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Idiocy of the US Presidental election pundits

Something worthy of consideration unlike the meaningless US Presidential Selection.


So now that McCain is behind in the polls all the worms come out of the woodwork and say “McCain lost the minute he chose Palin.” When of course when Palin was chosen many of those fools said Palin will pick up the Clinton vote as Clinton supporters bear a grudge against Obama – also a stupid thing to say. But not only that but pundits were going on about how Palin could pick up 50% of the US’s vote simply because she was the only woman.

If McCain wins, the pundits will no doubt say how they knew Palin would swing it for McCain all along.

But ALL of this talk of Iraqi BomberBarak Obama/McCain is utter crap. It matters not whether a nasty little dwarf of a white man or a swuave sell-out of a black man wins. They have no control over US foreign policy. That is dictated by the Ziomist lobby (their financial punch) and sordid murderous operations. The President will have no control over financial policy as the Federal Reserve has the White house by the gonads.

I remember people were devastated when Judas Kohn, more widely known as John Kerry “lost” the election. Actually he won it but deliberately didn’t contest the rigged ballots. Amazingly people said Kerry was anti-war. He wasn’t anti-war at all. He only disapproved of the way the war was handled. It was part of ‘his’ “policy” to send in an extra 40,000 troops into Iraq. He thought Bush wasn’t forceful enough.

Obama and McCain will also continue the war OF terror. To think they won’t is completely daft! Iraqi Bomber Barak Obama, the next president of the United States, bar assassination, the man who repeatedly voted IN FAVOUR OF THE WAR by agreeing to all the war funding funding bills, wants to up gear in Afghanistan AND he wants to bomb Pakistan. Despite what he says in public, I believe he will bomb Iran as McCain will do, because the Zionist lobby will tell him to (or assassinate him should he refuse) when Israyhell launches a preliminary strike against Iran.

You fools, who have spent weeks and weeks following the Presidential selection. And for what?

The Project for the New American Century lies in ruins {as some said long ago: ‘it was supposed to’}. You precious leader of the free world (a polyoxymoron if ever there was one) is going down the pan. I can hear the weeping now.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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