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The sick and sadistic President, Barack Obama

I caught this on ICH & thought it necessary to publicise.

Obama made a joke:

“May 1 White House Correspondents Dinner. “Jonas Brothers are here, they’re out there somewhere,” President Obama quipped as he looked out at the packed room. Then he furrowed his brow, pretending to send a stern message to the pop band. “Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don’t get any ideas. Two words for you: predator drones. You’ll never see it coming.”

Jonas Brothers is a ‘boy’ band. Sasha and Malia are Obombers two kids (both girls, if your unfamiliar with the names). In other words, (B)iraq Obama threatened (in ‘jest’) to launch predator drones at these pop stars. Obomber is drawing upon their drones lethal/deadly reputaion. They are deadly because the routinely fire missiles on groups civillians. The death tolls are huge! Obama is using this as a joke.

What a sick and sadistic freak!



The Obamessiah – the Obama we know.

Why is so much about this latest “mass murderer in the White House”, simply unknown?

David James Manning says some things to make you think.


little lying scumbag

Remeber this? Candidate Obama’s Promises on Iraq War, Gitmo, Habeas Corpus, FEMA Justice & the Constitution

Fact is millions of USans will not want to remember this. Thanks to for the video.

Solution(?): {after a proper trial of course – a concept very alien to these bloodsucjers}

hang them!



Lying 9-11 manipulating scumbag.

Barack Obama continues to prove how stupid many people are, in that they still believe all the crap he says.

Obomber’s has a great couple of weeks, moving up a few notches in the ‘Worlds most filthy killers’ league, having been responisble for ripping apart the flesh of even more Afghani and Pakistani people and to polish things off, Obama bites from the same 9-11 trough that George Jackass BuSh snouted from so often, trying to to score a bonus by adding yet more lies to his dirty record.



 Speaking yesterday, he vowed, Re: 9-11 to:

“apprehend all those who perpetrated these heinous crimes, seek justice for those who were killed, and defend against all threats to our national security” said the great deciever, Barack Hussain Obama, who by the way still hasn’t produced his original birth cert, not that it really matters IMHO as to where he was born but it does to many USans.

He has absolutely NO intention of doing any of that.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

The FreeBees – 911’s A LIE

Here’s Deek from FKN news..

911’s A lie – Total Pwnage – Deek is great but it’s a pity he’s sooooo vulgar!
Click here to watch:

911's A lie - Total Pwnage
clickable link:






Will somebody assassinate this man?

Update April 27th 2009:

Edgar J. Steele: Obummer Get ready for martial law, folks. I predict that we will see it enacted sometime next year, if not as early as this coming Fall. Obama: Chains You Can Believe In More …

I can’t possibly see the level of opposition to the NWO in the US (or UK) will ever be strong enough to pose a serious threat of overthrow to the rotten establishment. The assassination of the Obama messiah will. It’s my opinion/prediction that Obamas assassinaion will be the black-op to deliberately catalyse US civil war, and not Mr  Steele’s assertion that it’ll be Obama himself that declares martial law. The problem with strengthening fascism isn’t with the Obama puppet. It’s independent of him. Obama’s specific role is to induce mass JFK.MLK like fear in the hearts of its people.  His killing will deliberately leave clues that it was an ‘inside job’. the conspiracy theory that breaks the US camels back.


That was a question on the lips of many before Obama – the mini-me of new messiahs, ‘won’ the ‘(s)election’ towards the end of 2008.

I tried desperately to avoid the puke inducing coverage of the three stooges (which turned into the two stooges after Obama and Hitlery Clinton made their secret deal while deliberately imprisoning ‘journalists’ on a plane – See ‘The Obama Deception‘) and I was very successful in doing so. But it proved impossible to avoid seeing bits of his ‘victory’ speech.

I was shocked.

People were standing in the streets crying, yes that’s right they were crying because Obama had won. Obama started saying some prayer like Bob the Builder chanting something like ‘Can we fix it?’ The camera immediately focused on some starry-eyed woman in the crowd and replied something like ‘Yes we can’. Come to think of it, the director of the telecast must have been a VERY sharp man to have carried that off. Well, either that or it was scripted. I wonder (but not for long!).

Of course the you will probably remember in the messiah’s waiting time before being sworn in (‘8hit, here’s the latest butchering puppet’) coincided with the obliteration of 1300+ people and the wholesale destruction of hundreds of buildings and water supplies  was taking place a few thousand miles away in the East Mediterranean. Not a peep from his hole-eness but plenty of crap about the financial meltdown which his buddies managed to pull off. And that slaughter orgy ended just before ‘he who is the lie-t’ was spookily sworn in twice.

