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The loss of trust – Healthcare and conspiraloonacy
The self declared ‘”Trustworthy” Encyclopedia’ – Hmmmm…
Notice how, like in all similar schematics, nothing is ever presented
other than the impression of it being completely safe.

Michael Howard (ex-Tory leader of the UK conservative party and guess what… Conservative friend of Israel) said of the mass murderer Tony Blair, that because he lied to us about WMD in Iraq, that the public would not trust him again if a similar situation arose again.

It was rather bizarre that someone like Michael Howard would say such a thing. Whatever. As the legendary and mighty Howard Zinn said “Just remember two words: governments lie”. Tory MP, Michael Howard was however, essentially correct.

The thing is, and it’s particularly acute these days, we have been lied to about a whole host of things. Lies have been told and cover-ups have been conducted. 9-11 and 7-7 are just two simple examples, but it extends into the field of medicine too.

The long term poisoning of aspartame are well known. Part of aspartame contains a methyl ester group, and esters undergo hydrolysis in the body due to esterase enzymes found naturally in the body. Methyl esters are the worst because of the compounds they are hydrolysed to and subsequently oxidised in the body into methanal i.e. formaldehyde. The primary metabolites (initial breakdown products) of aspartame are able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and so damage brain function. But the degrading health effects of aspartame are not halted (by banning apsartame) because the effect isn’t rapidly visible but also because it makes huge amounts of money for its manufacturers. {P.S. despite this leading Universities in the UK have conducted work on other natural methyl esters for application as emulsifiers – food processing agents commonly found in many foods, some research lead by cheered Professors}

Cover-ups and lies are embroiled with GM food, Power transmission cables, pollution via industry and nuclear power, banking/macroeconomics, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

All of which causes high levels of distrust and sees people such as myself, causing people such as myself to be virtually unable to believe almost anything the government or big business says about almost everything. Thing is, it’s possible that even if they did tell the truth, it would be difficult for me to automatically believe it, unless and until strong evidence of their claims was made available andI had time to check it out, but there are so many other things to do in life that it’s impossible to check them all out, so I draw upon related knowledge, past experience and intuition to form an opinion, and that is almost always default heavy skepticism.

My inability to trust them causes me much personal frustration (I do after all, live with the conspiracy 24/7) and especially when it comes to vaccines.

There exists today a wealth of documentation that suggests vaccines are detrimental to human health, {and also the possibility, a likelihood IMO, that vaccines will eventually display ‘the antibiotic effect’ whereby long term vaccination leads to consequences that are terribly dangerous to general health} but there have also been a number of studies which say they are (in the short term)safe. However, I cannot believe that those studies are free from bias and vested interests, not least because they involve the government but also because I know about the way scientific teams and department are funded. And it’s surely cause for suspicion that any almost every scientific “advancement”, substance, pharmaceutical or vaccine which has large commercial value, is almost always approved and spoken of as though it is completely safe (or of such low risk that people will take the chance).

So here’s the problem… If say a vaccine was actually safe (and worked – there is a difference!), then I’m left in the worst of all positions because I cannot take it at face value that they aresafe (or work), so because the effect of big pharma and government lies, I could find myself unable to embrace something which may be beneficial. The worry is, that if by rejecting something that may actually give benefit, the potential consequences are very serious, and the dilemma weighs very heavily on my mind.

I guess many conspiraloons face similar situations.

But it’s not our fault!

The breach of trust towards the little guy from govt and big pharma has taken it’s toll, and I don’t see any way back – at least from a personal, middle aged lifetime scale of things. Isn’t it foolish in the extreme when after substantial knowledge of government / big pharma lies, that those experiences be junked in favour of unquestioning trust belief?

And ignorance is not bliss, it’s just plain ignorant!

Worthy link: Medicine and the New World Order” By The Antireptilian Iration


Aspartame – Poison


Aspartame breaks down into the body by ester hydrolysis causing the production of a methoxide anion. MeO-  The basicity of which (its conjugate acid, methanol, has a pKa of about 15) to far too great to allow it to exist in that form in the body. An acid/base reaction occurs in which it bocomes protonated forming methanol (which already destroys proteins). The methanol itself then gets oxidised in the body into methanal (formaldehyde – which is also very toxic to body tissues – formaldehyde is the fluid used to preserve biological tissues in ones body). All of this is standard chemistry and biochemistry. Nothing conspiratorial about it at all and is just two (methanol / methanal) reasons not to use aspartame or food products.

