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Terror on the Tube 3rd Ed available now.

I’ve been busy of late so missed Nick Kollerstroms post on the matter.

Best to go to Nick’s website and read what he has to say about it. I’ve got the 2nd edition and thought it a very good book for its analysis of 7/7, I WILL be buying the third edition.

My thanks to Nick Kollerstrom for all his superb work investigating the July 6 2005 London bombings.

3rd edition

Another official trampling on July 7th truth.

This blog came about primarily as a result of needing {in a ‘not in my name‘ type way} to voice-out rejection of – what I see as being – an ocean of officially created, sanctioned and encouraged lies regarding the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and 7-7 as well as to facilitate discussion of those two events. ‘Success’ at doing this isn’t important at all; simply, to remain quiet, would be a crime.

That said, then to all intents and purposes, it’s almost compulsory that I  notify passing readers about websites that are doing standard-bearing, sterling-efforts in pursuit of 7th July 2005 truth.

The links are ripped from Stef, but that’s to his credit. One link I will add to Stef’s, is to that of Nick Kollerstrom, who along with a few others, may offer alternative narratives (partial or full). It must be said this ‘alternative anrrative’ approach is strongly disliked by some, but it’s there. I feel this is important to add NK’s site, because although good ‘J7 truths’ method is, I believe in the latter stages of more mature official narratives, that it will have to change. I’m not interested in debating the philosophical aspects of that belief, other than to sat that it seems likely to me that should the govt plug the gaping holes in their ripping yarn of 7/7 then that in no way means any competing narratives is null and void. Other narratives may still be possible. Fingers will be put in the dam until it is just passible/palusible to the majority of the public, thereby allowing more minor, outstanding questions, to pass. Such is the power of states – they monopolise.

And if there is a deadly dark secret to 7/7 (and 9-11) e.g. false flag / inside job, then this barely passible/get-by hogging the limelight is to be fully expected and we must all be aware of it. There is simply no way the full deadly plots,  will be allowed to gain the majority of publicity or acceptance. No way!

And there could well be a point when the govt says case closed, simply ignoring any remaining (few) voices on matters of concern relating to 7-7.

This simple post is evolving into an essay!

  1. J7 Homepage
  2. J7 Forum
  3. *** J7 Inquests Blog ***
  4. Any thing that defies my sense of reason – The Antagonist
  5. – Stef  Zucconi, Famous for 15 megapixels
  6. Wideshut
  7. Howard Beale’s News Hour
  8. Official 7/7 Inquest Site
  9. – Nick Kollerstrom (khan widow banned from inquest)

Anyone interested in the 7-7 (and we should ALL be!) then please check out those links periodically.

By the way, the title of this post is a result of the totally dreadful way the inquest has been going over the last two weeks. I am not however surprised. And the lego thing is symbolic of the respect that officialdom has shown for the truth

Because it’s the truth that matters, not whether we agree or otherwise.


New 7/7 footage: conclusive proof the 4 bombers did it.

Well no, it doesn’t, like nothing about 7/7 does,  but don’t let that stop you from allowing the BBC’s NLP telling you it does.


[A lesson in NLP tricks!]

Ben Geoghagen:

“This is really chilling footage, I would describe it John”

– BBC Journo once again expressing a personal opinion, but as a BBC journo (the BBC still, incredibly, can successfully draw upon it’s image of the informed and informative ‘trusted’ institution of Britishness), he has an open passageway into your brain, even though you’ve never het him before and know absolutely nothing about him (esp. his political leanings – or how passionate he holds those views and what what extent therefore that he will promote them)

“What you’re about to see…”

NLP ‘preparation’

“I’ll show you the first one. The first one. It’s of H.H. HE exists KX underground station and you see him going into Boots…” [footage1] time = 08:59:46  “it’s part of the property there part of the concourse”

NLP ‘expansion’


“There you can see hi actually entering the shop”

time = 9:05:54-7 (WH Smith sign seen in footage)

“What is striking about all this footage…”

[footage3 – grey] time = 09:53:13-5

“And here is him coming out of KX station onto the main concourse…”

“…what is so striking about it, is the number of people he passes as he wonders outside Kings Cross station.”

