Carta, the US Bill of Rights, the supposed (popularly purported) Christian Reformist movements or La révolution.

Lets look at the evidence to hand:

A story on AJE: Indian Muslims denounce terrorism

Would Fascist xenophobic scum like Hitchens, Wilders, Melon E Philips, Aaronovich and all the mini-me’s out there, take note that ONCE AGAIN there are Muslims doing what you have for years accused what them of not doing, and that is denouncing terroism which the (wh/c)or(e)porate mainstream media calles “Islamic terrorism” flush in oxymoron glory. Got that you pork chop suckers? Not that facts and truth have ever been much concern to you before, and No, Hannity lovers, you aren’t that clever, we know your secret glee at when Muslims actually do this, for reasons a child could figure out.


miserable possible side issue story from AJE spun as a global problem

Freedom fighters Terrorists going to chop our heads while we sleep at night. Be scared!!! Mullah Omar had a training camp, e i e i o, and on that camp he had some taliban, e i e i o. With a a taliban here, and a taliban there, here a taliban, there a taliban everywhere a taliban… Mullah Omar had a training camp e i e i o.

And now there’s Taliban 2! Yes, that’s right… Your favourite taliban boogie man comes in a variety of packages, each one specially designed to feed upon your fears of whoever or whatever target population you want.


baby small

The beef here is that in the report NOT ONE SINGLE journaistic elaboration on the story is given to the greatest terrorists of all times over the entire history of the planet: STATE TERROTISTS!!!! And isn’t it TOTALLY FRIGGING AMAZING THAT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN (AND WILL NEVER) BE A FALSE FLAG OPERATION CONDUCTED BUT THE PAKISTANI ARMY/AUTHORITIES, THE AFGHANI PUPPETS, OR THE NORTHER ALLIANCE, THE FILIPINO ARMY, ETC… WHICH HAS BEEN INVESTIGATED AND REPORTED BY THE MEDIA… And those of you with a brain can probably recall some of the horrors of what happened in Algeria. ALL the fault of the Islamists of course (-rolls eyes-) – (pssst… lets not mention the people voted for an Islamic government – oh no!)

The second bit of journo junk is here: The Goldstone report: A Jewish view – By Rachel Barenblat

Goldstone - so obviously biased agaisnt Israel as he's not dreaming up ways how to massacre Palestinians
Goldstone, so obviously biased against israel, in fact he’s quite obviously Pro-Palestinian according to conventional eyes, as he’s not dreaming up ways on how to exterminate them!

The report starts off well enough but as is ALMOST ALWAYS the case, descends into pushing Zionist ideals.

The First element of Zionism one needs to realise, if one is to try and understand Zionism, is that the fundamental principle of it is that of a percieved God given licence to the persuit of supremacy. God looks on in indifference to the great  human crimes committed to the others along the way.

The second is the: need for Zionist state. Not you must realise, ‘a Jewish state’, as any serious analysist of Israyhell will concurr that Israyhell is absolutely NOT a Jewish state. If you believe otherwise then please, go away.

All Zionist and budding Zionists will push these points. Nearly EVERY discussion of Israel by people subscribing to Zionist ideals will contain either one or both of these elements. And this article: “The Goldstone report: A Jewish view” By Rachel Barenblat is no exception.

“Like many Jews, I want to believe that the one nation which was founded by adherents to my religious tradition will naturally be just and righteous. When the state fails to live up to that ethical mandate, my heart is broken.”

There you go. ANY discussion of Israyhell is OK, even ‘helpful’ suggestions as to how Israyhell can be brought into line with international law are permissible, and the premise underlying all this – sometimes on the subconscious level –  is that Israyhell has a right to exist. Well let me tell you something… It has absolutely no right to exist!! This fake state of Israyhell should be scuppered. Pronto!