We shouldn’t be surprised – that is unless you were one of those UTTER IDIOTS who auto-aroused yourself into falling for the crap that Obama will feed the world using five loaves of bread and two fish and touch mankind to cure it’s socioligical leprosy, chasing the money changers out of the temple and denouncing the pharisees for their wicked perversions.

The O-ley one had previously declared the occupation of Palestine sacrosanct and that Jerusalem should be the capital of that very occupation – something he could no doubt, happily and directly explain to Samia Ihdaidoon. Now allegedly black man, ancestral victim of the Jewish slave trade and white racist lynch-mobs,  mini-mOshiachObama, has declared the Jews are “THE CHOSEN ONES”

Do you understand that?

This man is calling the Zionist filth CHOSEN – in full accordance to the perverse Talmudic description of the ‘Hebrews’ as racially superior to all other forms of life including that of non-Jews. Obamessah is condoning racism and the extermination of the Palestinians.

The big O is also going to kill hundreds of thousands of Afghani wives, children, husbands and grandparents, millions of Pakistanis when the US sends its special forces in to Pakistan having encouraged a civil war there, the US taking the side of the smiling widower Asif Zardari. It’s possible O will imprison thousands of US citizens, horrified at what they now see in front of them now that Obama’s plastic mask is dissolving rapidly away.

So the queastion has since faded. will someone assassinat him, re-emerge as the the US juggernought of death continues it multiple and simultaneous wars.

I predict a home grown assassin will try it.


thanks to

Cynthia McKinney and DIGNITY. A report about people of conscience.

It’s been a great week. Despite having a headache (it’s caused somehow by my eyes, I know that) for about 3 days over the last week, I had the opportunity to meet the Palestinian Ambassador on Tuesday and today I got to meet Cynthia McKinney.


Before the event got started I had a quick chat with her about a number of things. Knowing time was scarce, I asked her if she had heard of the Kellogg-Briand pact. She seemed to have heard the name before, so I told her its alternative name:


The 1928 International Treaty for the Renunciation of War.


I gave her a brief description of it, and scribbled her a note about it, including Chris Coverdale’s “Make War History” website. It seemed like the substance of the treaty/pact was new to her, so I felt happy that I was able to personally give a high profile and influential figure like Cynthia, some new and hopefully useful information. This only happened because of The Antagonist who along with the boys at who first brought this to my attention. My warm Thanks to them. It’s a testament to what could be called ‘the resistance’.


We had a bit of chat about Gaza. Those with global eagle-eyes will know the Israyhelli army rammed the boat she was on trying to deliver aid to the Palestinians. Cynthia can see and denounces Zionism in her country and occupied Palestine.


McKinney being interviewed on CNN standing beside the rammed boat. Since when can a ship in international waters take illegal potentially homocidal action OUTSIDE their maratime borders to prevent what they THINK MAY be an attempting to entering those borders. And what’s the big deal about a worning? If the Israyhelli’s did issue a warning, does that make the attempted homocide ok? Bloody Zionist dogs. 


Cynthia McKinney – Palestine, Israel, Boat getting rammed Pt1


Cynthia McKinney – Palestine, Israel, Boat getting rammed Pt2



 We also had a brief chat about what I called “Fiscal Year 2006 review committee”. I could tell Cynthia was searching her mind as to what I was talking about. It was actually a fiscal year 2006 Defence Dept. Budget session by the House Armed Services Committee. When I mentioned her hard quizzing of Rumsfeld and General Meyers she twigged. I told her how shocked I was that they just fobbed her off with npn-answers.



After, we chatted v. briefly about torture, and I mentioned John Yoo (a major SHITHEAD), ‘Professor’ of law at Berkely, who was saying it would be OK to crush the testicles of a child (to make the childs parents ‘spill the beans’ whilst under interrogation) because there was not law prohibiting it.




Whilst “on torture” I asked her if she had heard about the wonderful Craig Murray. She hadn’t so I gave her a 20 second summary of Craig and gave her details of how to look up our ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Craig, meet Cynthia, Cynthia meet Craig :)


Poor Cynthia. She had been asked to do so much public speaking over the last few days that she was pretty close to losing her voice. And we had to end out chat as the ‘event’ was about to officially start.


We took our seats.