At this point the journo talks about the problems/delays/congestion on the tube that day. [back to footage3 – grey] time = 9:53:13- Note almost impossible to identify any person. And he says

“..a lot of people are on their MOBILE PHONES making calls to friends or their bosses saying they are going to be late.”

Really??? Mobile phones at 09:52:29? This is something that should be checked. Note: it’s almost assured the BBC journo didn’t check.

“and here’s H.H. walking with this rucksack amongst them and obviously they are totally oblivious to the danger they face because here’s a man whose carry a bomb on his back and a bomb which he later detonates on the No 30 Bus at Tavistock square and kills 13 people as he does so” – This is lazy pre-concluded supposition. There is no proof he did it. There has been no trial.

[Inside BMA building? footage.  Time 09:42-04. Supposed explosion on the bus at 9:42:18]

yet Bus aerial debris footage: VLW 173 time = 09:34:23 BST

Of course the “BMA? footage time and the ‘aerial blast debris time” footage is inconsistent. They differ by 7min 41seconds and TAKE A LOOK AT THE BIG TREE: The branches on the left hardly move at all. If this wasn’t ‘explained’ to you, you would have virtually no idea it was describing an explosion. There is NO obvious blast movement up or to the right on the trees left hand side. If this ‘blast debris’ was faked I’d not be surprised, esp. as there only seems to be one shot with ‘hazy blobs’ in it.

Journo goes on about

[how much footage was gone through] in order to get good evidence of the movements of this one bomber H.H.”

Who said it was ‘good’ – the journo. He’s giving you his opinion and his opinion is that it’s good. My opinion (and I’m going to cover it up that it is my opinion) is that it’s bullshit footage and it doesn’t prove anything.

“…there were cameras on some of the busses showing you footage on SOME of the busses, showing you the No 30 thirty bus that he eventually got on”

NLP again. And very clever. He ‘covers’ footage from busses, but not a peep from him about a total lack of footage is available from any specific bus he’s supposed to have gotten onto.

“to piece together his movements on that day…”

Yet more NLP commands telling you what to think. And it’s not pieced together. The timelines once again are inconsistent.

“before he detonated his device”

This is NLP ‘reinforcement’

“on that bus” – my emphasis

more ‘reinforcement’ having been told earlier about the No. 30 bus.

Not once does he expose you to anything other than it’s a ‘fact’ the these guys did it. He never said the word likely, supposed, possible or even the commonly used mild get out clause of ‘alleged”

What a terrible so-called journalist this Ben Geoghagen is. Well, that’s probably why he’s working at the BBC.

Oh dear 7/7 

Much stupidity on display here, e.g. 19:38 – 21:31 and especially 20:22 – 21:31 by  mental trollop Houriya Ahmad.



5 years and counting.

It was pretty obvious this point would come, where, due to the high number of illogical aspects relating to the 7th July 2010 London bombings, the truth of what happened that day, would never actually get into the public domain.

52 + 4 people are said to have been killed, yet to the power structures in the UK which are supposed to act on behalf of the people, this incident (and 21 & 22 July 2005) played out to be a mere trivality, demonstrable by the point made above.

And so here it is; 7/7 happened and remains unresolved.

Even if it became a publicised psyop, like the well known historical false flags, many people would still be unaware of it, and most of them will still believe the original lie about it, but to most other people, it simply won’t matter.

7/7 joins the lost of other horrific events that COULD have mattered, but really, never mattered.

4 years since the July 7th London bombings.

On this day, 4 years ago, 52 (probably 56) people died in a series of explosions in London. To date, the British government have gone to great lengths to stop an independent, fully open public inquiry into one of the worst acts of terrorism to take place against the people of Britain in at least 60 years.

This is totally unacceptable.

