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Riz Khan – Are we living in the end times – Slavoj Zizek

Interesting guy.

Generally, when I see a worshippers of Marx proselytising, visions of my old Student Union president appear before my eyes and is coupled with a strong feeling of wanting to say to him ‘grow up’. Zizek’s ‘thinking out of the Marx (match)box’ is refreshing, taking those bits Marxism (which by the way Marx likely rehashed cum swiped from Socrates) that are sensible but leaving off the “I ♥ marx”  underpants.

It’s going to be interesting to see the atheists expressions of denial morph to horror should they ever have the aptitude to see that their own predictions of turmoil map onto eschatology, but then again, fantasy is deadly seductive.

Even Al Jazeera’s at it!

Al Jazeera is in my opinion, one of the better news… errmmmm…  ‘organisations’. However it’s English branch (AJE) quite often displays the foul of a particular type of westerism which willing media whores like Faux News, CNN and the BBC take pride in chruning out whilst at the same time having the audacity of calling themselves ‘fair and balanced’.

AJE once broadcast David Frost asking his guest (I think the wife of Daniel Perle) “are we winning the war on terror?” What a thoughtess idiot to say something like that. Frost carved out his career by giving the appearance that he thought the establishment should be challenged – or at least that what Frosts cheerleaders say.

Is Frost a charleton? perhaps he tailcoated, or maybe age really does mutate Brits into conservative racists (now a days in the process of being engineered into ‘conservative bar-homosexulaity’ racists.). It could even be that others created Frost’s ‘image’, and the guy himself just ambled through life propelled by some self serving spin manchine. Who knows.

Anyway, as for AJE, some might say it has to appeal to it’s target audience – and as many, perhaps most English speakers will have a western outlook, then it may explain such westernisms, but I reject that view and think that it’s the foot in the door for money to begin to creep into journalism – a pandemic partly responsible for much misery on the planet today, and as I suggested earlier, it’s a particular brand of westernism – i.e. a bizzare mix of (economic)neoliberalism, neoconservatism, neofascism and philosophical ultraliberalism with a lashings of social darwinism, garnished with mind rotting entertainment. Eeeeew. It’s a FAR FAR cry from things the west should be about, yet pretends in its fullest capacity to support, like the Magna Carta, the US Bill of Rights, the supposed (popularly purported) Christian Reformist movements or La révolution.

Lets look at the evidence to hand:

A story on AJE: Indian Muslims denounce terrorism

Would Fascist xenophobic scum like Hitchens, Wilders, Melon E Philips, Aaronovich and all the mini-me’s out there, take note that ONCE AGAIN there are Muslims doing what you have for years accused what them of not doing, and that is denouncing terroism which the (wh/c)or(e)porate mainstream media calles “Islamic terrorism” flush in oxymoron glory. Got that you pork chop suckers? Not that facts and truth have ever been much concern to you before, and No, Hannity lovers, you aren’t that clever, we know your secret glee at when Muslims actually do this, for reasons a child could figure out.


miserable possible side issue story from AJE spun as a global problem

Freedom fighters Terrorists going to chop our heads while we sleep at night. Be scared!!! Mullah Omar had a training camp, e i e i o, and on that camp he had some taliban, e i e i o. With a a taliban here, and a taliban there, here a taliban, there a taliban everywhere a taliban… Mullah Omar had a training camp e i e i o.

And now there’s Taliban 2! Yes, that’s right… Your favourite taliban boogie man comes in a variety of packages, each one specially designed to feed upon your fears of whoever or whatever target population you want.


baby small

The beef here is that in the report NOT ONE SINGLE journaistic elaboration on the story is given to the greatest terrorists of all times over the entire history of the planet: STATE TERROTISTS!!!! And isn’t it TOTALLY FRIGGING AMAZING THAT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN (AND WILL NEVER) BE A FALSE FLAG OPERATION CONDUCTED BUT THE PAKISTANI ARMY/AUTHORITIES, THE AFGHANI PUPPETS, OR THE NORTHER ALLIANCE, THE FILIPINO ARMY, ETC… WHICH HAS BEEN INVESTIGATED AND REPORTED BY THE MEDIA… And those of you with a brain can probably recall some of the horrors of what happened in Algeria. ALL the fault of the Islamists of course (-rolls eyes-) – (pssst… lets not mention the people voted for an Islamic government – oh no!)

