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Speaking of Craig Murray…

I would advise all-comers here to read and publicize one of his latest posts: Elm Guest House.

I particularly like the comment by Arbed on 2 Jul, 2014 – 7:08 pm:

No wonder David Cameron is humming and hahring about an over-arching inquiry, eh? There’s also a growing list of MPs (up to 129 now) calling for it. This report shows who has and – possibly more interestingly, given the subject matter – who hasn’t signed up:

And almost without any doubt at all, you know the disposables will, should a sustained investigation and prosecutions ensue, be the ones that get the chop in order to protect Lords, “royals” and politicians, certain police, and it must be said, Jews of unusual significance.

Hummmm, this is interesting (you may need to click to get a larger image)

This is interesting

So then, the new “Caliphate”

Wow. It’s been so long since I’ve blogged. Missing Kev Boyles blog, Please Kev, if your reading this, resume blogging. I miss your insight and perceptions on things.

OK. So, to the punch, You want to hear a Muslims view (i.e. mine) on it this “Caliphate” made of ISIS / Al Nusra….

Well as a Muslim, I pine for a Caliphate. It is a body that will unite all Muslims (If so many Muslims weren’t do damn stupid that is) and hopefully boot that piece of Zionist trash into the garbage bin of history, while retaining the religious rights of Jews and Christians etc in the Holy Land. It would fight oppression wherever it found it and abandon the usury (riba) of this ridiculous fiat money that we use today. It would exercise compassion and place great stress on due process of law in which people accused of crimes would be given a fair trial with adequate representation. It would be universally welcomes by ALL truth and justice seekers. It would care for the environment and help the poor. It would denounce the Zionist NATO alliance, along with the IMF and UN, a filthy sham of an organisation which has facilitated the very things it pretends to lessen and claims global sovereignty when in fact it is Allah/God that is sovereign over all things. The Caliphate would be so damn good (even more so relative to the utter crap conventional (visual)governments we have today, that hundreds of thousands would see Islam for what it really is, and would join the fold.

So yeah, give me the Caliphate.

And it’s those very reasons above why this ISIS thing is a complete joke.

A contorted and perverted joke.

The people in this so called Caliphate collective are lying to themselves, believing that they are part of a glorious Muslim movement. In fact they are either massively dumb, psychopathics or massive egoists – doing what they do to look good in the eyes of their peers (my money’s on all three). In fact they are cowards not willing to detach themselves against the hideous things these so called ‘Caliphate supporters’ are doing, for example, slaughtering Christians, dispensing kangaroo justice through the barrel of a gun – shooting young boys for saying  he “wouldn’t give something to someone even if the prophet himself was present” and don’t forget those liver/heart eaters. These “army” harm the very people they should be protecting.

Caliphate - eat your heart out

This is a Zionist Caliphate, one that curiously has no time for the Palestinians, their current bombardment and dispossession as well as the slow but steady destruction of Masjid Al Aqsa (Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem). In fact this Caliphate seem to be hearing in the exact opposite path from Zionist occupied Palestine.

As such I look forward to its passing, but certainly not the deliberate and wicked sectarianism that it is intended to cause or the Zionist led (lets be honest Zion controls US and UK foreign policy) destruction this Caliphate will provide an excuse for.

It is incredibly interesting to ponder upon where they all came from, how their numbers suddenly became significant to the point they could ‘spread’ into Iraq seemingly with virtually no resistance and with such speed, apparently without any ‘signals’ that it was coming. Funding, training, logistics, command structures.

Just what these Russian planes are supposed to do is beyond me. What’s the game there?

I have a feeling these people would at the drop of a hat take it upon themselves to instantly declare me, or any other Muslim/s that would not blindly follow them, a Kafir or a traitor to Islam to their Caliphate, and think nothing about disposing of me or others. I have absolutely no faith that these people are capable of implementing a proper Caliphate.

It’s a mess, a huge stinking butchering screaming mess, thanks in the main to Muslim stupidity – being so utterly self-deceiving that they choose not to see the Zionist strings yanking on them.


