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Al-Qaeda’s in the plug hole.


Any budding musicians out there with a camcorder?

ori lyrics

With your sleeper cells throughout the free world
The fear of you is why Obama’s hair is curled

Al Qaeda’s in my backbone
Mullah Omar’s down my knee bone
Yeah Zarqawi’s in my thigh bone
Al Qaeda’s all over

Because of you we kill where and whom we like
Afghani couples married just the other night

Al Qaeda’s in my laptop
Al Qaeda’s in the Tiptop
Al Qaeda made that pitstop
Al Qaeda’s all over

Al Qaeda’s in the local bank
Al Qaeda’s in that ham shank
Al Qaeda’s in my table lamp
Al Qaeda’s all over

Well, you be fake but so few know it, baby
Imposter Sheikh on blurry video, baby
Well, shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake
(see the story below)


The torrents of pro-war pimping coming from the BBC of late is as
spectacular as the Dubai tower is a hideous use of (fake) money.

I refer to this latest piece of dreadful crap the BBC cheerfully parrots without scrutiny.

The spineless and nauseating soap-box pile of crap the BBC “news” and current affairs department is at it again. Before I give details of the BBC (f)article, here’s a snippet covering the same topic from The TruthSeeker’s website.

Here’s the BBC (f)article…

(‘heal the URL yourself by combining the two lines)

In case you missed it, look at the devilish opportunism of phanto-muck raker John Brennan.

This bastard Brennan is trying to demonise and frame Al Awlaki – a Muslim scholar held in DEEP respect and admiration by many, a man who one of my friends said about a month or so ago was put in prison by the Yemeni authorities.

Note also what the the BBC spy correspondent in Yemen says in the side box. i.e. only questioning the risk element of possible UK aggression. Again I ask DOES THAT ATTACK ON YOUR SENSE OF REASON NOT OFFEND YOU? Isn’t it the journo’s responsibility to take the Hawkishness and be critical of it. E.g. report something like this:

“There is no meaningful British connection to claimed acts of terror the US says it has been the target of. Yet the British government have issued numerous statements over the last few days indicating it will involve itself in acts of warfare in Yemen, acts that will assuredly kill yet more innocent people in persuit of US claims that Al Qaeda activity. Given this stance the British government involves many risk factors not least those involving legality….”

But of course the BBC is not going to do that.

Once more we have proof of the BBC acting as a channel for pure lies and hate and as a cheerleader for war. My disgust at the BBC “news” and current affairs department is oceanic. Any journalist with the slightest degree of professionalism would ask these USUKZ pieces of trash for PROOF of what they were saying or at the very least report them as claims should proof not be forthcoming.

BBC supports scorched earth

The media has a massive responsibility to challenge and be critical of EVERYTHING those in positions of power say, and it should be done responsibility, and not (obviously) for ulterior motives. The existence of a characteristic in national media is a very strong sign of a healthy society. Its absence is a sign of a society in deep trouble that’s speeding down the road to collapse, with a blossoming of despotism along the way.

And so I ask ALL of you to REALLY think about what the media is telling you because it has become increasingly politicised and is feeding you enormous amounts of tosh. Please, if you can {I’m going to restate a recently made plea} stop watching the BBC and these foul craft(y)smen  who are busy shaping a hideous world. Get your news from sources (mostly) independent of corporate funding and political subversion. 

It’ll be the death of us, sooner rather than later.


News and yet more Newz

One of these comes from a UK government funded corporation, the other from an indpendently funded news base. Guess which is which.

This gives me a sliver of opportunity to slip in some nostalgia…

The one at the bottom (the news item that is, not the kid in the video) came from the independently (non government) funded  news base the one at the top came from the government funded BBC.

Did you guess correctly?

Good. Now we’ll begin…

errr are you sitting confortably?

Here’s the URL’s if yor interested. 

Yeah I know, I could have made it tougher. I didn’t play fair – a bit like the BBC really. Well you can probably guess at what’s coming next.