The government has spun out a narrative of what they claim to be the events of that day. This ‘narrative’ as they call it, contained numerous flaws which have come to light due to a small number of concerned citizens doing what a criminally negligent British government has decided not to do.

The narrative describes 4 youths striking a blow against British people, but not you will note, the British military. In amongst the victims are almost certainly likely to contain a number of people who opposed the UK’s illegal invasion of Iraq and the mass slaughter of its people.

The act of terrorism that took place on 7th July 2005 (7/7) was unquestionably against the teachings of Islam (the so called 4 perpetrators’ were identified as being Muslims) and is just as unquestionably an affront to any standard of morality.

There are issues involving the Zionist entity occupying Palestine (a.k.a. Israyhell) in relation to the 7/7 bombings and it is this aspect of the bombings that commands my attention to this day. And it’s not without basis. I have spent many, many hours of  many days in many weeks throughout many months researching Zionism, and based upon what I have learned, I see it as absolutley legitimate in casting them as protagonists or at least, bit-players in this deadly game.

Let me just share with you what Rabbi David Weiss shared to others about the deadly operations of Zionism, that  Zionist attacks were executed leading to the sinking of two Jewish refugee ships, S.S. Patria (1940) and the S. S. Struma (1941) costing the lives of 276 & 769 innocent Jews respectively. And there are many more historical events one could mention. In particular I’d like to mention one in Iraq on the 14th January 1951, when a bomb (or grenade) was thrown by Zionist terrorists at Jews outside the Masouda Shem-Tov Synagogue in Baghdad, Killing one young Jewish boy, Itzhak Elmacher and leading to the deaths of three other Jews.

However, the facts of that day are still unknown thanks to the UK government and suspected moles tying to shift attention in various different directions. However if faced with what I consider strong enough evidence that Israyhell is not connected with this act of terrorism, then I see no disgrace in accepting that.

In the mean time, I would encourage you to follow closely the work of a very respectable group: the July 7th Truth Campaign: who are doing the thankless task of uncovering this horrific affair. I would appeal you also sign their petition: Click here to sign the J7 RELEASE THE EVIDENCE / INQUIRY Petition and demonstrate your demand for the truth to be known.

I will end by making it clear that in no way should my personal viewpoint of 7/7 or beliefs about Zionism be associated with the July 7th Truth Campaign. The issue is about determining the truth. What that quest uncovers is really a chapter for discussion some other time.

My brief turn

It seems this blog is getting a few new readers and I’ve reason to believe some are perhaps a little upset – particularly about the third picture.


New readers may not have read enough of this blog (and my previous blog to understand my perspectives.


So I will ‘explain’ poster#3 just in case anyone was harbouring the very weird idea that I’m a racist.


It is a fact that dark skinned people are discriminated against in many parts of the world. As such, life is a lot harder for them. In the UK, compared to whites, people of colour are more likely to be shot by the state, imprisoned by the state, stopped and searched by the state etc etc. That to me is disgraceful.


but I don’t believe state discrimination isn’t without consequence. I think it can push (to different degrees, and on an individual level) members of the discriminated group, into a sub culture. In fact, to think how the establishment treats its citizens does not affect those SAME citizens is just plain wrong.


As such, sub-culture spawned from oppression is more likely to contain hostility against the state that discriminates against them.


At this point, bigots or thinkers may ask ‘chicken or egg’? Bigots ask because they want to rationalise their disgraceful prejudice, but thinkers also from a sociological point of view.


But it is a false question as the discrimination occurred long before the blooming of sub-culture – chiefly an urban quazi-metropolitan phenonomen.


Initial discrimination endures irrespective of sub-culture yet is reinforced by certain sub-cultures.


Poster#3 was saying the white people were never watched hence the camera never had to sweep (i.e. pan) left. It was only because there were black people to the left of the camera, the camera’s operators had a ‘need’ to make it go left to watch them, revealing the fault.