The conspiracy begins here:

Food products are sometimes say on their labeles “contains a source of phenylalanine“. They say that becasue they know people don’t want to consume aspartame as people are increasingly aware of its adverse effects – a gradual slow posioning which ramps up according to quantity ingested leading to a number of debililitating conditions. They should of course say “contains the poison aspartame” but honesty and health safety comes lower on the scale of priorities of those who make millions from its sale and incorporation into food products. 

Please read about aspartame. It really is a posion. Below is just one documentary on it called: “Sweet Misery – Poisoned World” available from the superb website

(or if you prefer short URL’s :

695.1 Mb (avi format) – a download manager might prove useful here.

For what it’s worth, please petition your MP to stop the inclusion of asparatme in food products. Some MP’s have already expressed concern about it. {6,000 products contain aspartame}

Safety of artificial sweetener called into question by MP

(Roger Williams  MP)

UPDATE: Headlined on 3/22/08:
Aspartame and Rumsfeld’s Disease- A Politically-Induced Biochemical Disaster of Global Proportions at 

Aspartame – toxic sludge


I have written to friends about my previous use of Aspartame.

I once thought I was overweight and so believed if I substituted my use of sugar in my hot drinks then I would be likely to lose weight. So when making a coffee, instead of a spoon of sugar I popped a tiny aspartame tablet into my hot drink.

The taste wasn’t so nice but my desire to move away from sugar was strong enough to override my displeasure at have poorly falvoured coffee.

I suffer from headaches quite often (I’m sure it has something to do with my eyes) and experience told me that when I have a headache, use of aspartame will make it much worse. Even the smell of it would pump up the severity of my headache.

I then started to hear some cautionary tales about it, but never bothered to persure enquiry into them, so that coupled with the headache problem and the fact i wasn’t losing much weight at all made me stop using aspartame.

Last year I did manage to do a good level of reading into aspartame, including the dirty conflict of interests involving one very scumworthy Donald Rumsfeld (see pic above), the FDA and the likely corruption of the principles the FDA are charged with upholding.

Since I stopped using it, I feel it has caused or contributed to an increase in the frequency of my headaches and also the duration. I could be wrong on that but it’s seems to correlate with the time when I first started using it.

It has been mentioned in the UK Parliament and now is being debated in the US. It seems aspartames dangers are finally making it into the conventional world.

The sensible thing, like GM food is….

If you doubt the safety of a product and it has NOT undergone a rigorous long and protracted study as to it’s safety, or if there is evidence it is harmful, then don’t take the risk, simply avoid it. Diabetics – sorry but you just have to learn to adapt to non-sweet food.  

This extract is from David Ickes website:

Monday, 11 February 2008

Legislators consider aspartame ban

A set of bills before the state Legislature would ban aspartame — known also by brand names NutraSweet and Equal — as soon as Jan. 1.

House Bill 2680 is up for a vote in the Health Committee on Wednesday, giving supporters of the ban more time to prove why Hawai’i should become the first state to ban a federally approved product, a move lawmakers are unlikely to make without strong evidence of a public health risk.

Read more 

Holy Moly: Six million American children now take psychiatric behavior modifying medications.

6,000,000 !!!!!

– – – – — — – – — –

I came across this shocking story after browsing the PBS site and their occasionally challenging program “Frontline” (only video preview available at the moment)

The Medicated Child

coming Jan. 08, 2008 at 9pm (check local listings)

(60 minutes) With 6 million American children now on behavior modifying medications — some starting as young as two years old — FRONTLINE continues its investigation into the controversial practice of medicating kids. Are the drugs safe? How young can you detect mental illness in a child? Is medication really the answer? As the debate grows more fierce, FRONTLINE confronts psychiatrists, researchers, and big pharma about the risks and benefits of prescription drugs for troubled children.


This is a similiar one to the supposed arsenic contaminated farmlands in india featured on my previous post  a highly paid unawares-stooge? in the same way that the problem shouldn’t be resolved by scientists trying to make some arsenic ‘resistant’ rice but should stop the cause of arsenic poisoning, here, it shouldn’t be 6 million kids taking medicine but the reasons WHY so many kids may need to take such medicine in the first place.

I am DEEPLY suspicious about the drugs companies having conducted a personally satisfying amount of research on them, and actually pharmaceuticals is very closely related to my field of expertise.

My suspicions are that it is very likely the chemicals given to the unborn child, vaccinations, medications etc, the baby, the toddler, and the young kid which are by far the most likely cause which may casue physical damage to the body and hence affect these kids behavior. Coupled to this, along with a diet which contains high amounts of processed food is just going to make matters worse.

Big Pharma wins: It near enough forceably immunize$  young kids

Big Pharma wins: It sells them mecications to treat any damage its immunizations might have caused.


All Hail Big Pharma!

Vaccination – The Hidden Truth (1998)

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