The BBC… hummm where to start? Perhaps this: The BBC is a training camp for journalistic genocide. Its propaganda is flagrant and crass but that’s all it needs to be. A form of Occams razor that billows upon the masses. A presstitite  – the self employeed variety, one that actually looks sexy but inside is a utter mess.

If you are new here, yo might wondering what’s rubbing me up the wrong way? Well look at the BBC headline. Put the routing that dominates your life to the side for just a moment and look at it closely. Think about it.

Can UK US stop extremsim in Yemen?

Oh boy!

It’s implying that Yemen [yes YEMEN – the country, the coutry of 203,850 sq miles (527,970 sq km)]  has extremism in it,  the WHOLE country! If this implication isn’t delibate*, then the journalism presented is the culinary equivalent akin to a hard boiled egg. So now you think Yeme n is an exremist country what other propaganda alpha-waves enter your primed skull?

UK US. Hey, wait a minute. What the HELL does this have to do withthe UK? 
N-O-T-H-I-N-G—A-T—A-L-L    that’s what.

Are you not offended yet at what the BBC is doing to you? Are you not outraged that this disgusting filth? You should be. It’s WORSE than the Nazis! Worse? Yeah because the Nazi’s were nearly 70 years ago! WE should have learned. Actually YOU should have learned!!!! (OK they perverted your schooling – you have an atoms wothh of an excuse)

Why put the UK first? Well the rather descriptice USUK would be frowned upon, a little bit like the planet Uranus properly pronounced “Your Anus” (which is kind of funny really) is now pronunced Your-ran-us a bit like your highess (altho I think your heighness should also be pronounced “Your Anus” – if you said it quickly enough and semi-mumbled it, you might just get away with it :)

But is it really an attempt to avoid saying “YOU SUCK” No. As aluded to before it’s an attempt to rope the UK in to the next phase of the War OF  Terror – one that I think has taken most of us by surprise. It superglue’s us to the United Snakes, or AmeriKKKa as it’s somethimes known. I think I might start thinking of it as Israyhells back yard, or playgroind…. or toilet! An Iraqi friend of mine told me today he thought the US in it’s collapse will break out into a civil war. I think he’s right. The battle lines will be divided roughly between the good decnt salt of the earth people who at some stage say through the rotten corporate mainstream media  and those on the other side that eats and drinks from the Zionist banquet. Unfortantely I think the Zionist side will win and the decent people massacred (ZioMurFeDo – the martial art: The way of the Zionist Murder Fest). Those that survive will be left separating sourting out scrap metal in the FEMA camps. You know the way the Americans (and Ozzies to a degree) are damn lazy and just steal names of places like NEW York, New Orleans, New Hampshire and so on? Well I wonder if there’s a FEMA camp in New Belsen, New Treblinka to New Auschwitz. If not then in some odd way, perhaps there should be. They could twin with any three towns in the Gaza strip. They might have to forgo mutual sighseeing though – and food and water and medicine.

Getting back to “UK US” Not only that, but the question has buried in it some kind of “right” like a moral right or a human right or even a legal right to ‘sort out’ Yemen.

Man, this British BBC junk just gets worse and worse. Bury the BBC before it buried you.

Next the Swin(dl)e Flu… bt actually no comment is needed really. The headline summaries the con pretty well. Yes people died and so its orignins MUST be investigated in the public area and by independent investigators. But of course, this ain’t gonn happen. Wonder what the next lab modified virus wull be and when they will release it, supported by a whoreporate mainstream media announcing early on ‘200 dead’ and then blame others for scaremongering other than themselves. Oh, we’re back to the BBC and its newz again. And maybe next time, they’ll discuss its bird/pig.human make-up having allowed a few days to ‘discover’ its genetic charasteristcs from the time they sent it for analysis – unlike last time. hey guess what… were back at the BBC again!

Notice anything worth being concerned about?

I’ll leave you now with a snippted from the ever worthy Aletho News…

The underpants bomber

Update Wed 6th Jan 2010.
Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism: Mutallab’s father is no ordinary ‘banker’

First off, If all this disgusting American and British led slaughter of people is designed to inflame people, it’s working. I’M INFLAMED!