The second bit of journo junk is here: The Goldstone report: A Jewish view – By Rachel Barenblat

Goldstone - so obviously biased agaisnt Israel as he's not dreaming up ways how to massacre Palestinians
Goldstone, so obviously biased against israel, in fact he’s quite obviously Pro-Palestinian according to conventional eyes, as he’s not dreaming up ways on how to exterminate them!

The report starts off well enough but as is ALMOST ALWAYS the case, descends into pushing Zionist ideals.

The First element of Zionism one needs to realise, if one is to try and understand Zionism, is that the fundamental principle of it is that of a percieved God given licence to the persuit of supremacy. God looks on in indifference to the great  human crimes committed to the others along the way.

The second is the: need for Zionist state. Not you must realise, ‘a Jewish state’, as any serious analysist of Israyhell will concurr that Israyhell is absolutely NOT a Jewish state. If you believe otherwise then please, go away.

All Zionist and budding Zionists will push these points. Nearly EVERY discussion of Israel by people subscribing to Zionist ideals will contain either one or both of these elements. And this article: “The Goldstone report: A Jewish view” By Rachel Barenblat is no exception.

“Like many Jews, I want to believe that the one nation which was founded by adherents to my religious tradition will naturally be just and righteous. When the state fails to live up to that ethical mandate, my heart is broken.”

There you go. ANY discussion of Israyhell is OK, even ‘helpful’ suggestions as to how Israyhell can be brought into line with international law are permissible, and the premise underlying all this – sometimes on the subconscious level –  is that Israyhell has a right to exist. Well let me tell you something… It has absolutely no right to exist!! This fake state of Israyhell should be scuppered. Pronto!

And in direct reposnse to Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell has NEVER been the Glorious Israel of old, the magnificient state you yearn for. The old state (only for a very short period of time) – which was a state of immaculate manefesstion of mankinds love and obedience towards God. That Israel all of the Abrahamic (and Adamic!) faith would welcome the reemergence of Israel of Glory, and it IS coming again. It will be born when this filthy imposter is obliterated by the one the Zionists du jour desperately wanted to kill. ALL Abramahic doctrines show this Israel is coming and it’s shown perfectly clearly in the scriptures (apart from the scriptures you fiddled  e.g. Deuteronomy 23:20), but this piece of crap, modern Israyhell, the regime of tyrrany that feels the need to purpetrate at least one gross crime per day upon humble Palestinians, is an imposter state of the utmost evil.

Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell was founded by Zionists, some who hated the Jews, some who killed the Jews on ships, some who murdered British (to the indifference of the servile British govt), nearly all Israyhells founders were terrorists who then went on with a Satanic extermination of the Palestinian people that persists to this day. Ms. Barenblat, you are an utter muppet! Sorry but you are a muppet – your words say so. You heart should NEVER have have been anything other than broken. Israyhell is a secualar state of Zionism.

Jews against Zionism

And the ‘bad hair day’ (the height of banes some westerners have to deal with) for AJE just doesn’t end…

‘Afghan policeman’ kills UK troops

Here is Al Jazeera in it’s finest “BBC lite” mode. Only the Coalition of the killing get a mention. Only British soldiers lives are counted. The Taliban or whoever the courageous freedom fighter is, gets portrayed as ‘the baddies’.

Some piece of scum called Dr Aminullah Habibi, suppsedly a “research fellow at the UK Defence Academy, a training facility for the country’s ministry of defence” gets to pimp the western ideals. What the hell does the defence of the UK have to do with Afghanistan. Absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.

And we have this pile of poo…

Gordon Brown, Britain’s prime minister, said the deaths were a “terrible loss”.

“They fought to make Afghanistan more secure, but above all to make Britain safer from the terrorism and extremism which continues to threaten us from the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

How sickening! Garden Broom’s lies get parroted without the slighest hint of a challenge.

Earlier on it was ‘reported’ (i.e. parroted) about the freedom fighter: “Every effort is being put into hunting him down.” – which makes me think the Nobel Prize Commission is being a bit pro-active this year.

