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Die Führer speaks

In recent years, Herr Merkel has been seen less and less in public. This is because she has been undertaking a careful and painstaking study into society, religion and multiculturalim in a European context. In fact herr research has just been published.

Well yeah, I’m just making this up, and so is Merkel. It’s nonsense (of course). Merkel hasn’t done any study at all and God knows what brought this outburst on. Well you may point to the endless riots, the destruction of German heritage, the banning of beer festivals, the non-tutledge of the German language in schools, fall from grace as being at the cutting edge of technological research and innovation etc etc etc.

Funny how bullshit ^^ resonates with many people when it’s first spoken.

But we know what this is about, don’t we? It’s the old thinly disguised attack on Islam and therefore Muslims.

Still disagree? So you really think Merkel is going to denounce Jews in Germany for speaking Yiddish and Hebrew? For having Jewish religious schools? For keeping its synagogues closed to curious visitors who want to look  up what the Talmud says about non-Jews, or how the Goym should be treated (which thankfully some Jews don’t practice) or about what is said of Jesus and his mother Mary. You believe Merkel will go out of her way to force companies – large small and corporations to achieve an employment status (particularly at the upper levels of management) that are not skewed in favour of Jews, but reflect the national demographic? That she’ll tell state bodies to refuse the issuing of trading licences to bagel shops? That she’s going to tell those Zionist scumbags illegally occupying Palestine and colonising East Jerusalem to start speaking Arabic, eat Halal food and to begin throwing stones at armoured tanks?

Is she going to make US and British NATO personnel still living in Germany learn and speak German. Merkel must for the sake of consistency, tell telling US soldiers occupying parts of Japan who occasionally indulge in the gang or public rape of young Japanese girls, to speak Japanese live as the Japanese do.

And of course Merkel is telling her forces busy slaughtering children in Afghanistan, to become Muslims, grow beards and live a life of humbleness in relative poverty, swapping their BMW’s for a donkey and cart.

Fact of the matter is, she and others who mistakenly believe they have to power to tell people what to do and how to live their lives,  just cant stand it when a small number of people living within ‘their’ borders don’t prostrate themselves in front of the godless-bar-capitalism-worshipping ‘nation’ – you know, those pesky people who aren’t so easily controlled.

And worst of allm those people who really and truly put God above all else.

Merkel is a damn hypocrite and much of modern Germany’s is a lie.

They denounce the Nazi’s, and chant ‘never again’ over the holocaust allegations that they killed 6 million Jews yet they are once again standing by as the holocaust of the Palestinians is happening. Heck they even ‘gift’ submarines to Israyhell.

I can see Le Penn, Wilders, Griffin et al shouting:

Zeig Heil Mein Führer, Zeig Heil

over this.

Common Purpose on da BBC

Update: Wed,  11 March 2009:
The Investigators with Jonathan Maitland. BBC Radio 5 live. Latest Episode: The Investigators: Secret Society? 08 Mar 09. Critics claim “it’s a secret society for careerists,” while members insist it’s a legitimate training provider for the public and voluntary sectors. Who’s right? The Investigators ask what is Common Purpose? We speak to the man leading the campaign against them, an expert on conspiracy theories, and the organisation themselves to help answer that question. MP3 download file = (Duration: 20mins | File Size: 10MB)  – lwtc247 says: Havent listened to it yet. Don’t know how good it is.
End up Update.


For what it’s worth, the BBC has an article on Common Purpose.


More worthy than most BBC stories is a post made by StefZ (Famous for 15 megapixels) about CP in Sept 2007 – almost a year and a half before the UK State propaganda and disinformation service a.k.a. “the BBC” did. StefZ’s post is called “The Common Enemy“.

As a side note, it is interesting how reactionary the BBC has become in recent years. Increasingly it simply responds to news that people already know and applies its spin after, rather than breaking new news and new information to us. When it does have a scoop, it’s seems like it reports in such a fashion as to steer your thinking. First impressions last kind of thinking I surmise.

