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Trickle down economics

I remember the slimy BBZ doing a business report from India. That a poor man was able to set/have his own bus driving business was used to show what a great success the Indian economic model was. I remember my reaction to this story was one of puzzlement at how exactly this could be regardd as a success story because I think (I can’t remember exactly now as it was some time ago) the bus-driver had to work a huge number of hours per day, hence spent a long time away from his family, in order to service his loan. Frankly, it looked like the man was in a bit of a precarious position. If he was indeed working so long I didn’t see much chance of him being able to take on extra work and pay off his loan more quickly.

But it was classical BBZ, selectively choosing and talking up something that agrees with the agenda it serves – a capitalist dominated ‘usury is great‘ type outlook.

Anyway, the BBZ reporter hailed the bus-drivers case as a good example of the success of the ‘trickle down’ economy, which again I found to be a rather odd thing to say, people at the very end of the (fake)money pile only getting a trickle is good. Strangely enough, the program didn’t show any victims of the Bhopal disaster (or see the toxipedia website) mass death and even more mass injury thanks to those nice people at Dow Chemicals.

Neither did it show the huge quantities of Indian farmers who were dispossessed of THEIR ancient and ancestral pastoral lands as well as those who were forced to use Monsanto terminator seeds, all of which have lead to the thousands of farmers committing suicide over the years. Oh no! The BBC didn’t show any of this (again as far as I can recall).

Anyway, what triggered this rantlet was that I had just looked ay Xymorphia’s website and found this rather more accurate truism: “Trickles Down? No, Streams Offshore!“. That’s the full picture which the horrible BBZ newz and current affairs division just happens to conveniently forget to inform you of.

Aung San Suu Kyi – the wolf in lambs clothing?

I don’t like military dictatorships, like the one in Burmah, and either does John Pilger. I like the works of John Pilger very much!

Pilger likes Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) and often writes in support of her. However John, like me, doesn’t like the BBC. But today ASSK praised the BBC – and the BBC wasn’t shy to publicise as much.

I remember seeing an interview with ASSK and it triggered alarm bells in my head. ASSK was saying that her vision for Burmah was (I’m paraphrasing) to be a mirror of typical Western countries. That would involve massive Corporatization of Burmah resulting in an already impoverished people be impoverished even more at the expense of the emergent middle and upper wealth class.

I feel John must have missed out on these things (i.e. the warning signs).

Although I am very sorry about ASSK’s personal history, I get the impression if she was allowed to have taken the role of Burmah’s leader, then it would not bring benefit to those who most needed it, but merely a different kind of slavery and oppression.

To praise a horrible propaganda outlet like the BBC is extreme (possibly naive) foolishness and another ominous warning sign as to what lies in store for the people of Burmah.

In the UK we have the same problem. Each political side is just a different cheek on the same arse.

I wonder if Pilger will ever see his friend fall from grace? I have never seen Pilger so ‘happy’ to interview her. His respect for an apparent peoples leader who has opposed a military leviathan may have, or may be, obscuring his vision. At one stage wondered if Pilger would be like this with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, but to his credit, Pilger included a caveat about Hugo Chavez when he warned about leaders holding power for too long, saying time would tell as to whether it’s touch would prove corrupting. I will end by saying thankfully Hugo doesn’t seem to been driven mad by power yet, but I have little option by to adopt the stance that ASSK has already had the touch.

We shall see, and so I fear will be the people of Burmah.

When is fear and panic, fury?

When it’s the pathetic BBC inventing words in assistance to the hands that feed it – the hell bound regime currently occupying Palestine.

Update: Afterwards, you would do well to read Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin (Middle East Correspondent) about this issue: or

The BBC headlines :

Israel fury at UK’s Livni warrant” – What fury? Which one of the Ziofreak child killers said the word “fury/furious”? This word ‘fury’ ONLY appears in the headline! None of the Zioscum are quoted as saying it. The BBC is putting words into their foul mouths. The unusual use of the word fury is to make it look as if Israyhell has incurred some serious unjust action. The BBC’s reporting is ropey ar the best of times and when it’s about the US administration, it’s sickening but when it’s about Israyhell it’s positively corrupt.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the BBC’s ME page.

Interesting that

I know what this is, it’s a total coincidence that there it’s kind of like the Union Jack flag. Slippy tZippy standing in front of the stupid British flag bringing a level of ‘association’ of her to the UK – making her one of us.

Can you imagine if the very twisted David Milliband was a Muslim and that some Muslim country somewhere had killed 410 children for him to interfere with the British legal system in order that the killers of those kids got off scott free?. There would be nationwide uproar. Milliband would be sacked and probably stand no chance of winning a seat in the next election.

But twisted Milliband is Jewish, so anything goes.

David Milliband. The idiot schoolboy British Foreign Secretary who’s Zionist
slaveishness, does not play any part whatsoever in how he directs British foreign policy.
Well that’s what he would say so let’s believe him shall we, and all the other Zionists
in the UK

Millibandit again…


– Lets take another look at BBC mind manipulation coincidence…

Notice “Israel and the Palestinians” – No mention of Palestine. That’s right, there is a bunch of people called Palestinians IN Israyhell. Bah humbug. That is coincidence too, it’s not that the BBC presstitutes have mentally sterisised their own minds to come up with disgraceful little tricks like that. Oh no.