I wrote the word darkies because racists often use such terms emphatic ally and usually in a derogatory way, and the branches of the UK establishment are institutionally racist.



If you suspect it, report it – The Antagonist



Cheers Alex…


… A choice cut from Prison Planet. (

The BBC’s first stab at debunking the 9/11 truth movement was a jaw-dropping exercise in journalistic prostitution more befitting of state-controlled TV stations in Communist China or Zimbabwe.

The show was a tissue of lies, bias and emotional manipulation from beginning to end, structured around fallacy, lying by omission and an overwhelming dearth of impartiality.

During a follow-up radio debate, producer Guy Smith had no answers for the plethora of inaccuracies that littered the program.

The BBC has also completed a documentary on the 7/7 bombings, set to air in Autumn, which puts forward an individual called Nick Kollerstrom as the main proponent of “conspiracy theories” surrounding the 2005 London Underground attacks.

Despite the fact that we were at the forefront of 7/7 coverage immediately after it happened and have produced scores of articles on the subject that received millions of readers, the BBC did not choose to speak to us and instead interviewed a radical astrologist who also dabbles in crop circles, holocaust denial and making apologies for Hitler.

Full article here…


TATP – a discussion wrt British domestic terrorism

The involvement of TATP with regards to 7-7 and Richard Reid (the shoe bomber) are deeply puzzling.

The “yes it was – no it wasn’t – were still waiting for confirmation – dunno – don’t care” stance by the authorities with regards to its use in terrorist acts (both carried out and supposedly thwarted) involving the UK and Britons is damning. Are they not ashamed of their lackadaisical attitude? It is nothing short of a spit in the eye of those killed, those sent into mourning and the rest of us who have to live in the residual climate of fear – a fear entirely the fault of scum like Tony Blair and the rest of the trash who took it upom themselves to sacntion the snuffing out of over a million lives.

How can we explain the strange yes/no/never-confirmed involvement of TATP in 7-7?

The result of this TATP unknown are:

a) It has muddied the waters so as to enable any senario difficult to prove.
b) At first sight it can significantly lessen the “which military did it come from” question about 7-7, given that there were also reports of military grade explosives used in 7-7.
c) It enables the authorities in the future to apportion blame on anybody they so choose should any similar event happen becasue TATP is as they would have us believe is “Embarrassingly simple”[make1] to make and it can kill. Therefore, all of us are potentially just a few simple steps from being bombed.

Those are pretty handy outcomes if indeed the elements of the state were involved in 7-7, either from a LIHOP or MYHOP point of view.

Not only were there turbid waters in relation to the identity of the explosives used, but also specifically with regards to the properties of TATP. This issue, a bit like WTC-7 is in relation to 9-11, has the scent of an Achilles heel about it so I’ve been looking to it a bit more into the TATP case and what I found made me a bit more suspicious. Unsurprizingly there are links to Isreal involved.

Sadly whenever Isreal is mentioned, the brigade often making up the pages in “Hello” magazine, who think well within the boundary of mainstream perception; talking heads like Jeremy Beadle impersonator David Arronovich, Nick Cohen and the rest, try and use inclusion of Israel/Zionism as means to nullify honest discussion, readying accusations of “anti-Semetism”, “Holocaust denier”, and the grand ol opry herself: “Nazi sympathiser” to be fired off at will. Reluctance or dismissal of “things Israel” into 9-11 and 7-7 have been voiced by skeptics of those official naratives in the past, but at least those skeptics consider on it’s merits the information provided.

The Israel content has to do with Prof EHUD KEINAN[p1, p2] who is almost exclusively referenced in mainstream media (MSM) reportage of the properties of TATP. These properties seemingly cause contradiction and cause confusion in making headway in understanding the mechanics of 7-7. Now it could well be that Prof Keinan is quoted simply becasue he is an expert in the field, and he is an established scientist, but to me it goes deeper than that becasue there are no reports of Isreali governmental pressure of Keinan to stop what he says about TATP – which causes a lot of “problems” for the UK narrative.