Common purposes website can be accessed by clicking here: (today I don’t feel like linking directly to them)

If CP was an organisation with a secret agenda (and it probably is given the lack of altruism in the world today) then, I would guess like for any large scale secret society,  that it’s wholly unlikely that ALL of its members will be fully in on the plot. Most organisational structures operate on a need to know basis – employing a pyramidal/compartmentalisation of knowledge type structure. So it’s worth pointing out that if CP was a secret group you can’t just look at one member for signs to prove it is a shadowy group, you should look deeper. Conversely, if it wasn’t a secret group, then none of its members would be in on the plot – obviously, as there would be no plot!

This leads to: A member of CP who seems on the level, may well be, OR, he could be good at disguising his agenda. So we should look at more than simple individuals (like state sponsored assassin Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police, a CP member who unless I am mistaken was promoted after she ordered the killing of a innocent man, Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes).

If it was up to me to plan for a dark and deadly secret society with the order of to put the world at my feet for whatever purpose I saw fit, I’d encourage a myriad of secret societies, all to appeal to various people. People who believe in something can easily be manipulated or guided to do certain things {which can be used for good as well as for bad}. Not only would I try and tempt people into some secret society, but I’d encourage many people to affiliate with public organisations too. Division is, after all, the name of the game. And we see this in many aspects of society today.

While I believe variety is the spice of life, I should contextualise my belief. The differences bringing forth this spice(good), refer to harmonious and non-exploitative ones. As a consequence of free choice, we have differing opinions on many issues. But a grouping of like-minded people is beneficial in that it forges bonds of community. If that community is essentially benign in terms of dispensing oppression, then tolerance towards it should not be disputed. This actually encompasses religion too – let other people choose a different flavour of ice cream if they wish.

The question is… Is CP benign or does it have an agenda? If it was benign then as a political and societal structure which impinges upon our lives, it should be open to scruitiny, but it values its secrecy.

Brian Gerrish is the man attributed with uncovering CP and he’ll be speaking at the Alternative View II conference in London at the end of May 2009.


 – And please, by my mention of conference that taking place, don’t assume I subscribe to ALL views of ALL presenters that will be speaking there. I would like to say however I am saddened by them using the old “tickets are selling fast – so get yours now before it’s too late” tactic. For heavens sake… not much of an “alternative” mindset displayed there when it comes to their own commercial activities! It reminds me of when DavidIcke started appealing to people to donate money to him to keep hius research going accepting credit card donations, or even asking for donations employing the facilities of J.P. Morgan Chase bank a number of years ago.  
Why is it that the BBC doesn’t ask what IS THE Common Purpose? Who is behind it? What political leanings to they have? And why isn’t the energy and resources being poured into CP – like many ‘state associated’ bodies, being put into stopping starvation, poverty, oppression and ecological damage.

I think I already know those answers.

UPDATE: Must say: One useful thing about all these short-sighted conspiracies (e.g. Israyhell brought down the Turkish plane at Schiphol airport – Feb ’09 – because Erdogan was angry that he didn’t have as much time to speak as Shimong Perez at Davos) and deluge of ‘exposed’ secret societies is the extra layers of protection it affords the eternal conspiracy.



The Second most important information you’ll ever come across.

You’ve heard the occasional story, caught the odd glimpse, smelt the odd whiff, fleetingly, tasted something strange.
You’ve touched the odd sign. You know something’s coming but the disconnect is still too much.

I sincerely hope this make the connect.

And thanks mate (you will knwo who you are) for bringing this to my attention. 

Words fail me with regard to the subliminal sex things in the ‘kids stuff’., much of which I’ve not seen before.

Unfortunately, there is a fair bit of timewasting going on, esp for seasoned loons, and particularly annoying (part 9) are the multiple slides of the guys who made the series, but it’s the message that counts and the extent of what’s going on. As ever Cherrypick.




The China syndrome

The urban legend is that if a nuclear reactor got so out of control, the heat would be so great the core would melt its way through the earth all the way to China. It’s a good analogy to the financial meltdown.

The dead cat bounce aint bouncin no more.

Even as the fraudulent purchasing of bank shares was being announced, the stockmarkets were falling…



There are two last tricks up their sleeves.