These Ziofreaks should face a court of international law for their actions, the consequences of a guilty verdict resulting in them being hung. But that’s not going to happen. The UK is a dastardly slave to and supporter of Israyhell.


BBC Baloney – protecting Merck’s commercial interests

(I shouldn’t swear, so title changed)

In Dec 2007, I published an article A case for anti-vaccination, I transcribed an interview {the interview can be found in the documentary In Lies We Trust – go here:} with Dr. Maurice Hilleman (now deceased as of 11th April 2005)

An extract of that video, in which Hilleman is interviewed, can be found here:

Here’s a snipped from the transcription:

Hilleman:  Well that was in Merck, I came to Merck and I was going to develop vaccines, and we had wild viruses in those days, you remember the wild monkey kidney virus’s and so forth, and I finally after six months gave up. I said that you cannot develop vaccines with these damn monkeys. Were finished and if I cant do something about it I’m gonna quit. Am I going to try it? So I went to see Bill Mann at the Zoo in Washington DC and I told Bill Mann, I said “Look, here’s a, I got a problem, I don’t know what the hell were doing, Bill Mann is a really bright guy, and I said these lousy monkeys are picking it up  while being stored in the airports, in transit at these loading offloading and loading. He said its very simple. He said you go ahead get the monkeys out of west Africa, and get the African Green, bring ‘em into Madrid. Onload them there, there are no other traffics through there for animals, Fly them into Philadelphia, pick ‘em up. Or fly them pick ‘em up in New York and pick ‘em up. Right off the airplane.

[2:16] Hilleman: So I brought African Greens in. I didn’t know we were importing AIDS virus of course at the time.”

Dr Maurice Hilleman, pioneer of over 40 vaccines, believed this is where HIV came from. I wish I knew the date he was interviewed.

This was well before todays story on the BBC:

HIV source according to BBC

In that typically disgraceful article, the BBC says:

“Although HIV/Aids was first recognised by scientists in the 1980s, it is thought it first entered the human population early in the twentieth century in the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The virus probably originally jumped into humans after people came into contact with infected bush meat.

SIV viruses have been reported in other primates, including gorillas.”

“It is thought” – This is a classic piece of modern day junk journalism. Even wikipedia calls this ‘weasel words’ and warns against it. Andwhen seemingly factual points are given, wikipedia in an attempt to improve the quality of its entrys, often suffixs’ the statement with [citation neeed]. Even wikipedia is putting the BBC to shame.

So BBC, who thinks this? What are those supposed ‘thoughts’ based on?  Why not quote the words of Dr. Maurice Hilleman himself, who said it came from African Green monkeys, which MERCK exploited and ultimately gave HIV/AIDS to the world.? What of that BBC? – you sheishmeisters!  

The BBC’s miserable junk continues: “The virus probably originally jumped into humans after people came into contact with infected bush meat.” – ‘Probably’ & ‘originally’. Again BBC, who exactly thinks this? Who thought it was possible? Names and data if you please! How can your miserable attempt to give an explanation that avoids litigation square with the fact that Gorilla and chimp bushmeat were consumed for thousands of years! It’s pathetic! Come on BBC try and haul yourself out of the presstitutes red light house and act like a news organisation for a change. Are you watching Helen Boaden you most notorious of newz madams.

You see, by spitting out this liquid poo, the BBC helps MERCK avoid hundreds of millions of law suits which could and should bankrupt the company. Yet another example of the mergence of the established media with corporate interests. It may not even be deliberate but the culture and the career pathway in writing this slime opens up to people who already have the predisposition to let corporatism flow from their pen. It’s becoming a way of life.

Can the BBC be sued for spreading bullshit like this? If there is a MERCK friendly plant in the BBC, for example someone with MERCK shares or someone that benefits from MERCK’s financial success, then it’s very there is indeed a case for at least the prosecution of a individual if not the BBC. But newspaper and magazines companies get sued for carrying libel and stuff like that so hopefully the BBC couls also be subject to that.

And MERCK, oh MERCK, I hope every victim of your vaccine death bombs an grieving relatives sue the crap out of you.

Propaganda Time

For a couple of reasons I put a little bit of effort into trying to watch the BBC Question Time program now and again, but this week I’ve been frustrated.

Not happy with ripping people off to the tune of £139.50 a year,  for mostly government propaganda, they rip licence payers off again who are currently overseas. Its “i>player” (complete with default crap logo) won’t open if you try and access content from a location other than in the UK.

In an attempt to try and find a clever way around this (have failed so far) I stumbled across this little ditty by Nick Higham a one time (still is a??) BBC Journalist:

Background: It was about the 13th Sept 2001 Question Time (two days after 9-11). The program caused some controversy.