And in direct reposnse to Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell has NEVER been the Glorious Israel of old, the magnificient state you yearn for. The old state (only for a very short period of time) – which was a state of immaculate manefesstion of mankinds love and obedience towards God. That Israel all of the Abrahamic (and Adamic!) faith would welcome the reemergence of Israel of Glory, and it IS coming again. It will be born when this filthy imposter is obliterated by the one the Zionists du jour desperately wanted to kill. ALL Abramahic doctrines show this Israel is coming and it’s shown perfectly clearly in the scriptures (apart from the scriptures you fiddled  e.g. Deuteronomy 23:20), but this piece of crap, modern Israyhell, the regime of tyrrany that feels the need to purpetrate at least one gross crime per day upon humble Palestinians, is an imposter state of the utmost evil.

Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell was founded by Zionists, some who hated the Jews, some who killed the Jews on ships, some who murdered British (to the indifference of the servile British govt), nearly all Israyhells founders were terrorists who then went on with a Satanic extermination of the Palestinian people that persists to this day. Ms. Barenblat, you are an utter muppet! Sorry but you are a muppet – your words say so. You heart should NEVER have have been anything other than broken. Israyhell is a secualar state of Zionism.

Jews against Zionism

And the ‘bad hair day’ (the height of banes some westerners have to deal with) for AJE just doesn’t end…

‘Afghan policeman’ kills UK troops

Here is Al Jazeera in it’s finest “BBC lite” mode. Only the Coalition of the killing get a mention. Only British soldiers lives are counted. The Taliban or whoever the courageous freedom fighter is, gets portrayed as ‘the baddies’.

Some piece of scum called Dr Aminullah Habibi, suppsedly a “research fellow at the UK Defence Academy, a training facility for the country’s ministry of defence” gets to pimp the western ideals. What the hell does the defence of the UK have to do with Afghanistan. Absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.

And we have this pile of poo…

Gordon Brown, Britain’s prime minister, said the deaths were a “terrible loss”.

“They fought to make Afghanistan more secure, but above all to make Britain safer from the terrorism and extremism which continues to threaten us from the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

How sickening! Garden Broom’s lies get parroted without the slighest hint of a challenge.

Earlier on it was ‘reported’ (i.e. parroted) about the freedom fighter: “Every effort is being put into hunting him down.” – which makes me think the Nobel Prize Commission is being a bit pro-active this year.

Gorgon BrNWO contined his spiel…

“Addressing the UK parliament, Brown said: “It appears that they were targeted because they were engaged in what our enemies fear most – they were mentoring and training Afghan forces.”

Hahahahahaha! What a loser, and as if he gives a stuff about British cannon fodder. There’s a saying the people get the leaders they deserve. In which case almost the entire planet has some serious soul searching to do.

In conclusion:

Al Jazeera English – Your moment of shame!


Case study: Randomly pulled up lessons in proto-Zionism


You know when you’ve been ‘northed’.


You can complain here

Quilliam Foundation

Ed Hussein – lookin’ the least
smarmy I’ve ever seen him,
golden boy of the
Government/Bliarwatch /Rachel North
backed Quilliam Foundation.

This Quilliam Foundation thing. It’s pants. A clear attempt by the British establishment to assert control over the thoughts of Muslims. This kind of thing has been seen many times before – the Brits were the ones that gave birth the that bastard thieving and genocidal child called Israel, the Brits destroyed the Caliphate (for all its human based flaws), the Brits supplied its bastard with essential nuclear isotopes so it could build an arsenal of nukes. It supports the genocide against the Palestinians. It’s hell bent on winning the final crusade.

It will fail, but will cause untold misery in the attempt.

The pantaloon Quilliam Foundation is just the latest persistent attempt by the Brits to doing what they do best. Just as they created the supposedly Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad “Ahmadiyya Muslim’s” (oops, he died already and never fulfilled his prophecy, never mind) to eat away at Islam. If there’s the possibility of trying to fragment Muslims, the Brits will try it. Often this works simply by lavishing “high class” London prostitutes and fountains of champagne on certain “leaders” but their quiver contains many arrows.

The Quilliam Foundation wants Muslims in the west to adopt pluralism. What an idiotic objective. It gives the impression that Muslims are not pluralistic. Muslims are, but they dont have to wear binikis and vomit in the streets after a pub crawl. Neither do they have to abandon the philosophy of Islam despite what QF or the UK state want them to. These thicko idiots comprising of the UK state want to be able to slaughter Muslims world wide and pilfer what ever they happen to live on top of without repercussion. That’s why they declare xyz as terrorists and incessantly demonize them in the press. They know that if they don’t want to face reprisals, they shouldn’t go around massacring people. It’s really that simple; action and reaction and all that!