For Spenser

MArk Dice and the advanced ‘notification’ of false-flag attacks

I don’t think people would want a false flag at the US Superbowl, in any sense other than perhaps for a tiny ‘channel of thought’ which would allow them to say “See? I was right” should a horrific event actually transpire. I think most ‘conspiracy researchers’ would breathe a sigh of belief that innocent people weren’t killed – coupled with a wee touch of realisation/embarrassment that their warning were incorrect.

But Mark has a very valid point…. There are many conspiracies – without doubt, but NOT EVERYTHING is a conspiracy, and  some of the ‘exposed clues’ are highly convoluted or plainly totally ridiculous. As an example, Google: Parravicini prophecies 2012 London Olympics. You might get something like this coming up. Benjamin Solari Parravicini’s drawings SHOWED there WOULD BE an attack on the London 2012 Olympics. Now that I mention it, The Clash (UK pop band) song “London Calling” etc was the same, as did some manga cartoon – where violence and destruction are never witnessed (!) are they.

It was all rubbish.

I am increasingly annoyed at people who promote things then something that fits their ‘world view’, e.g. Gold bugs predicting $5,000 per troy ounce (31.105g) when it hit a spot price of almost $2,000/oz, but they strangely failed to comment on it’s long decline (relative to fictional debt based fiat) when it lost almost $800 to $1,200 despite massive fiat money printing by the US Federal Reserve. [Actually Gold bugs started saying the same thing when little peaks occured on its general way down!].

If we promote something we like, is it honest to keep silent when things spin off in the opposite direction?

It’s something I’ve seen ‘conspiracy researchers’ fall foul of, and early on, I probably was a bit like this too. But I’ve learned to be a bit more sensible (still learning). But I ALWAYS keep in my mind there could be something in the false-falg claims. But peoples flawed analysis/interpretation/explanations are often too weak to be believed – e.g. actors at the Boston bombings, nobody was really injured – the ‘explosion’ was a fake. 

I won’t nod in agreement with Dice that occult(hidden) information isn’t transmitted via TV programs, music and movies – Dice himself exposes ever growing satanic sexing-up performances in Music videos and the like. Vigilent Citizen exposes a lot of this too and also in the movies, but isn’t it more sensible to appreciate most it will be people contemporary commentaries of what the world is today and where it could be happening, as well as deliberately dumping conspiratorial elements into it to try and make a fast buck (US dollar) as that awful ‘Angels and Demons’ movie. I cringed. I am pretty sure there will be some people doing this – and that there are Luciferians in on the scene etc, however, not every reference to something bad in mainstream media/entertainment will be the posessors of the occult laughing in front of your face.

Conspiracy researchers also need to tolerate difference of opinion.


Kev Boyle blog, NO ONE TO VOTE FOR has gone!

Kev Boyles blog, NO ONE TO VOTE FOR has gone!

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: ‘I can’t find my blog on the web, where is it?


Anyone shed any light on this?

16 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
Disclaimer: I didn’t write it, so I don’t necessarily agree with every single point.


The Stream : What do conspiracy theories say about us?

After an awful start, the program warmed up, even if just tepid.

Basically, ALL conspiracy seemed to be initially trashed and associated with aliens etc, but as time (i.e. the program) went on, gradually the factual ‘admission’ that governments do engage in conspiracy, and then some real serious conspiracies did indeed manage to get a serious mention. Even towards the end of the real existence of ‘shadowy elite groups’ made it across the MSM airwaves.

It was like the whole program was mirroring an actual conspiracy, with the truth at denied, ridiculed and then accepted as fact

It was only 22mins long and I guess it was aimed at “ordinary people” (sheeple) so if you watch it, don’t expect anything particularly deep,

RT’s Abby Martin Blasts Rachel Maddow for 9/11 Comments


Question for the day.

Q: How many Iraqi’s does it take to change a light bulb.

A: 21… I’m sure you know why.



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