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Anders Behring Breivik

Update: 20th April 2012 picture of Breivik on the BBC.
Do you think this is just a random pic and not specifically chosen
to try and influence your opinion of him?

I  want to make this is a separate post for matters Breivik. Elsewhere I (kind of) said:

MAIN POST: I really doubt Breivik is insane. He’s following up on his convictions. He did an evil act because he thought it was necessary and would strengthen his political ideology.


It would be interesting to hear the “rational” as to why Bush, Blair John Howard (+Aznar) were NOT mentally disordered having decided to kill hundreds of thousands of innocents, yet Breivik wasn’t.

A reply from sjamieson was:

As for Bush/Blair – I have no response to that.  Do they feel remorse? One would hope so but there is a difference in the ability to dole out death by proxy as they did and a person who decides themselves – as a lone wolf – to commit mass murder.  Bush and Blair would have found it easy to disassociate themselves – particularly as there were parties who were convincing them they were morally right.

I don’t see it like that that at all. I see no distinction. The decision to go to war especially on a crock of lies is actually worse because they themselves would not be the ones to face the consequences, meaning they have a far greater responsibility to ensure the decision to take peoples lives was that absolute ultimate decision of last resort with no other avenues open.

At least the swine Breivik put himself in the front line, which although hard to give the killer any credit at all is peculiarly and uncomfortable honorable, although of course such ‘honour’ is almost immeasurable in that he didn’t stand any significant chance of coming to harm against unarmed peaceful humanitarians. P.S. if you find the ‘honour’ thing offensive, you have simply not understood the point.

What deathmeistrs BuSh, Tony the Terrible, Howard and Aznar did is spineless. They knew it was a lie. Breivik actually believes in what he’s doing.

Why the insane claim in the first place?

If a person of darker hue did such an atrocity, you can bet your bottom (fiat)dollar that questions of sanity and findings of insanity are in all probability NOT going to arise. Because “clearly” non-whites are savages all they know is killing and uncivilized behavior, but Breivik ‘s a white European…. aaaah…. clearly as he’s NOT a savage – because he is white – he must have a ‘legitimate’ excuse, i.e. his ‘insanity’ made his a victim of his condition. Whites are only ever portrayed as well, white knights, a standard of righeousness and can do no harm, like Dante’s crusaders in his story Inferno, when in actual fact, the white race is responsible for more killings by far than any racial group. Difference is it must be ‘hidden’ from view for the illusion to work. When it’s openly exposed it must be husshed up ergo, he’s insane.

Breivik is sane, so actually are Tony the Terrible and BuSh etc. All cold calculated killers for whom the deaths of children is but a one off puff of air in the eye.
I suspect ultimately they will say he insane.

Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

I’m a movie buff and in the last few years, Scandinavian movies have shouted out, drawing deserved attention to themselves.

As a youngster, Ingmar Bergman of course was well known, but he was all that was Scandanavian cinema, at least in my eyes anyway, but as I said, that perception changed in the alst few years. Now, I like to try and hunt out these kinds of movies. Note: European cinema in general usually provides the best cinema as opposed to US, hedonistic cinema.

Hence, I was rather pleased to unexpectedly come across this:

Time Shift – Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

A bonus is that it’s narrated by Mariella Frostrup – who I’ve always had a bit of a ‘thing’ about!

This documentary, given the recent massacre of about 90 pro-Palestinian youths by Anders Behring Breivik on that Island, is made all the more interesting as it shows ‘signs’ that a Breivik style incident was quite possible. Hindsight of course, does have that property which often makes past thinking (present at the time) look rather dismal, but you must admit, that here, for example what happened to Steig Larsson, does rather force one to think that some kind of attention should have been paid to the these far right groups, be that initiated or strengthened.

The Scandinavian countries seem to have had relatively humanistic governments (although that statement could legitimately be challenged with regards to the odd action by the said governments in the recent past) and they have seemed quite open to take in refugees and so on. An USan Dr. of Philosophy Dr. Samuel Embo who I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a couple of times did a study of anti-Islamic sentiment amongst Sweeds and his findings also make me think that the authorities should have noticed the growth of this ‘hot-spot’ issue, with its potentially lethal concequences, consequences which these  unchecked pro-Nazi (hence pro-Zionist) bunch of thugs have made materialise.

Anyway, back to the movies. The documentary gives a simple possible explanation as to why Scandinavian crime fiction has grown more popular, but they left out a very important point, which most people leave out when they talk about good movies, and that is, the thing that makes these movies very good (can be found in other usually lower budget – read less computer manipulation – movies) is that of the HUMAN element. When the human elements (emotions, experiences, hard times etc) are strong, it really strengthens the movie. That US Hollywood movies focus on SFX shows why they tend to be, in general. much more shallow. That isn’t to say all SFX movies are automatically more lame, Avatar without CGI (which still looks synthetic, although the least irritatingly synthetic CGI I’ve seen) cannot really escape it but was still an OK movie overall… but of course it hid behind a ‘human’ element, without which it would have sucked.

Dear white Europeans

“Dear white Europeans, please come out in mass protests condemning the terrorist attack in Oslo, don’t be silent, the moderates amongst you must reject him. If you don’t, how do we know you don’t all agree?”

Craig Murray also put up a good post entitled “Islamophobia Run Wild” about the BBC (and other Corporate MSM) on this terrorist attack.-


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