Aaaah Ed Hussein. Occasionally in my life, I’ve formed judgements of people too rapidly and realised later that my assessment was incorrect. But after coming across ex-HT (lol) member Ed Hussein on the Doha Debates, I very rapidly decided “I really don’t like you, you puppet”. And why is it that I see Tony Bliar every time I look at Ed Hussein’s face?

 Azzam Timimi, a man I deeply repsect, says of QF: “The group is populated in part by ex-Hizb’ut Tahrir. They say have the same line as the Neocon movement in the UK. They are pro-Iraq war, anti-Hamas, pro-Israel. They are trying to justify what the Government are doing.” 

Dr. Azzam Timimi –
one of the few rare
public figures worthy
of respect.

It’s draws into question exactly what ‘kind’ of Muslims they were who joined HT in the first place.

I also like the dismissal opinionated by “Muslim radical” or “Firebrand solicitor” Anjem Choudry, as the Daily Mail calls him {p.s. DM spells his last name as Choudary}, about this Cheese and Wine Quilliam Foundation, but sadly I’ve lost the exact quote.

Anjem choudry.
Pic by way of (LOL!)

See also: Dr.M’s Analysis Wednesday, April 23, 2008 
Joke of the Week : “Quilliam Foundation”




The torch and pitchfork Northsquad: “Blairwatch”, go off on a bender

Crikey! What a tremendous collection of fallacious accusations, spin and blatant lies. Where? Why non-Blair watching “Blairwatch” of course.

Having checked out the latest from our very own shrieking Mushroom, Rachel North, I followed a Blairwatch link I previously had posted on my site, but hadn’t the time to read. I refer to

Rachel had already reverted back to calling one person a Nazi, someone she presents as representative of all people who seek the truth (ergo she is a Nazi) or those who ask questions about 7/7 (and 9-11) and are not satisfied with the facile and fraudulent answers/explanations offered.

It is hardly surprising then that someone who has done absolute wonders in uncovering lies and acts of suppression, Bridget Dunne, (see also the J7 site here)   responded to the “YOU ARE ALL NAZI SYMPATHISERS” or “HITLER APOLOGISTS” or the classic …drum roll…. “HOLOCAUST DENIERS” *symbol crash* and they did so on the blairwatch site.

Sensing blood, they let rip on the lies and accusations ad homeni. They are becoming well versed in the practice. A new crusade against anyone who doesn’t swallow their pathetic line of conventionality, mainstream media and government explanation.

So be warned. Go to non-Bliar watching-“Blairwatch” and question something regarding the official line involving terrorist acts on whitey’s soil, and boom… You are a conspiraloon, therefore a NAZI, therefore a HOLOCAUST DENIER!

It is strange how they are hounding Bridget and J7. They are hell-bent on trying to trying to throw the yellow star of a “Holocaust Denier” upon J7 skeptics. Are Blairwatch trying to be the UK’s ADL? One can be forgiven for thinking so; their methodology is running in parallel.

Well no, actually it isn’t strange at all I suppose. You see, as far as I can tell, J7 want ALL unanswered and significant questions regarding the J7 murder spree to be properly investigated in a public Inquiry, while “Blairwatch” seem loathe to that, which sees the chance that jsut possibly such an inquiry may find 4 Muslims may NOT have done it, were duped into doing it, were set up to do it and that the elements of the government lying and possibly for the interests clique, or whatever combination you choose to speculate upon.

In the mind of Blairwatchers, only one explanation suffices. That 4 brown skinned Muslims did it and that there are more brown skin Muslims planning the same.

Blairwatch????? anticonformist-watch more like.


More beef with Northy

Revised wording 17th Apr:

On the straw-man creator, non-sequiter sower Rachel North in her excessive slurrs about one-size-fits-all ‘conspiraloons’, I feel like saying a bit more. It’s doubtful thick skulled R will understand any such comment but so what… long live blogs.  

