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Trickle down economics

I remember the slimy BBZ doing a business report from India. That a poor man was able to set/have his own bus driving business was used to show what a great success the Indian economic model was. I remember my reaction to this story was one of puzzlement at how exactly this could be regardd as a success story because I think (I can’t remember exactly now as it was some time ago) the bus-driver had to work a huge number of hours per day, hence spent a long time away from his family, in order to service his loan. Frankly, it looked like the man was in a bit of a precarious position. If he was indeed working so long I didn’t see much chance of him being able to take on extra work and pay off his loan more quickly.

But it was classical BBZ, selectively choosing and talking up something that agrees with the agenda it serves – a capitalist dominated ‘usury is great‘ type outlook.

Anyway, the BBZ reporter hailed the bus-drivers case as a good example of the success of the ‘trickle down’ economy, which again I found to be a rather odd thing to say, people at the very end of the (fake)money pile only getting a trickle is good. Strangely enough, the program didn’t show any victims of the Bhopal disaster (or see the toxipedia website) mass death and even more mass injury thanks to those nice people at Dow Chemicals.

Neither did it show the huge quantities of Indian farmers who were dispossessed of THEIR ancient and ancestral pastoral lands as well as those who were forced to use Monsanto terminator seeds, all of which have lead to the thousands of farmers committing suicide over the years. Oh no! The BBC didn’t show any of this (again as far as I can recall).

Anyway, what triggered this rantlet was that I had just looked ay Xymorphia’s website and found this rather more accurate truism: “Trickles Down? No, Streams Offshore!“. That’s the full picture which the horrible BBZ newz and current affairs division just happens to conveniently forget to inform you of.


How manipulted am I

I don’t for a second dispute the ‘false-flag’ of 9-11, but I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I’m supposed to think this.  I’m thinking there is a force that wants a certain segment of the population to be this way.

Although I was many many miles from NYC on 9-11, it has changed my life. and that has come at quite considerable cost. The way I look at people or ‘sheeple’ now (a term I have picked up (!!)) is very different. In some ways I have become quite detached from them.

And at the risk of repeating myself, I’ve the growing feeling my scepticism and rejection of authority, as a (dare I say it) ‘conspiracy researcher’ is intended.

If I’m right what’s the reason behind it? I’ve a few ideas and none of the ‘base’ thoughts are are good. <- Is THIS intended also? Is it the plan to kill hope and positivism amongst people such as myself?

Is it so that I will be helpless to do anything other than follow the faintest glimmer of hop from an apparent giver of that hope, like what happened to the sheeple with Obama, only to be conned wholesale again.

Oh Allah, please ensure I avoid this great task. You have given be so much already. Is this my test? Even if I should fail, I want to be loyal to you.

لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله

Signposting our Doom? 3

Will comment on this later, God willing:


Operation Turkeywoods?

It’s early days yet, but this “missing” Turkish fighter – which CNN says has gone missing near Syria [Which pretty much covers a lot a lot Turkey itself!] and which the BBC has decided is the most important news story in the whole world right now, being it the top headlie,  are we witnessing an(artificial) “attack” on NATO and hence the (non)excuse for NATO attacks against Syria?

Update: 24th June 2012. h___ttp:// What can I say? Operation Turkeywoodspialidocious!

Update: 25th June 2012.

Aaah, it’s a plane now, as in, full of passengers… right…

Later on in the say (25th June 2012):

Turkey says. And the despicable BBC doesn’t challenge it.

Tuesday 26th June 2012: BBC propaganda B.S. altert…

Aung San Suu Kyi – the wolf in lambs clothing?

I don’t like military dictatorships, like the one in Burmah, and either does John Pilger. I like the works of John Pilger very much!

Pilger likes Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) and often writes in support of her. However John, like me, doesn’t like the BBC. But today ASSK praised the BBC – and the BBC wasn’t shy to publicise as much.

I remember seeing an interview with ASSK and it triggered alarm bells in my head. ASSK was saying that her vision for Burmah was (I’m paraphrasing) to be a mirror of typical Western countries. That would involve massive Corporatization of Burmah resulting in an already impoverished people be impoverished even more at the expense of the emergent middle and upper wealth class.