  1. Confiscation of gold
  2. e-money

And the scummy govt is harpin on about databasing us all, it’s got easier access to out financial records now what with its “bailouts” it has access to the banks. Now what ‘product’ could the government push throught commercial banks. Hummmm…

Moves to extend the period police could hold suspects without charge were defeated in Britain’s House of Lords Monday night. But Tuesday morning the government announced it would rush through emergency legislation to reverse that decision  – source

Why? Whats the big rush?

Oh. By the way, there’s another grave terrr plot brewing…

UK faces major terror plot, warns minister – just hours after Government ditches 42-day detention plansource (do try and stay awake will you)

But the government has been trying to force 42 days through for ages. Their terror planners must have been working on this plot for a long long time alread.

 And the “tellyban” are winning (i.e. Afghani civillians tired of having white scum slaughter their people)

Weah, we need a database with fingerprints, eyescans, gait analysis and DNA to save us. That data will allow e-money too.

The future’s bright. The future’s orange.

Word has it, this is very close to a military bombadment of Iran.

Lets pray that word is wrong.


Pigs are clean animals? Yeah, you bet!

You’ve heard that stupid expression haven’t you?

Here’s how clean they are.


Was it ever just a credit crunch? Of course not!

Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil


Update on the political kidnapping of Dr. Fredrick Toben on British soil – 
Ingrid Rimland – Z Gram October 5, 2008 
click here for full article

Pic more
story hosted on

And latest from the BBC:
MP backing for ‘Holocaust denier’  – BBC title.
No doubt Mr. Toben’s scribing: “MP backing for arrest of Researcher of propaganda.”
Note: Sat Oct 4th 2008, BBC Radio 4 Today programme, Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne says the arrest should not have happened. He discusses this view with Joshua Rozenberg (former BBC correspondent)of the Daily Telegraph. Radio slot lasted a few minutes.

Tobens arrest:

“The arrest was made while Toben was in transit, flying from the United States to Dubai with a stopover in London” – source

Now, if you were fortunate enough not to have had BSErger stuffed in your mouth by Tory John Gummer, you might be able to remember this…

Israeli Ex-General Evades London Arrest on War-Crimes Charge (source)
Report compiled by Moshé Machover
Published: 18/09/05

On 11 September 2005, Hickman & Rose —a law firm based in Islignton, London and specializing in human-rights cases—and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) issued the following joint statement

Israeli war crimes suspect evades British justice after UK(!) court issues warrant

An Israeli war crimes suspect today turned tail to avoid arrest by British police officers under an arrest warrant issued by Bow Street Magistrates’ Court (!!)

Major General (retired) Doron Almog today spent some time ‘airside’ at Heathrow airport before taking a return flight to Israel. 
  – exclamation marks my emphasis


  • Israeli general escaped arrest at Heathrow ‘because police feared gunfight’ – timesonline
  • Heathrow airport, September 2005. An Israeli general accused of war crimes flies in. Waiting for him is a team of Met police officers. Would they dare to arrest him and risk provoking an international incident? – The Independent
  • Israeli evades arrest at Heathrow over army war crime allegations [Retired general tipped off after judge issues warrant, Ex-commander accused of demolishing Gaza homes] – The Guardian
  • Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspect –
  • British police failed to arrest Israeli war criminal –


Supposedly, it’s good when Justice is blind. What then when Justice has been blinded?

old lwtc247 link

Heaven help you –

How? With what?

“We guarantee your savings”

That is the claim by the Irish government, now the German govt and the British govt before when it propped up Northern Crock.

But how can it guarantee it? The Irish government is now in recession. Its treasury is leaking money. It cannot guarantee it. The Irish government is lying. The German government is lying so is the British government (no surprise there!)

There cannot be any guarntee. It’s a psychological scam!

You might argue the respective governments/ treasuries could print what it needs to cover the guarantee. If it prints more money to give you it will depreciate the value of the currency. So your might get your €40,000 in notes, but in real terms it ain’t worth no €40,000. Not only that, everything else you own will be worth less. You will in effect be funding your own guarantee!

Am I wrong?

Let’s call their bluff.

Pull ALL your hard earned money out of these fraudulent institutions, institutions that have helped kill millions upon millions of people across the world. Institutions that if bailed out, will have gotten away with gambling other people money with impunity, only to be able to draw upon YOUR money if their gambling fails.