Rachel, If a fully independent enquiry (outside the jail of the  Inquiries Act 2005) about 7-7, an enquiry that examined ALL aspects, actually found that 4 Muslims did bomb London on 7-7, then fine – 4 Muslim suicide bombers killed 52 people. If other honest court cases find that there are networks of Muslims in the UK trying to do the same thing then great.

So don’t cast you idiotic aspersions willy nilly in the way that you do, as if nobody will ever accept it could possibly have been the case, and that nobody could ever accept there isn’t a group of Muslims plotting to inflict pain and misery.

You see, your rebuttals are as unstable as your emotional state. Your never answer points of contention in fact you do exactly what you accuse skeptics of (skeptics or fruitloop loons as you like to name call – reminds me of the nasty bully element in school) and that is, you get the teeny weensiest bit of a something (which may or may not be true) and you say its definite proof that the skeptics are wrong. Well YOUR wrong. There isn’t one thing you have ever “rebutted” from which a handful or so of other strong queries spring forth. While you swallow the most meagre bit of illogical ill reasonsed propaganda and outright crapola even before the proverbial drop of a hat, you just can’t comprehend why people don’t believe everything the government say. Unlike in your world, one government statement doesn’t  dismiss all other consequential lines of questioning.

Just one example is this… If as you harp on about “the CCTV times were wrong” something about mobile phones/watches/clocks or whatever it was you said, but then, HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU ASSERT ANY TIME LINE (OR DISPROVE ALTERNATIVE TIME LINES) THAT YOU ARE NOW CLINGING TO AND REPORT IN RESPECT OF THE LATEST 7/7 TRIAL? You have taken it upon yourself to disbelieve the time on the CCTV that raised serious questions about the whole 7-7 narrative. You dismiss it becasue it doesn’t feed into your perception. All other times are correct except the ones that bring about suspicion of alternative explanations to the narrative of what happened that day. Magic! 

You just don’t get it do you?

You post about ‘day one of the trial’ verges on racism and islamophobia – certainly some of your contributors let the mask slip. You seem to think ‘truthers’ (and I’m not embarrassed to use the word despite your best attempts to ridicule people who actually do want the truth, and you too claim to want the truth in your called for a non-independent enquiry, but of course its only your preconcieved truth that doesn’t deserve your unfounded and mean ridicule) have a crush of these for men and Muslims in general. I wonder if you consider yourself to be living in Londonistan?

 With regards as to your ‘lunch with a truther’ (Friday, April 11, 2008), being a personal victim of your bizarre imagination, I’d like to say thanks for reporting it. ‘cos it seems I am now likely to know what DIDN’T happen.


July 7 bombings update

Yet another strange connection…

I have just published a story about the KLIA 3 million RM robbery at KLIA airport the other day making it known my belief the British CCTV footage had been interfered with by criminal elements who are jointly responsible for the London July 7 attacks and part of the British establishment.

Rachel North – someone not a stranger to being mentioned on my blogs posts a significant new bit of information about the July 7th bombings and in particular about the CCTV footage reported to be connected with the alledged J7 bombers.

Sadly Rachel pays no attention to any possible alternative explanations as to what she casts as purely being in the context of bombing innocent people in London. When actors say “break a leg” or vulture capatilists “make a killing” on the markets, the man who offered a response to a request for words of wisdom, someone tells Mohammed Siddique Khan ‘ A few words of wisdom – kill everyone there is’ may not mean the literal ‘kill’, but could well mean to champion some challenge and succeed as if all opponents had been killed and therefore never be able to challenge the victor.

And in the context of not watching his little girl grow up, that could also mean he was going to Pakistan inorder to undertake religious Study (Pakistan and India are well known for their excellence for Islamic study) abroad and will therefore not be with his daughter.

But Rachel reports there is more CCTV footage of that murderous day on July 7th, for example at a petrol station and so forth.

I am intregued at this, but also angered. The rightful place for such ‘new’ information is NOT from a gradual hemmoraging of material in lock-down under the  possession of the Government but in a totally Independent enquiry that will leave no stone unturned.

I dont have time to write further I’m rushing like mad. Please read Rachels report and decide for yourself if it add to the likely guilt of the supposed 4 bombers.

Gotta shoot ( – Not literally you understand)


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