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Raja Petra, ISA and the BBC’s sneeky journalism


AFP pic of Raja Petra as used on the BBC website

AFP pic of Raja Petra as used on the BBC website

The Malaysian blogger, Raja Petra (which on a point of trivia, probably means he’s related to the Malaysian royal family in the North East of the county)  has a site called Malaysia today. It is very critical of the Malaysian government.

In an article by the BBC we are informed of Raja Petra’s detention under the countries ISA law. At the side of the page, Malaysia Today is the first link under the “RELATED INTERNET LINKS ” section. The link to Malaysia Today is fair enough, we’d expect an organisation which never tires telling us how good and impartial (!) it is, to live up to that once in a while and give a balance or reasonable discussion in it’s reports. Although solely in regard to their filed reportz, I must say, I’ve never seen one that doesn’t discuss Malaysia in anything other than in a negative light. It’s worth bearing in mind that there may actually be ‘favourable’ reports, but I’ve never seen a single one!

Raja Petra is challenging the the Malaysian ruling class – which is known for also being heavily intertwined with the business class. As such, Petra’s activities are to be welcomed (if legitimate). Critique of any power structure (including and especially anything calling itself Islamic) is in my opinion an essential part of a healthy society.

But when it comes to SOME news stories the BBC’s impartiality goes out of the fake, self declared window!

Disagree? Look up a selection of BBC Newz articles about 7-7 and 9-11. See how many times they link to  and You’re going to be sadly disappointed. I saw a link to loose change but guess what? It linked to google video, not their website at (which weirdly now directs to some blog)

But it’s not just that. When did you last see a link to etc.

Answer: You probably didn’t and you probably wouldn’t.

Like the tactics of the British empire of old, the BBC is (intentionally or not)pursuing a line of ‘divide and conquer’ whereby it appears to encourage dissent/strife abroad (Russia, Malaysia, Sudan etc) which strangely happens to correspond with the British government foreign policy, but when that dissent relates to serious British domestic issues and British/occidental centres of power, the BBC vividly practices self-censorship against alternative streams of information.

This makes made the think once more about “BBC BLOGS” – Why do they exist? I’ve suggested one or two reasons in the past. In these blogs/forums you do find subjects like 9-11 and 7-7 getting a bit more of a discussion there, and that’s good, however in those ‘informal’ pages, you will find no links to things like the 9-11 and J7 truth campaigns (if you find one PLEASE let me know !) but it allows the BBC to claim that it has had an even handed approach to matters like the state sponsored terrorist actions of 9-11 and 7-7

I hope all Brits bin their TV, depriving the BBC the TAX which funds it. Its serious documentary works can largely be obtained on the internet, as can much more accurate factual and less prejudicial reports of stories around the world from different organisations.

Here’s hoping TPTB in the Malaysian government come to their senses and release Mr. Petra.

P.S. Please read John Pilgers latest article relating to the perverse (dictator director of BBC newz), Helen Boaden . The article is entitled: “A MURDEROUS THEATRE OF THE ABSURD

And on the subject of balance, here’s a zionist blogger saying

“BBC is trying to rewrite history by lying about Israel, spreading anti-semetic ideas, and make it appear that anyone that is willing to fight Radical Islam is clueless.”

in an article entitled: “BBC Lies About Bush Speech, Then Tries To Cover It Up” Give it a read see if he’s right and I’m wrong.


BBC Journo’s Blogs – huh?


I have to laugh at the idea of BBC journo’s having a blog. I think I’ve only ever been to 3, and only story in each:

1)That idiot who told us the BBC lost tapes relating to its output on 9-11 (WTC-7 pre-collapse) because of cock-up and not conspiracy.

2)Mr. Preston on the Nothern Rock(bottom)

3) Justin Webb’s about Hillary and Obama doing a deal. (today)

It’s nuts that they have a blog, becasue they already express ‘their opinion’ in their news reports. Even if you say their reports do not contain their own opinion as that would be unprofessional of a BBC journalist (pfffffff!) I can guarantee you: Any personal opinion they do state in their blog is NOT going to be anything that contradicts what they say or implied in their standard report.

Is the blog therefore for debate?
You must be joking! No BBC journo blogger is going to change his mind from anything that gets said on his blog. Look at Justin Webb’s He has 8 comments. Here’s the best bits as to what they say:

commentator 1: “You must be out of your mind. get real”
commentator 2: “talk of…are premature to say the least. ”
commentator 3: “I find this article very strange…You do not appear to be an “honest broker'”
Justi commentator 4:“I’ve just read another one of your brilliant blogs and articles”
commentator 5:“The implication in your comment Justin is that somehow for him [Obama] to continue his candidacy would be taking the moral low road”
commentator 6: “What are you taking and where can I get some?”
commentator 7: “Your comment…you reporters are either too ignorant or too blind…insulting…Perhaps you need to check your moral high-ground. Seems to me you are in quicksand. ”
commentator 8: “Shouldn’t it be the other way around…do some math before getting all whipped up”

Somehow I can’t image Justin telling people where he gets banana-skin and Jumbo Rizla’s from.

Is it to let people let off steam?
Possibly. It can be argued that letting off stream can be a good thing, but I have little doubt some use its consequences (post-release apathy) to allow the rot to continue, and therefore, facilitate ‘the venting of steam’.

Is it becasue of panic?
Aaah. I suspect so. The BBC is doing a great job at self-assisted suicide, when it does things like take footage of “prince” Harry (securely) in Afghanistan while keeping it hidden from the eyes of its financiers – the public. An organisation who does not launch a major attack on mass murderer Tony bLiar now that it is well known that Andrew Gilligan was right and David Kelly was right, and today it agree to a “D-notice” about keeping stumm about a very curious event in Iraq where some British people doing strange things were captured last year. Worthy of mention of course, is it’s overwhelming desire NOT to look behind the “official story”, in total opposition to what should be a journalists chief obligation of serious events like the awful July bombings in London 2005.

The BBC’s believeability has been rotting away like the mind of a British PM that’s been in office too long, and it’s ex-audience is on the web getting REAL news, real honest analysis or even propaganda that reinforces their mindset – without needing to lie that it’s neutral.

I would love the BBC {well, the news and political wing of it} to actually be the organisation it spends lots of our money trying to kid us into thinking it is what it pretends to be –  But it isn’t!– and people are turning away from it, only returning when it does it’s job and brings to the public the corrupt workings of the shady establishment players, politicians and filthy rich. So the BBC tries to get in with the in-crowd.

Surely that is the reason why the BBC has blogs.

Just to finish, not too long ago, the BBC would have a reporter and a film crew somewhere around the world whereby the studio reporter could ask them questions (LOL!) and the on-site reporter would answer. The sound and imagery were damn fine. Now however, we get some blocky shaky, lag-prone freezing 512 pixel hand phone image with crackly sound. Not only that but it conns people around the world to submit images of news events. Interactivity? lobbox! cheapskateism, so Nick Witchell can make fawning propaganda with “prince” Harry in the most secure place in Afghanistan murdering people and making it seem somehow “honourable” and “brave”

Now strangely, Noel Edmonds doesn’t seem quite so annoying!  


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