It’s not too unreasonable to think that the UK govenrment and Israel have the closest of relationships (no not these types of relationships) so a word from the UK govt, to the Isreali govt inorder to stop this man talking (or change his tune) and making the British look like baffoons, isn’t ufounded. Especially when one considers the UK gave birth to Israel. It ignored Haganah terrorist atrocities agaisnt British people, It protected the Zionist state from being facing destruction, and it provided illicit nuclear materials to it with which it used to create about 150 nuclear warheads.

The reportage claims:

a)  TATP doesn’t liberate heat or act as in incendiary when it detonates[2]. It’s ‘the burn problem’. There was burning on 7-7.

b) The energy/detonation problem. Given the near zero energy output of detonating TATP, the energy input to initiate detonation would make TATP far too dangerous to make, transport and use. Page table 9.1 gives the activation energy of nitrtoglycerine as being 36.0 kcal/mol[x4] which is almost exactly the same as the activation energy of TATP, being 36.3 kcal/mole[a1]. The shock-detonation properties of nitro are well known and it has long been regarded as being to hazourdous to use.

c) TATP can be rapidly detected [a2] by adding a cationic complexing agent (Na+) and then characterised by simple MS (my previous post on the subject gives one such MS) But TATP can also be detected by a device that looks like a pen[pet1, 2]. Interesting reference [pet1] above contains this quote

“Yet [3 weeks after 9-11 Ehud Keinan carrying] a vial holding two grams of triacetone triperoxide (TATP), an improvised plastic explosive, went [through an AIRPORT]  completely undetected.”

Update: Had Keinan been a muslim, he’d be rotting, tortured daily in Guantanamo bay camp Delta and quite possibly dead. I do believe Mr. Keinan has violated laws in doing this. Why is nobody bringing charges agaist this man who too material with the explosive power of TNT and detonation profile similiar to nitroglycerine?

td) It also has explosive power comparable to TNT [d1, d2] – so there is no need for military explosives!

e) The synthesis problem. It seems problematic ficult or improbable to make TATP from commercially available products {Caveat: this is opnionated. I haven’t been able to make an exhaustive search, although one reference [old1- partial access only]  indicates 50% peroxide was used. It seems difficult to get over 35% {“technical grade”} without purifying it and its decomposition seems problematic in the presence of imputities like transition metals.  Update: One reference[re30] says “30% H2O2 is needed to create Soluble fuels (acetone, ethanol, glycerol) will detonate on admixture with peroxide of over 30% concentration, the violence increasing with concentration.” So the ‘bombers’ must have either have purchased 30% H2O2 and or purified up to that degree. One must search for records of purchases or apparatus to ensure the necessary purification. Both of which I can find no record of. 

The Isreal connection to public perceptions of TATP and therefore 7/7 in relation to relating to Professor Ehud Keinan: Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (TIIT) is clear. It must me said that it’s entirely possible he may be being entirely truthful in what he says and it is VERY important to state Keinan is NOT THE ONLY source of such contradictory information, but in my opinion, he is disproportionalely cited by the mainstream media, made all the more strange when he says

“Most of my research has nothing to with explosives,”… “I work on drug discovery to treat asthma, cancer and ventricular fibrillation [an electrical disorder in the heart].” – Ref:[pet1]

 I will try and post more on TATP and 7-7 as time goes on, I’m very busy and can only give these dynamic posts, but do so as I feel if I don’t publish now, I never will.

[make1] = Panorama journalist in discussion Prof EHUD KEINAN Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

[x4] Thermal Decomposition and Combustion of Explosives and Propellants By G. B. Manelis, G Manelis Manelis

[a1] Scientific paper: Decomposition of Triacetone Triperoxide Is an Entropic
Explosion, Ehud Keinan is cited His name appears at the end of the workers which usually means his input is minimal, however it is there and so he does have some involvement.



[2] Referencing Prof EHUD KEINAN. Note: this is an Isreali government website.

[3] Intresting read about Isreali aggression.