Gorgon BrNWO contined his spiel…

“Addressing the UK parliament, Brown said: “It appears that they were targeted because they were engaged in what our enemies fear most – they were mentoring and training Afghan forces.”

Hahahahahaha! What a loser, and as if he gives a stuff about British cannon fodder. There’s a saying the people get the leaders they deserve. In which case almost the entire planet has some serious soul searching to do.

In conclusion:

Al Jazeera English – Your moment of shame!


Case study: Randomly pulled up lessons in proto-Zionism


A hero, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, gets free.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi is a hero. He dared to do what hundreds of millions didn’t! He did what little he could to attack George Jackass dubya BuSh.

Shoes flying, Muntadhar al-Zeidi became an instant hero across the planet and deservedly so. Shame on those who sat on comfortable chairs in peaceful countries who criticised him for not throwing a bomb or a knife instead.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, I shall never tire of saying and writing his name, knew what was going to happen to him after and his expecations weren’t to be disappointed. The puppet thugs beat the crap out of him and injured him, didn’t stop there.

Here’s a copy of an Al Jazeera (English) article about the freed hero Muntadhar al-Zeidi.

 Shoe-thrower flown out of Iraq

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the television reporter jailed for throwing his shoes at George Bush, the former US president, has left Iraq after being released from prison.

Relatives of al-Zeidi celebrated his release [EPA]

He flew to Syria on a private jet on Tuesday, before heading to Greece where he will undergo medical treatment, Uday al-Zeidi, one of his brothers, said.   

Celebrated release
After being released he was met outside the jail in Baghdad by parliamentarians who support his case, his brother, said.
The authorities had asked his family not to give him a hero’s welcome, but people celebrated outside his home in central Baghdad.

 Al-Zeidi had initially been sentenced to three years for assaulting a foreign head of state, but had his sentence reduced to a year on appeal.


While throwing his shoes at Bush at a news conference in Baghdad in December 2008, he shouted: “It is the farewell kiss, you dog.”

Bush managed to duck the flying size 10 shoes. 

Obama warning

Speaking on Tuesday, Al-Zeidi said: “At the time that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on television that he could not sleep without being reassured on my fate … I was being tortured in the worst ways, beaten with  electric cables and iron bars.”

He said his guards had also used simulated drowning – the technique of waterboarding used by the US forces on suspects arrested over the September 11, 2001, attacks.

He told Al Jazeera: “I did this as a revenge for the victims and people killed in Iraq … now the new US politicians should deal with Arabs properly … as respectful counterparts not like slaves. I am neither afraid nor regretting what I did.”

“Today I am free again but my home is still a prison,” he added. 

The US has kept its military presence in Iraq for six and half years since it led an invasion to remove Saddam Hussein, the former president.

Al-Baghdadiya showed footage of him arriving at the station wrapped in an Iraqi flag and wearing sunglasses. The staff slaughtered at least three sheep in his honour.

Uday al-Zeidi said: “I wish Bush could see our happiness. When President Bush looks back and turns the pages of his life, he will see the shoes of Muntadhar al-Zeidi on every page.”

Huge embarrassment

Mosab Jasim, Al Jazeera’s producer in Iraq, said: “I used to go to press conferences with Muntadhar. He’s a stable man, not that radical, so I was really surprised that he did that.

“I think that, as he was listening to George Bush and the achievements he said he’d made in Iraq, for an Iraqi man who’s been reporting on the suffering of the Iraqi people, I think he just couldn’t control himself.”

Although Bush laughed off the attack, it caused embarrassment to both him and al-Maliki.

The leaders had been speaking at a joint news conference on Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq prior to being succeeded by Barack Obama, then president-elect.

Al-Zeidi faces the prospect of a very different life from his previous existence at Al-Baghdadia, a small, privately owned Cairo-based station, which has continued to pay his salary in jail.

His boss has promised the previously little-known reporter a new home as a reward for loyalty and the publicity that his actions, broadcast live across the world, generated for the station.


Iraqi Shoe Thrower Released; Says He Was Tortured



Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured

says Associated Press

Both ICH andAP articles are written by the same journalist but contain a number of differences.


Anyway… long live Muntadhar al-Zeidi and all those who walk in his shoes. May Allah(SWT) be happy with him.