I feel John must have missed out on these things (i.e. the warning signs).

Although I am very sorry about ASSK’s personal history, I get the impression if she was allowed to have taken the role of Burmah’s leader, then it would not bring benefit to those who most needed it, but merely a different kind of slavery and oppression.

To praise a horrible propaganda outlet like the BBC is extreme (possibly naive) foolishness and another ominous warning sign as to what lies in store for the people of Burmah.

In the UK we have the same problem. Each political side is just a different cheek on the same arse.

I wonder if Pilger will ever see his friend fall from grace? I have never seen Pilger so ‘happy’ to interview her. His respect for an apparent peoples leader who has opposed a military leviathan may have, or may be, obscuring his vision. At one stage wondered if Pilger would be like this with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, but to his credit, Pilger included a caveat about Hugo Chavez when he warned about leaders holding power for too long, saying time would tell as to whether it’s touch would prove corrupting. I will end by saying thankfully Hugo doesn’t seem to been driven mad by power yet, but I have little option by to adopt the stance that ASSK has already had the touch.

We shall see, and so I fear will be the people of Burmah.

Tom Secker 7/7 london bombings SCADS 2nd Conf – March 2012

See 19:39 timeline

“There’s a pattern here, and I think It’s highly likely that all three of these men: Martin [Abdullah] McDaid,  Mohammed Qayum Khan [a.k.a. Mohammed Quayyum Khan, a.k.a. ‘Q’], Mohammed Junaid Babar [4 years in prison] were all working for the security services- either British or American “

Why not the so called “Israeli” intelligence services Tom?

p.s. the youtube page with Tom’s performance had this horrible coincidence on the side menu.

fcuking cowards

I was on holiday recently and there was some middle-aged woman walking slowly by the pool. She was sporting a black T-shirt that had in white letters “fcuk off” written on it. unfortunately I was a bit of a coward myself avoiding saying to her “why are you telling me to F* Off? I predicted her answer doubtless following on from a smile coupled with a feeling of accomplishment for being able to “correct” someone
and a warm glow because someone was giving her attention.

“Actually it says f,c,u,k – It means French Connection UK”

Fact of the matter is of course is that it was actually saying F* Off. That’s the whole purpose of it, to ‘catch the eye’, to be noticed. It’s what every advertiser dreams of achieving, spending billions of pounds in attempts to do so every single year. It’s really quite incredible that just a word has been able to make millions of pounds. I’ll say it again… A commercial enterprise built on just a word, absolutely amazing.

It is very annoying that people believe they have the right to bring these words into my eye-scan where upon it forces me think of it again… and again, each time strengthening the neural connections in my brain so I’m less likely to forget it.
fcuk relies on the fact that if people like myself get angry or annoyed by it, they have the inbuilt escape clause that it’s not written f*ck but fcuk instead. Yet those who attach themselves to the fcuk brand are doing so because they want to “announce a f*ck” but can draw upon the aforementioned ‘escape clause’. So fcuk wearers are cowards. They want to say f*ck, but don’t have the balls to actually do it. In my eyes, they have stooped to the kind of level that deserves a good spitting on when seen in the street. I’m too polite to do that to do that of course but when I see them, that’s what I’m going to mind-associate to fcuk from now on.

It annoys me yes, very much so, but it’s also quite amusing in a contemptible kind of way, that those who show off fcuk probably thing they are ‘cool’, ‘liberated’, ‘independent’, ‘funny’ and ‘rebellious’ and that’s EXACTLY what fcuk are counting on to sell their stuff. You are being taken for a fcuking ride (as they may say). Mindless consumer trendy plebs.

It’s not a million miles away from going on pilgrimage to Tibet and coming home with a half dozen plastic buddha.

So here’s a new fcuk advertising suggestion for their attention seeking consumers, a t-shirt (with perhaps matching headband) reading: “I’m a fcuking idiot”, “I love fcuking attention”

Or perhaps “Shute Stephen Marks in the fcuking hed”

I think I’ll try and summon the energy to actually challenge one of them these days. When I do so I predict they’ll react in the same way I imagine that woman to react – I’m sure they’ll very much downplay cum dismiss it.

Let them dismiss it when I paint on their house “Someone here likes fcuk”

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