[a2] Scientific paper “Rapid trace detection of triacetone triperoxide (TATP) by complexation reactions during desorption electrospray ionization 


[d1] B. T. Fedoroff, Encyclopedia of Explosives and Related Items, Vol. 1, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, NJ, 1960, pp. A42–A45.

[d2] 11  J. Yinon, Forensic and environmental detection of explosives, John Wiley, Chichester, NY, 1999, pp. 10–11.\

[old1] Scientific paper: “Studies in Organic Peroxides. XXVI. Organic Peroxides Derived from Acetone and Hydrogen Peroxide,”  N. A. Milas and A. Golubovic, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1959, 81, 6461–6462

[re30] Bretherick, L. Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards. 4th ed. Boston, MA: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd., 1990 1198. **PEER REVIEWED**

On: Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmad’s – The London Bombings – an Independent inquiry

After a somewhat tasteless and expensive Mexican meal (save for the Tabasco) a couple of days ago, I happened to catch one of my local bookstores just before they closed for the night. After the religion section, I went to the politics section, which being adjacent, brought a wee smile to my non-secular chops.


I saw Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmad’s – The London Bombings – an Independent inquiry, picked it up without hesitation and bought it (along with a book on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – a subject I have always resisted doing significant research into).


Nafeez’s 7-7 book
‘The London Bombings – an Independent inquiry’
NB: The asian version I bught has a the No 20 bus depicted.
Should mention the authors publication date is 2006.


Buying Nafeez’s book may have a little bit hasty I thought to myself on reaching home, discovering quite a few pages had “Section removed for legal reasons” throughout. Gurrrr. Those pages were probably going to be the juiciest bits. Perhaps Nafeez can ‘do a Craig Murray’ and let me know where I can read them :)

 A quick flick and scan of the index didn’t find any mention of J7 – which was disappointing, No index mention usually means no mention whatsoever, but I’m presently only about 10% through it.

 And whilst flicking, It seemed as if little else other than the ‘blowback theory’ was going to see the light of day. No conspiracy, no ‘false-flag’, no dark clouds emanating from the numerous UK Ministry’s of Death. Nothing, but perhaps a light covering of grey highland mist because they could have prevented it but somehow failed to do so.

 The synopsis on the back cover and the 10% read thus far sees Nafeez pushing: Al-Qaeda is a Large scale, highly organised interconnected network including Serbian mafia (yawn, it had to be Serbian didn’t it!) etc, but because there are associations with the CIA and MI6 with these organisations, disinformation has been fudge-mixed into 7-7 revelations so that the MegaTerror plc and it’s links to the CIA and MI6 etc wouldn’t be exposed.

 Which is of course utter nonsense that the Serbian Mafia (and who else should we pick, ah! Iranians, ummm, Sudanese government officials, North Koreans…) would have no qualms about helping Al-Qaeda to take over the world (or whatever bum-fluff someone else wants to make up about them) and is more suited to the output of a USUK graduate in propaganda.


Nafeez quotes a large array of Newspaper articles and official sounding people one might suspect are ‘people close to being in the know’, which for what it’s worth has its merits. So what is it worth? Not much I’m afraid.

 The MSM on 7-7 seemingly avoid conspiracy, other than fully embracing the official conspiracy documented by the government narrative, and perhaps the odd occasion where it is “discussed” for the purposes to ridicule. Am I wrong in thinking there are quite a few people out there who do lean towards the position that Blair knew the bombs were coming? and if so, why aren’t these people getting airtime? Why aren’t people who know about the fraud that is banking and paper money on the air. Isn’t that public interest?


This pic of Katie (looking spookily like Liza Minelli) came up when searching for Mainstream Media :)


Other than the odd slip-through, MSM reportage serves its owners and rarely encourages you to take a look at the alternatives in an intelligent and serious way. If I tuned into the Al-Qaeda breakfast time special hosted by fat and blurry bin Laden, I’d think the world was full of fornicating Satans that needed to be eradicated because Fattie Laden or Houdini Aiman Zawahiri said so – That is strangely enough, apart from all the fornicating Satans like the Serbian Mafia and so on who do business with Al-Qaeda.