Here’s Nick [via a weary lwtc247 made transcript]:

It degenerated as I understand it at time into something of a shouting match as People very forcefully arguing that they – the Muslims in the audience arguing very forcefully that America had to some extent brought this upon itself. And also I think the BBC now thinks that the make-up of the studio audience was not sufficiently representative, that there weren’t as one person put it to me, one senior BBC executive, not “Not enough representative of middle-England who would have take a very uncomplicated but pro-American line on this.

Good old BBC.

If its not shifting junk like that awful “Eastenders” trash at you (and you’re stupid enough to watch) or blatant propaganda, for example this: “Saddams Bomb” – the mother of all BBC propaganda, {nay propaganda isn’t the word… jingoistic hideous lies is probably better}  then, as Nick let it slip, it’s pushing bland political conditioned thought upon you.  

I salute those who refuse to pay the licence.

On Question Time Manchester, 25th Sept 2008

Vince Cable MP is one of those rare things in politics, a lawmaker who has a strong grasp of economics. Quite unlike the majority of the other pathetic intellectually inept careerist pole licking goosestepping fascists, alternatively known as MPs.

The old, tired, uninspiring, failure prone, cowarldly, blind, pro-Zionist and corrupt practices by government (and to some extent opposition) is an indelible stain on the whole secular plutocratic political system.

You may possibly at this point be thinking I’m not a huge fan, but there are people within that system I respect. Cable is one as is George Galloway. However becasue they operate within that flawed system, it’s only a matter of time before they say something that makes me wince. I’ve written about one or two such moments involving a particular Mr. George Galloway before, but this time it’s I’ve had a Vince wince.

Vince was on the BBC’s Question Time, 25th Sept 2008 from Manchester and was given the first shot at the most obvious opening question… Re: the Bush administration deciding to use $700,000,000,000 (700 billion) taxpayers money to bail out a number of usurous companies in the US.

Vince said:

We shouldn’t go down the same road… We have a facility already if the banks are short of cash they can go to the Bank of England. We’ve learned from the painful experience of Northern Rock that if a bank . goes down it has to be dealt with decisively either its\a a private sector  solution and it is bought over immediately or it has to be taken into public ownership promptly. that’s the lesson we’ve learned from that.

Oh Vince! Come on mate!!! that’s very disappointing! I’d have thought you’d have the insight and balls to have mentioned the third option… “Let it go to the Wall !” like hundreds of thousands of failed business since trade was regulated. How could that not have gone trough Vince’s mind. I’d imagine it did, but he decided to self-censor himself.

Eerily, Derek Simpson, General Secretary of the Trades Union Unite. {This post won’t focus on the failings of Union leadership} said something but in a sublte way…:

I find this quite fascinating that were going to blame the people, were going to blame the government, were going to listen to explations about what other people would do, when We know full well for example, that the conservatives wanted to dergulatte the finance market even further.

The people thats done this, IMO are people who have manipulated the finance market, become extrmely fabously rich, and walked away making millions,IMO,  while millions of us to pick up the pieces. Thats what’s happened.

What i find fascinating is the bastion of the free market, America, now own half the morgaages in the America and have natinalised the biggest insurance company in the world and there applying socoalism! Which is an amaxing nationalsisation socialism.

but donet be fooled by it becasu what they’s done is they’ve socilaised the risk, not they’s still capaitalised the profiuts. becasu its the people that are paying the debt, not the people hat have caused it in the first place. Of course the governemss going to get the flack becasue what the govt at the moment. that’s the way things are. but they can do things. I understand BArak Obama in Ameica is suggested that  rather than let the housieng market the mort market collapse.  we should peng the interst rate at the bottom at 3% down at the bottom so people can continue to pay and stay in the homes.

…Vince Cable mentioned social housing…

I think sooner or later The politicans and currently it will be the labout government has to come around with a package that protects people from the… [sentence not finished]. Regulation, Everyone talks about regulation. We’ve even got church minister talking about it regulation…

Why should we let the the irresponsible behavious of a few cause/threaten the financial stability of many.

Did you spot it? Look at the Obama bit. Dez also operates within the current financial straight jacket whereby they are still having to pay for their home loan. My proposal is the kind of radical position Dezzy should be pushing. Those homeowners who were conned or ill-advised to take out loans beyond their means, should be GIVEN their house should the company/bank they are contracted to collapse. Why force them to pay? yoy may think I’m being unkind to Dez, because he said he wanted to keep people in their homes, but adding a sprig of garnish to a rotten banana doesn’t improve the underlying taste.

As for the Church being involved in this or ANY OTHER religious institution dipping its sizeable toe into those waters, shame on all of you. You are the very ‘money changers’, the propagators of riba that gave rise to the only ever time Jesus was reported to have shown anger.

And Hazel Beers saying [house]repossession would be the last measure made me shudder, not just becasue she was talking, but because it should ALWAYS have been the priority, but it never was.

Hazel Beers. Minister for something.

Its only now that panic is setting in amongst those who are set to lose money should too many people get turfed out of their house and free of having to repay loans (on the hightest house prices ever) left with now devaluing houses and nobody willing to buy them.


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