First off was some of the Honourable Doctors who had treated the incoming victims of the late 2008 / early 2009 Israyhelli holocaust of Gaza. They mentioned dreadful facts about their mission there. The said they [Israyhelli] official they had to speak to in order to negotiate a passage to the hospital, but them all together so that they could be targeted. Zionazi scumbags!


they then mentioned conditions and the injuries of the patients including babies who had been carbonised by white phosphorous and injuries from DIME.


The Palestinian Ambassador a few days ago mentioned DIME too. DIME is a new type of armament/weapon that when it explodes sends minute particles of shrapnel into the body of its victim. The particles are too numerous and small to enable successful and effective removal by surgery. What a disgusting weapon. Perhaps there are more humane weapons than others – when we look at the treatment of survivors, and DIME isn’t one of them! His Excellency Mr AbdulAziz Abughosh said the children die of cancer a number of months later (from that I surmised the weapons has been used prior to the Christmas 2008 Shoah).


 Doctors report Israel using DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosive)


A number of the pictures shown (in the presentation) of the victims from all the methodologies employed to obliterate them, were FAR worse than anything I had seen before. I could hear a number of people sniffing close to tears. The gentleman beside me seemed to be wiping away tears also.


The worlds silence – i.e. the GOVERNMENTS of the world, not so much the peoples, is an utter disgrace. Venezuela, Mauritania and Bolivia (Qatar?) excepted.


The amazing Doctors had to go to a different meeting so we bid them farewell. What superb examples of human beings they were.


The doctors said the Norwegians (largely perceived as an ‘honest’ country – guess they’ve managed to avoid Zionism) doctors took samples of the results of white phosphorous upon people (and other samples too I think) for analysis which naturally will help form a legal case against these EVIL killers.




Then Cynthia spoke.


Mentioning how she started to get in trouble with the Zionist lobby. As part of her committee work she came across documents that showed US taxpayers were funding the emigration of self-declared Jews form ANYWHERE in the world to Israyhell. She pursued this asking why this was so and that for a number of years the money was used as a slush fund and that the amount grew due to lack of claims. It was something like $4m a year, every year.


she also talked about the US attendance at Durban which was portrayed as a walk out in the global media, but Cynthia said it wasn’t that at all, just the US delegation had to leave. She spoke highly of the Durban conference.


Despite her sore throat, Cynthia didn’t tire of informing us about that was happening.


I think she said the biggest no-no she trespassed against was 9-11. She made reference to what’s known as the ‘dancing Israelies’ and the impossible failure of the multi billion dollar ‘defence’ industry which had ‘fail-safe’s’ to intercept (and stop?) hijacked planes. She also mentioned Able Danger.


Most people in the room seemed to be well informed of the so called ‘conspiracy’ side of things including of course the official conspiracy of the 9-11 report.


The British ‘report’ on 9-11 which she said at the end said the document wasn’t a legal document, i.e. a dossier of conjecture got a mention.


She mentioned how the Zionist lobby had conspired to get rid of her and that in Senate only 5(or 4) good eggs were present and 0 eggs Congress (or it could have been the other way around – actually I’ve never really bothered to learn the simple structure of US government so I get the two confused).


Cynthia also told us that Obama was ‘given’ his senate seat in Illinois. The opposing candidate ‘conveniently’ was involved in a divorce scandal.


It seems like Obama is a Manchurian candidate. Webster Tarple’s New book was on sale there. I didn’t buy it on purpose despite a 50-30% reduction as I’ve still got large numbers of books gathering dust which I still need to read. Saw a superb{I read a few pages} other book at my friends house Bilal Philips – The Fundamentals of Tawheed ISBN 9960-9648-0-9 – glad I brought my little notebook and pencil along!


Cynthia mentioned the people who voted for her in her presidential candidature, were hard-core people of conscience and that she keeps on going because she believes in the {paraphrase:} ability of the people to being a stop to what’s happening.


Every word she said had my fullest attention and I found NO difference of opinion as to what she was saying and my analysis of the situation. She was a but dismissive of Al Franken though. Al is a comedian and as things stands he is 225 votes ahead of Neocon Norm Coleman (I said 300 in the meeting) but of course, that lection is under legal deliberation. But the point was a comedian (who IMHO is likely to have Zionist connections) looks likely to win, which Cynthia was kind of saying sums the branches of government – its full of comedians.