In only reporting MSM, Nafeez falls into the other camp. And we all know the MSM is littered with intelligence agents. Just like dear Frankie, Frank “Khobar” Gardiner, the BBC’s “security expert”. He while investigating the Khobar bombings got shot. Oh, by the way Franks mini-Qur’ans which he carries (or used to before someone found out his game and shot him) in the ass pocket of his trousers weren’t to try and convince people he was a Muslim for free passage. No. Absolutely not. They were for Gifts to Muslims because he respects Islam so much.


Khobar towers, in Arabia. Looking coincidentally like the Alfred P Murrah building in Oklahoma. But I guess one bombed building looks pretty much similiar to any other. Same culprits? perhaps but not the ones your probably thinking of.






 I mean give us a break, we’re not children, we’re not stupid, Endings of fairy tales involving wicked witches and beautiful princesses are harder to predict than MSM intentions and the foreign policy of the occidentals.

 It’s my stated opinion that the possibility that 7/7 was executed with knowledge of the state. The role of the four is unclear and contains no proof which doesn’t seem planted. To me the ‘black-op’ theory is more persuasive than ANY alternative I’ve heard. It’s not because I’m retreating into some kind of Muslim mind-shell of denial – I’ve always maintained if significant proof that they did it (inc. Mohammed Atta and the 9-11 crew) then I have no qualms about accepting and denouncing them. However Nafeez Quoting DEBKA and ‘a police source’ referenced in the Daily mail giving two contradictory opinions, IMO counts for virtually nothing.


The only question I have left is: Will Nafeez even touch-upon the possibility of Government advanced knowledge in the remaining 90%? Well, if he doesn’t at least I’ve got a permanent record of many of the public statements that were made about 7-7 to draw upon as reference.






Sodium and cationic complexed TATP MS characterization from the Royal Society of Chemistry.


The focal point of what I’m reading at the moment concerns the type of explosive used. In regards to TATP, once again a new inconsistency has caught my eye regarding it.


Before I get to that, Nafeez supplies references that 7-7 was supposed to involve Military explosives, then he goes on to gives references that now TATP was the culprit. Nafeez’s own conclusion on page 36 is that both were used saying


“In view of the contradictory evidence in the public record, including the recommendations for bomb making-making instructions within al-Qaeda documents, it is perhaps most reasonable to infer that the explosives used a combination of military plastic C4 and TATP,as Richard Reid the shoe-bomber had done. This is consistent with al-Qaeda’s modus operandi…”


My analysis and response to the above would be as follows:


1) What “evidence ” in the public record?

There is only MSM speculation, reports of what police supposedly say is evidence – which they refuse to confirmed, and some supposedly cross-government exclusive government intelligence collective based in Washington-DC which when you look in the index came from a website with the URL (/news/dfasa071805.htm). Nafeez promotes their spin on the explosives as ‘authoritative’.


2) al-Qaeda documents.

For pity’s sake. He accepts without a morsel of questioning the authenticity of these documents probably found in Kabul, with I would guess a yellow-sticky saying “I Osama bin Laden wrote this” lying beside a Qur’an lying in a bin somewhere and a picture of a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud, and an Iranian state-airline ticket. Wonder if NAfeez questioned the Galloway-oil documents, or the Niger yellowcake documents, and if so why don’t these al-Qaeda documents get similar scrutiny?


3) Richard Reid is a bizarre story. Even if one accepts the narrative about him, what’s it got to do with 7-7?


4) What modus operandi? What al-Qaeda? Nafeez has 100% embraced much of the ‘intelligence’ that the pro-secular, pro-occidental, pro-fake money embezzlers pump out.


5) I think is equally reasonable to entertain the possibility that the government is lying and/or fabricating stories (possibly evidence too) about the explosions and other things besides.