Click here:

So when I read stuff like: “The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan”, I applaud the fact that the invading scum will no longer be taking part in the wholesale slaughter of innocent Afghani’s. Great job nameless bomber! With any luck, more Coalition of the Killing “liberators will be liberated.

It’s kinda weird being from a country that you were brought up to believe was one of the best countries in the world only to discover – a realisation that does nothing but strengthen with each and every passing day – that it was a monumental lie of the most enormous degree. Here’s to the end of British and United States global tyranny, and with the host gone, the parasite will experience a rapid death. 

Onto the underpants bomber.

Is it a conspiracy or a false flag? I don’t know, but the most reasonable starting point must be to say “PROBABLY“. As usual there are many questions that can be asked about this bizzare event, and how it is convenient to the United Snakes.

Let me ask you…
If you were going to detonate a suicide bomb on a plane and it failed, for whatever reason, would you be so willing to spill the beans afterwards? I wouldn’t. I’d keep silent about it. Wouldn’t you? I certainly would not want to expose those whose arguement was so powerful that it convinced me my life was worth giving up in support of it. And when the USUK bastards started to torture me – a growing bi-national pastime amongst the lawless secret service agencies, I’d keep telling lies. If the torture kept up, I’d tell a new batch of lies, probably a set of lies that was taught to me as part of my training in case I got caught. Well of course, that is what I’m telling myself sitting on this comfortable chair. It may be different when I’m actually being tortured. But this guy wasn’t/hasn’t been tortured (yet!), but here he is, incriminating Yemen. A country that Obama has blown a bomb-kiss at in recent weeks. All of which nicely justifies the US bombing of people and places in Yemen that have never done anything against the Unites Snakes, and lets just forget that the US struck first, shall we!

Well I started this post saying how dreadful it is to be British and therefore associated with the British killers via the Zionist perforated government. The Truthseeker reports an American man is beginning to feel the same way about his country. You’d better read this…


Webster Tarpley on RT about Yemen and the underpants bomber: 

“Head of Homeland Security Janet Nepalitano Incompetano Totalitariano” – LOL.

Today: Underpants bomber a false flag says Webster Tarpley

Another update: I question the use of the words “hornet” and “jihadists” (frown!)
but the article describes US meddling (and killing) in Yemen. (must say: It’s BBC, so be careful when reading it!)


Again a conventional analysis revealing it’s a very stupid idea to embark upon MORE killing

Childish perhaps, but it gets the point across that a prescripted destinay can depend in the choices we make


What I would like for Christmas.

Dear President Obama.

My name is Harouth. I am now the youngest child in my family. I am 7 years old.

This year I have been a very good girl. My teacher said I was the best in the class and she gave me a prize for being the best. She gave me a small t-shirt with your picture on it. She said she bought it on holiday in your country.

When she gave it to me, she smiled a lot and told me she heard you speak when you became President. She said she was very happy then.

She bought the wrong size so I gave it to my younger brother Afzal, who was five years old in October. He really loved it.

Here is what I wish for Christams.

My mummy and my daddy. They went to heaven last week when a bomb killed them.

My brother Afzal. He also went to heaven last week because he was also in the house when the bomb exploded.

My older sister Hapsah. She went to heaven also because she was in our house reading English stories to my brother Afzal.

My teacher Ms. Nuramina. She went to heaven aswell because she was in our house eating food with my mummy and daddy when the bomb exploded.

A new arm and to have my eyes work again.

I know it is a lot to ask and I do not want to be greedy. My mummy and daddy told me it is wrong to be greedy.

The nurse writing this letter for me said you want to get more involved in my country, Yemen, and you want to help the people of Yemem. I heard other people near my bed say your planes were flying over my village last week, so if you would let me fly in a plane I want to go to heaven to see my mummy, daddy, brother and sister again.

When my teacher gave me the tshirt she said you have two little girls. I would like to play with them one day.

Harouth Al-Abyan aged 7.


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