Actually I read one of Al Franken’s book. Lies more Lies and the liars that tell them. In fact I read the updated version with “more lies and more liars”. Well, I read about half of it until I got a bit bored with Franken who had early on managed to get his whole point across – so from what I saw of his book, Franken does seem to have a brain (or perhaps that’s c/o his editors?)


Cynthia then went on to field a number of questions. One was about Obama. Cynthia in essence said “no change” at which point I wanted to interject saying “the only change is that instead a of white jackass of a man lying to you, a suave black man will do it instead” but it would be perceived as being interpreted as racist.


One lady in the crowd said she watched the inauguration and in case people had sussed out Obama and decided to assassinate him, she wanted to be the first to see it. I think what she said wasn’t expressed that well, but I’m sure you know what she meant.


Other things were said in which again I got the feeling almost everyone was in agreement with, such as it seemed to her the only way what’s happening in occupied Palestine is to break US support of Israyhell. That meant the US resistance movement must be supported.


I agree.


We must all try and help. She asked for support from those who could provide it, inc financial support. She’s right. Resistance DOES require funds, it is daft to poo-poo those who request financial help as being in the take. There is NO good reason to suspect anything malicious about CMK. Any serious resistance movement needs to spread info and rally support.


In a number of instances she mentioned the power of the Zionist lobby stems very much from their financial clout, and that she REFUSES to accept their money and give in. She said the Congress/Senate (?which?) had to take a pledge of loyalty to Israel.



About the reborn Bolivarian revolution sweeping South and Latin America, that support of the Chavez administration is vital to nurture opposition to the US. She said the 4th(?) fleet had been mobilised and that the US interference in Haiti was a geopolitical geostrategic work in progress in context of the Monroe doctrine to act as a kind of future gateway into Southern America.


Cynthia mentioned about her new resistance movement DIGNITY. Please check it out. Please consider lending your support to it.


Cynthia was just fantastic, despite tirelessly campaigning  for a few days already she did splendidly today.


I met up with a number of new nice people as well as some old friends and it was great. Not as many young people in the Save the Palestinians meeting, but this a private invitation only.


Thank you Doctors, thank you Cynthia, and to the people for who my love and respect grows every day – my friends who organised it, provided the venue, food and the transport, thank you once more for allowing me the chance to try and do something to stop this madness.


And of course to the horrendously oppressed, butchered, dispossessed and traumatised people of Palestine you will always be my in my heart.





Irans Larijani has eyes AND he can see

I don’t know loads of Iranian people, but I know a few. None of them could be regarded as being stupid. Even the one I didn’t like (for circumstantial reasons I didn’t prevent myself from being intimidated by him) while not being smart per se, was reasonably intelligent and very hard working. Apart from that one particular guy, I have nothing but fondness for those who I have met and even bestowed an honour upon one whose path of life crossed mine for a short time.

In a way, Iranians have something precious I don’t think we as Brits have, and that is, a general sense of community, tolerance and simple humanism. The contrast between what I’ve seen of Iranian culture and what I’ve seen in the UK is stark and IMO by that measure, it’s the UK that’s holding the short straw.

One smart cookie who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting is former chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, now speaker of parliament.


He’s reading this whole Obamania messiah thing correctly {Ed: this is top: “Obama’s Obamania could very quickly turn to Baracknophobia…” as a line in John S. Hatch’s article “What Would Lex Luthor Do?”}

I guess by now the usual bipolar idiots will think that I’m pro-Iran therefore anti-US because that’s the silly flip-flop by which their cognition operates. Regular readers will hopefully realise that I don’t fall for that crap and that around the corner are some not so complimentary comments, such as the chilling death of Iranian-Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi, a purge of ‘anti-hegemonistic’ academics  in places like Tehran University (despite some of those people being very anti-Zionist in their outlook) and its national right but sheer folly in embracing nuclear power. But those criticisms are of the state, not the warm people I know, and there is a different detachment between the people of Iran and its government compared to that of the US and UK

But event he state of Iran has virtues. It overseas a peaceful foreign policy. True It is quite active against oppression and oppressors, e.g. Israyhell brutalizing against the Palestinians and the devilish Shah against his own people etc, however the state itself is peaceful. it is peaceful.

So credit where credit is due. Iran has a far more virtuous foreign policy than most western states and with astute people flower bearers Mahmood Ahamdinejad. and wise owls like Ali Larijani playing an active part in steering Iran through the minefield of western hegemony, Iran is rightly climbing up the ranks of respectable and significant countries in the ME.