Citizen Journalism

Update (11/Oct/08): This program is now available (mp4 format) from Al Jazeera’s website.
Click here for the mp4 file (87.0 Mb). End of update.


Al Jazeera (English) features a rather good program called “The Listening Post“. It often reports on the darker side of journalism, such as the media censorship in Egypt or Russia and so on. It also commonly reports on the poo that trickles out of FOX news (forgive the oxymoron). The Listening Post is very much net centred, reporting on the interesting slant or scoop bloggers occasionally come up with and encourages otherwise unknown (but informed opinion) on a number of relevant topics.

It was with some surprise then that about a week and a half ago, it specifically covered what it called ‘citizen journalism’ and that report seemed to downplay and undermine it.

My personal pov is that the mainstream media (MSM) {read: ‘corporate media’} and mainstream journalists have utterly failed to live up to their responsibilities. I believe the MSM should almost never let the word of governments and corporations go unchallenged. It should also tell the stories of individuals as they amble their way through life. I don’t mean as in “Regional newzzz) “, but stories of people affected by big or meaningful events. Such output from the MSM and establishment journalists is as rare as an intelligent front bencher. {Ed: Well ok, maybe not that rare.}

And this is where citizen journalism comes into play. It is helping to fill some of the void created by the MSM. The vast majority of citizens journalists whether they use blogs or news hubs like spidered news, Information Clearing House, Huffington Post, Indymedia etc, adopt a stance that is critical of the establishment, be it the fascist regime of Washington or Democratically elected Hamas of occupied Palestine.

Sure citizen journalists are subject to their own bias, but IMO, it is of such a low degree that it simply isn’t an issue. Those that displaying significant bias usually make no attempt to hide it, not least in part because they simply don’t have to. They want to get their voice out there. They don’t need to rely on corporate subversion funding. When big money sniffs around the web, the result is usually negative. The amount of citizen journalism these days also provides a modicum of checks and balances to citizen based news and any BBC like journo-junk can easily assessed.

Not only is the establishment media brought into disrepute because of economics, but also due to its panderance to the political affiliations of its owner and it’s editors. A citizen journalist doesn’t face financial severance or career limbo should his view and actions relating to world news not agree with the mainstream line.

Therefore, The Listening Post got my goat slightly when it featured those within the MSM trying to pull down the significance, integrity and reportage importance of the citizen. One of them said wtteo: ‘citizen journalists don’t have the filter for quality that the mainstream do’ which really, was a laughable statement.

It’s not all doom and gloom in the MSM. There is the occasional gem (albeit a cubic zirconia) and some critique however tepid does make it through and is welcome. But but for the importance the MSM self-elevates itself to, it’s really is a dematerialising illusory projection.

So journo citz of the world, keep it up! I hope you increase your wonderful efforts.

The mergence of the media/politics and finance ultimately has only one winner and its certainly not us. Don’t give the bastards free reign.

Gizbert pic (and interview)

Stephen Cole pic: BBC

Old AJE info. I didn’t know David Marash  was Jewish.. all the better :)

Al Jazeera (English) – some more highs and lows

I like Al Jazeera (English), AJE, a lot. Although generally I don’t watch much TV, AJE rings my bell and gets a a good slice of my small viewing time.

It focuses on Middle East issues and gives neighbouring Central Asia some good attention too. Knowledge of that part of the world is vital to improve ones grasp of la politique globale. It is after all, the area designated by the US as the main theatre of operations in its false War OF Terror, and naturally enough, it probably contains huge amounts of the worlds next easily extracted gas and oil.

AJE does something else, and it’s this which underlies its strength and value as a broadcaster. It zooms down to the individual level, frequently reporting the tales of ordinary people caught up in (or should that be ‘made to suffer in’…) the crap that’s going on around the world today. AJE’s ‘formula’ has my deep admirable.

This kind of Journalism is common to one of my Hero’s, the magnificent John Pilger. In doing so John (and AJE) give a much clearer picture of what is actually happening – the effects of usually oppressive and policies the pathetic elite serving dreadful politicians peddle across most of the globe.