Take out your money. If they aren’t lying, there’s no problem – yes?.

If they are lying then you’re money is in serious jeopardy anyway so act to protect it!

Then they came for the Revisionists

First they came for the Monotheists
They slaughtered many and perverted our teachings, but alhamdulillah, we survive to this day.

Then they came for the resources.
Their ships heavy laden with gold and slaves, leaving behind plagues and musketeers to shoot those who resisted.

Then they came for the Republicans
They killed millions but we taught the monarchs a powerful lesson, we could crush them should they abuse our grace.

Then they came for the Revisionists
With toxic slurs designed to maintain the homogeneity of false accounts which supports their agenda.

But they failing, for we now know of their lies, their wickedness, and there is still some out there who will still speak out for me.

An Australian man, Dr. Gerald Fredrick Toben , is Arrested at London Heathrow because of a EU warrant in which Germany prosecutes people for thought crimes.  Deborah Lipstadt discounted the Jewish-skin lampshades and Jewish-fat soap lies, although strangely nobody ever traced the source of those lies. I believe she also challenges the 6m figure, like many other researchers and Jews do too. But the rules of the game don’t apply to some, merely to others. How can German fascist laws pertaining to thought crimes be allowed to exercised upon people in the UK?



Just to spite the Orwellien fascists, Here is Tobins website:

Here’s some others:
Norman Finklestein (who believes the historical record of the holocaust):

Press TV report:

Holocaust revisionist seized in London
Thu, 02 Oct 2008 05:42:07 GMT

Dr. Gerald Frederick Toben

An Australian Holocaust revisionist has been arrested in London for posting online materials denying mass killings of Jews in World War II.

Gerald Frederick Toben, a founder and director of the Holocaust denial Adelaide Institute, was arrested at Heathrow Airport, Australia’s ABC Radio reported.

The 64-year-old former school teacher was refused bail in London’s Westminster Magistrate’s court and is to appear again on Friday for an extradition hearing.

Toben, who is wanted by the District Court in Mannheim, Germany, was arrested under a European Union arrest warrant over publishing material on the internet of “an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature.”

Remanded in custody until the Friday’s session, he condemned his trial as an insult and “a done deal between Britain and Germany.”

Questioning the Holocaust is an offense in Germany where the deniers could face a jail term of up to five years.

Toben objected to the terms of the warrant and called an extradition order against Schengen agreement.

“This is an abuse of process. This is a legal ambush. It’s not British law where the individual still has freedoms,” he told the court.

“The Schengen agreement protected me. Britain has not the Holocaust denier laws that Germany has so they are slipping [this offence] in as a race hatred and cyber crime,” he added.

In 1999, Toben was sentenced to seven months in jail in Germany when he was seized en route from the US to Dubai. He has also served an 11-month sentence in Austria for his comments on what the Jewish society holds as gospel truth.

In 2006, Toben was a speaker at a two-day conference in Tehran which questioned the claims of Nazis’ war crimes in the Second World War and was also attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Born in Germany in June 1944, Toben is a PhD holder from the University of Stuttgart and has authored eight books.


If the information in those or some of those antiZion sites is wrong, then good, glad you’ve found errors, now challenge them and prove them wrong. But screw you if you just throw people in jail for daring to think and speek differently. Why should anyone swallow the unfounded stories that are used to whitewash the Hideous theft and genocide of the Palestinian people. And if some of the people who write that stuff are Nazi sympathisers or whatever, that in no way nullifies what they write or any facts they pay publish. Your thought crime fascism doesn’t wash sonny jim.













Are you going to ignore this history too?

Muslim Outcry. 44 minutes. Hizb-ut Tahrir demo’s in 2nd half.

You can’t handle the truth (so we’ll lie to you)

Britain britain britain. A nice land, full of people with potential to do good.

Pity their establishment cons them from fulflling that potential.

Utter tosh. I don’t drink Jim Beam, but I don’t drink vodka either. However when I see complete shite (for that’s what it is) like this, I ain’t gonna stand by and let the slop go by unheckled.

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