The “Obama Effect” (part 1)

Is this beating around the Bush, or not beating around the bush?…



More: “ US Kills Dozens of Wedding Guests

By Jessica Leeder and Alex Strick van Linschoten


The tactic is… ‘if you kill everyone, then there’s nobody left to shoot you’. It’s a Zionist dream turning into a reality.

“Quick, Hide, Run for Your Lives” say the people of Afghanistan today.

I can’t escape it, an neither probably, can you. The US 2008 presidential election for the 44th US President.


Obama looks like he’s going to win. I’ll be honest and say I felt a twinge of excitement on reading the CNN prediction. The feeling only lasted a second, but it was a second too long, because I know it won’t make any difference; other than US domestic policy – but even that is isn’t likely to change significantly such is the assimilation of everything within corporatization. And who owns the corporations? The people that sponsor Obama and just about every other person of apparent political power in the western world.


I’ve written before that Obama will not have financial control over the country and isn’t likely to have much influence over foreign affairs – unless he manages to junk all the pro-Zionist advisors who will have his head in a spin if they get their way. He’ll end up dead if he tries anything. I don’t like that statement, I don’t want it to happen if my perceptions about his are proved to be wrong, but it’s a possibility that is all too real.


One thing’s for certain, the poor people of Afghanistan are quivering in their boots today knowing more murdering, raping and pillaging USan junkies, as well as more white hot glass like fragments from ear drum shattering bombs are on their way.


So to all you people who voted for Obama, I accuse you of being guilty of murder and manslaughter in regards to Obama’s future kills. Blood will drip from you hands as it would if you voted for McCain and he turned out to be the winner.


Aren’t you ashamed??? Is this the change you wanted? Did you even spend a microsecond thinking to yourself you should NOT vote for someone who is preaching more unjust war.


No. You’re not ashamed; you’re “loving it” aren’t you? It’s ok as long as its not your family that’s being blown to bits right? God bless America and all that.


As for all the people idiotically saying this will change the world (implying by their celebratory tones) for the better’ you might like to cast your mind back to May 1997 when the Tony the Terrible got into power and the majority of people were looking for a new dawn. What they got as a worsening nightmare of immense betrayal.


See the lobbox here: “This election will change the world
See more lobbox here: “President Obama and the world” – John ‘propa maestro” Simpson getting pally with a woman guilty of 500,000++   counts of infanticide.


See the reality here: “Antagonista TV #USA08 Obama McCain Election Special




Idiocy of the US Presidental election pundits

Something worthy of consideration unlike the meaningless US Presidential Selection.


So now that McCain is behind in the polls all the worms come out of the woodwork and say “McCain lost the minute he chose Palin.” When of course when Palin was chosen many of those fools said Palin will pick up the Clinton vote as Clinton supporters bear a grudge against Obama – also a stupid thing to say. But not only that but pundits were going on about how Palin could pick up 50% of the US’s vote simply because she was the only woman.

If McCain wins, the pundits will no doubt say how they knew Palin would swing it for McCain all along.

But ALL of this talk of Iraqi BomberBarak Obama/McCain is utter crap. It matters not whether a nasty little dwarf of a white man or a swuave sell-out of a black man wins. They have no control over US foreign policy. That is dictated by the Ziomist lobby (their financial punch) and sordid murderous operations. The President will have no control over financial policy as the Federal Reserve has the White house by the gonads.

I remember people were devastated when Judas Kohn, more widely known as John Kerry “lost” the election. Actually he won it but deliberately didn’t contest the rigged ballots. Amazingly people said Kerry was anti-war. He wasn’t anti-war at all. He only disapproved of the way the war was handled. It was part of ‘his’ “policy” to send in an extra 40,000 troops into Iraq. He thought Bush wasn’t forceful enough.

Obama and McCain will also continue the war OF terror. To think they won’t is completely daft! Iraqi Bomber Barak Obama, the next president of the United States, bar assassination, the man who repeatedly voted IN FAVOUR OF THE WAR by agreeing to all the war funding funding bills, wants to up gear in Afghanistan AND he wants to bomb Pakistan. Despite what he says in public, I believe he will bomb Iran as McCain will do, because the Zionist lobby will tell him to (or assassinate him should he refuse) when Israyhell launches a preliminary strike against Iran.

You fools, who have spent weeks and weeks following the Presidential selection. And for what?

The Project for the New American Century lies in ruins {as some said long ago: ‘it was supposed to’}. You precious leader of the free world (a polyoxymoron if ever there was one) is going down the pan. I can hear the weeping now.

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