The increasing rejected and questioned UK propaganda machine – the BBC, usually just has their correspondent spinning off the same old tardy pro-ZUSUK line. It largely ignores ‘ground floor’ opinion. And unlike AJE, you’ll be hard pressed to get an accented BBC correspondent, despite AJE proving there is no correlation between journalistic merit and accent {which is the kindest assumption as to why the BBC is quite barren on that front}

BBC ex-Iraq journalist[sic] Paul Wood who didn’t
report the annhilation of the people of
Fallujah becasue he didn’t see it.

However AJE isn’t without it’s faults.

One of the most shocking hit me the other day while I was watching the series of the war against Iraq 5 years on. It is narrated by Hoda Abdel-Hamid. The program the other day looked at the sectarianism that occurred when agents acting for US interests [my opinion] bombed the al-Askari Mosque in Sammara Feb 22 2006. It also touched on previous sky-rocketing US casualties from the use of shaped charged explosives which proved deadly primarily to US heavy armour.

An improvided shaped charge
pic c/o

I’m sure many of you have seen the spectacular footage on the internet of M1A1 tanks being reduced within seconds to a pile of scrap, exposing the obvious lies of invulnerability. But Hoda made a number of assertions that Iran was connected to these weapons, and I am sure she said Iran was also involved in sectarianism. I was shocked!

Hoda Abdel-Hamid. A journalist worthy of the name
who took me by surproze recently!.

You would have to say that there are many sound arguments for Iran doing such things, and they may actually do that. BUT, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that Iran was behind these serious allegations.

I haven’t got a clue why Hoda (an AJE journo whose analysis and reports I’ve always given a good reception to) would say this. I can only imagine that there is evidence, but I can’t believe I’ve never come across it. If someone would be so kind…

Other points of soreness are AJE’s non-critical reportage of climate change. On a broader issue, notice how the term “global warming” has fallen out of favour! Oooh that pesky Holocene!. Anyway, AJE in talking about the political spat that developing over Russia’s ownership over a significant area of the Artic, they showed melting ice when saying the artic ice melting will open up new shipping routes and other economic opportunities.

This is almost always done, some visualisation is presented suggesting global warming is a reality (and therefore it’s driven through anthropogenic factors) that it is happening. Whether it be green plants growing on barren land, polar bears standing and leaping off small pieces or ice sheets collapsing and so on.

Help my ice is melting!!! Stop the third word from developing
to help me!

Aaaah new green belt! Quick lets build on it.

They have also fallen from grace over the ‘global food crisis’ scam.

While these things disappoint me, In a weird kind of way, I ‘m glad they don’t do everything that agrees with my opinion. That would be dangerously seductive and would retard my ability to think and analyze.

Still, Hoda’s Iran thing is inexplicable.




Turkey and Iraq – Operation Shekhinah


I disagree it will be by pipeline through Saudi occupied Arabia and Jordan. My prediction is through Turkey and shipped south, but the late great Joe Vialls analysis should not be disregarded.

I am on record as saying Turkey will annexe North Iraq. Over the week, Turkey has said it has withdrawn its troops, but it STILL has manned permanent bases in North Iraq. I am still 100% confident that Turkey will still try and annexe it. That it hasn’t happened this occasion does not make me believe they won’t. Turkey has built a road network in Northern Iraq, quite obviously for major military purposes. It is possible it may try and annexe via a Puppet leader in Northern Iraq, but I suspect it will do so militarily, and this was just a dummy run to test PKK and resistance tactics.

Hoda Abdel Hamid (Al Jazeera English) one of the rare unbiased reporters in the area, reported that Turkey did not attack the area where the PKK are said to have their stronghold. 

The Turkish game still isn’t Over.

It was interesting to watch a Sibel Edmonds based documentarty called Kill the Messenger, in which US/Israeli and Turkey military and nuclear technology alliance was discussed as well as Turkey’s closeness to the Zionists occupying Palestine. “here’s an embed of a Google video of Kill The Messenger.” (thanks to

Moves towards the expanding the borders of Zion continue.

It was a good fiery “Inside Iraq” this week (Al Jazeera English, AJE, Fri 9th Nov 07).

Watch here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

AJE reports that Israel is working/training with the PKK/Peshmerga in Northern Iraq. Which would be a betrayal to turkey its 3rd closest Ally after the US and UK.