 Now onto the new TATP thing:

 Nafeez supports the line TATP used as primer to detonate Al-Qaeda recipe C4 (let’s call it A4 shall we?). The chemistry of this seems a bit odd to me. If TATP generates quote: “just enough energy to spread the reaction to the next molecule” then how can it activate the secondary explosive? Kinetically, this doesn’t seem possible. A primer would need to provide more energy than is needed to initiate reaction on the secondary explosion.

UPDATE: If TATP evolves no heat on reaction, and passes just enough energy onto another TATP molecule to allow it to decompose, that means not only is the ΔH(rxn) next to zero, but the E(act) for decomposition must also be next to zero. Furthermore, the total possible energy change will ΔH(rxn)+E(act) must also be next to zero. Not only does that make TATP extremely dangerous (its kinetic instability being so poor that a tiny input of energy would make it spontaneously decompose) but also would render it utterly useless as a (primary)detonator for a secondary explosive.



Freshman reaction profile diagram.


The only other explanation I can think of is that of some kind of compression detonation would, it seems to me, to be totally unnecessary and very, bvery difficult, and how on earth that could be engineered into a soft and pliable shoe is beyond me. Unless Mr. Reid had shoes like these:

And Nafeez never questions any possible motives or vested interests a Professor at TIIT (Technion-Isreal Institute for Technology – you can see why they bolted on the Israel bit) might have. But a greater source of curiousity is why would and Israeli Professor be interviewed about it, and why is contradicting elements of the 7-7 story?


If the rubbish about the science ever gets too big I may take it upon myself to investigate and report upon the difficulties of making it from such weedy/dilute and impure retail products like hair stuff. The stuff doesn’t have to be actually synthesised to discover a load of crap about it.

  Two other things have already worried me.:

 Introduction, p 19:

“The London bombings were a far more sophisticated operation than the government has so far admitted. Further-more, they were planned and executed by a terrorist network inside Britain that has unambiguous linkages to the international al-Qaeda organisation and leadership”

 Oh dear oh dear. Errrm proof??? Funny how such a big organisation with so many members, hand making so many things, with such large communications networks (they even have their own ewebsites – LOL) with such large money and arms transfers cant be caught. It’s either as Nafeez says; because they work in tandem with the Brits and Yanks, or they don’t exist (certainly in the way they are portrayed)

 From the section called: A Month Under Siege (PartII) 3. Two Weeks After 3.1 21/7 – Failed Criminals. The Devices. Page 95 (discovered in the initial flick)

 “Almost before the 7/7 criminal investigation got off the ground,, on 21 July 2005, London was again hit by a series of small explosions in a coordinated attack that almost replicated the events of 7 July”


Utter nonsense! Tupperware containers, chapatti flour and no dead-people are nowhere near a replication of 7-7.


It continues… “A BBC News analysis [Ed: *groan*] cited officials [Ed: *double groan*] saying that the 21/7 devices ‘were put together in a way very similar [Ed: *triple groan*] to those used two weeks ago.’ They were in fact, ‘so similar to those used two weeks ago that they may [Ed: *quadruple groan*] even have been part of the same batch.’

 Sorry, but really that’s worthless. A Hollywood movie probably contains more hard facts.


21/7 Flour bomb. Pic from the BBC.
BBC labels the pic as bombblob


Obviously the terrorists had put some overtime in on this one. You can clearly see a Muslim terrorist (the veiled one and wearing black of course). Shaving foam is legal however, flour musn’t be. Pic from

 The way Nafeez writes his book (same for his 9-11 one which I also bought and for which his style is more suited) is to provide a deluge of mainstream reports which he strings together into a continuous narrative. He never expresses scepticism about it and only applies a weak analysis afterwards posing somewhat obvious questions, but the veracity of the premise is accepted.  

Well it’s a bit premature to write such a post after only about reading 10% of a book, and if I realise I’m wrong, I’ll certainly make a post about it, but don’t wait up.




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