 { Note Al Jazeera English reports on Turkey – Israel ties: Turkey one of the first countries to Accept the occupation of Palestine as early as 1949, Diplomatic relations since 1950, signed a joint Military defence agreement in 1996, Did not grant what was left of the destroyed state of Palestine full diplomatic states after Israel protested in 1988, has purchased Israeli aircraft system and held joint military exercises. Since 1997 it has had  a free trade agreement with Israel which in the first half of 2007, saw over 1bn$ worth of traded goods.[2] }

But of course, it’s NOT a betrayal at all. Because Turkey and Israel are just different flavours of the same food: Zionism. Zionism pulls easily manipulated people from ALL the monotheistic faiths. “Jewish” Zionists are well known, “Christian” (evangelical) Zionists have become very visible in the last 10 years or so, and the taboo (because of the association of Israel with Muslims) “Muslim” Zionists, for example the Ruling elite in Turkey and some of it’s population that worship the genocidal Young Turks of yesteryear. All Zionists have to do is cloak their dirty cause in whatever religion it wants to. The idiots in ALL these religions join up and think it’s OK to slaughter and oppress people, economically politically and socially, while believing they are on the side of God.

Zionist Turkey, Zionist  Britain, Zionist US and Zionist Israel are all the same thing. If some Israelis, Turks or Kurds get killed so what? To these scumbags the ends justified the means. See Jassim Al-Azzawi’s fact of Mossad bombing Iraqi synagogues.

You will be very hard pressed to hear any condemnation of Israel by Turkey. Instead you will hear Turkish references to Israel interlaced with generous helpings of wolds like “friend”, “partner” and “Ally”.

In the Inside Iraq program, there are many gems of cheerleading Israeli lies.  I’ll only write a few here, but I must say, the slippery pro-Israel Gissin, in a program about Israeli actions in North Iraq tried constantly to talk about Iran and Syria instead. What a surprize. To see of utter lobbox spoken, please watch his pantomime performance.

Zionist propagandist Raanan Gissin

 Raanan Gissin (Propaganda expert, picture above) [777s]: “Israel like any other country in the world is engaged in gaining intelligence information particularly in areas that are critical to its security and its survival and to the survival to the rest of the middle east, so I’m not, I don’t know about specific operations that we conduct but I can assure you, we don’t conduct any subversive activities, we don’t support terrorist activity like the Iranians do.

Propaganda schmuck Raanan Gissin again [852s]: “We are not involved in Iraq in any way that Iran is involved that Syria is involved. We do respect and support the integrity of Iraq...”

Jassim Al-Azzawi (presenter of Inside Iraq) [811s] :  “Israel conducted operation(s) in Iraq and Egypt in the 50’s, to the extent that Israeli Mossad bombed synagogues in Iraq, that ended in killing Iraqi Jews. You cannot deny that Israel will go to the end of the word in order to achieve its goals.

From what I see, the Kurds are relatively innocent grabbing onto whatever thug they think can opportunely protect them at any one particular time, understandable to some degree.

Well done Fereydun Hilmi for reporting and confirming the physical presence of Israeli by his own eyes, in addition to the numerous historical will-wishing operations of Israeli’s in the past as well as modern reports of their presence by Seymour Hersh {By the way there were reports of an Israeli presence there long before Mr. Hersh reported it recently. Reports could be found on But like so many other things, people only believe it when a mainstream source says it, illustrating the danger and the manipulation the mainstream media has. The capitulating media is the most dangerous thing to liberty. Thankfully Al Jazeera isn’t so willing to follow (and yes, it does have its faults). 

UPDATE: 16th Nov 07. Just found this:

Iraqi Turkmen, Kurds, Turks and Israelis [3] (Tuesday, November 13, 2007)
Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I expect that the ongoing Kurdish (Mossad) assassinations of Iraqi Turkmen will soon escalate into massacres, which will be used as a pretext by the Doenmeh Jews of Turkey to invade Iraq through to the oil fields of Kirkuk so as to rescue their Turkish “brothers” from the Kurds. This is a set up by World Jewry on all sides.and this…

Zionist Media finally admits: US is running death squads in Iraq [4]




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