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Praise be to the Luddites

The Luddittes were a group of people who, whether they fully knew it or not, were visionaries of the human consequences of mechanization. The Luddites are generally associated with the early 1800’s, in the middle of the industrial revolution, whereupon they destroyed factory based mechanized processes particularly those found in textile mills.  They probably did so for primarily selfish reasons – they didn’t want to be out of a job.

The industrial revolution was in essence the result of development in the understanding of science, in particular energy and the ability to exploitation that energy along with the discovery/realization of abundant, easily extracted energy sources – coal and oil.

But it is a great pity they failed. I feel this because I believe the mechanization/automation we have today has overall, lead to a much worse human society than would have been the case. I have no crystal ball, but I do know mechanization and automation have lead to a military capability that would be extremely difficult to equal or surpass otherwise.

As so the the modern age.

My workplace recently introduced a finger(print) scanner to ‘clock-in’. I am going to refuse to use it. Hence I’m a neoLuddite. I’m not sure what the consequences will be, and I am very sure my reasons will carry no weight whatsoever. But I am extremely tired of unthinking {that is simply meant as a statement of truth. In no way should be be taken as an insult, because it is certainly NOT said for the purposes of insulting} people just following the ‘flow’ of society which I am sure WILL only have negative consequences to later generations. History shows mankind – does it not? – that if there is ‘something’ that can be used to gain an advantage over people, then there are some who will seek to capture/acquire/possess/monopolize that ‘something’

That ‘something’ is electronic data.

And don’t even for a second dare parrot out the “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear”. That’s exactly the kind of unthinking regurgitation-without-thought of someone else’s incorrect and hollow catchphrase which annoys me so much. Personally speaking, whether I have something to hide or not, I simply don’t want anything of my life to be available for others to view – other than what I want them to see, and I don’t want ANY information about me to be viewable and manipulable by any other person. Sadly there is info about me already out there, but I don’t want to exacerbate the problem.

Besides, the human trait of ‘ dignity‘ alone dictates that privacy is essential to humans.

For some years now, I have been of the opinion that the more electronic data we have, the less privacy we will have and the more that data will be used by the evil powers that be – that means governments folks! The idiots in society believe the answer is greater cyber security, e.g. data encryption. I totally disagree. The NATURE of electronic information makes it inherently insecure. The answer to e-information theft and fraud is to have LESS of it, a Luddite concept if you will.

I am not going to have my fingerprint data stuck on some crappy machine that even a little kid could download, or for some spooky individuals to try and frame me with something should the desire take them. Neither do I want someone using that information to try and defraud me.

What brought all this on? The BBC/BBZ article about a part of Britain’s “intelligence” network sponsoring a prize for what it calls “Cyber Security”. The winner is quoted as saying

“We’re going into an age of cyberwarfare… it’s very important that there are experts out there that can keep people safe” – Jonathan Millican UK Cyber Security Champion

Source: (remove the three tilda’s in www)

Come on, that BS. GCHQ doesn’t give a rats arse about keeping people safe. Thy expect me to believe the very godless scum that keeps almost half the population on less than $10 a day and 1 billion people hungry each day are to be trusted to keep the people safe????? How utterly ridiculous. Well, maybe not that ridiculous – it actually does want to keep some people safe: the people safe who threaten the safety of most ordinary people on the planet. The kind of scum that gets a thrill out of killing innocent Afghan people while sponges off the people and one day may be the King of Britain.

I predict like the Luddites of old that I too will fail, but I’d rather resist and fail than to jellyfish out and fail.

So that’s it then, we’re getting a single currency

Update 8-Apr-09:
ESSENTAIL READING ( About the recent G20 meeting and the directions they are embarking upon. NWO is just about here!
End of update.

 Seenetial I just replied back to Antireptilian a few hours ago [here] mentioning the global currency, and that Obomber was putting up a pretence that it wasn’t something the US was interested in. I knew his pretence is fake having educated myself as to what the hell is actually going on with the planet.

Here’s an Al-Jazeera (English) clip on the original ‘idea’:



A number of days ago China (who holds vast quantities of US debt) floated the idea publicly. Us informed loons saw this coming YEARS ago. “China’s idea” (LOL)drew a publicly cold response from Obomber a few days ago. As I said, so obviously fake.

Now we get this…


Story at Information Clearing House,

So the pretence is dropping – like a lead balloon! Bloody hell.!

Antireptilian said:

“the New World Order, i feel, has been forced to play it’s hand early.”

It seems those words are chillingly accurate. Hang onto your hats folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride – perhaps the very last ride you’ll ever take.

At what point will Brits be able to taste the fascism?




Come on you nation of shopkeepers! Grab your pitchforks. Grab the fascists that are destroying your freedom and that of your children. Do what you can to resist this Orwellian biometrics.

Once your databased, there is no going back.

The lying liars and the ones they serve first

The little sod Liam Byrne,
who tells the public
AFTER everyone else
about his buddies latest
step into fascism.

This today from Yahoo news…

“LONDON (AFP) – European air travellers to Britain will be screened with automatic facial recognition technology from this summer in a bid to tighten security and ease congestion, the government said Friday.”
Source here.

Notice “the government said Friday” That is this Friday, the 25th April 2008.

But the government had already briefed others to do such a thing BEFORE they bothered to announce it on 25th April 2008. Yet on 25th March 2008, one ENTIRE month earlier, I reported that BA flights were telling foreign travel agents their customer would have to submit biometric data.

Yet more proof that this
INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT government, acts not in the interests of its citizens, but of other interests which result in those characteristics above manifesting.

I can almost visualize hear some crappy politician groaning at the inconvenience of having to do something to finally let the public know something the non-public has already been told at least one month earlier.

It’s pathetic.

PLEASE, Good people, REFUSE to submit to this biomentic/ID/database information. It is far more likely that the sleazy, self serving murderers in Westminster are pushing this through NOT in YOUR interests, and it will only cause US more serious problems later on.

I believe there is nothing more valuable to a government (which is already proven its strong fascistic tendency)than the biometric database, for strengthening that very fascism that grows daily.



Biometric Data Required For Domestic British Airways Flights


I spend large amounts of time in Asia.

There was an opportunity recently to get a cheap ticket home.

Manchester is my home town, but I couldn’t get a direct flight from where I am here. Getting to London was no problem, so I enquired about flights from London to Manchester as I knew there are about 9 LHR-MAN flights every day. It also ment I’d have less time waiting in transit in Mumbai or whatever.

To my horror, the agents ticketing enquiry stated that I’d have to supply biomentric data for my flight from Heathrow to Manchester! WHAT? Biometrics for a domestic flight? I couldn’t believe it. I dont have a biometric PP, and I DEFINATELY DON’T WANT ONE, and I will resist ANY attempt to have one forced upon me, to which I urge all other resistros to held steady and resist similarly. The flight in questions was a BA flight.

 My reason for not wanting a biometric PP (or ID card) is that I have absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever, that biometric data will be used for corrupt and deadly purposes by the government or branches associated with it. It is a restriction on liberty and will only make the purported “criminals” more inventive and harder to catch and electronic data of peoples details is the single most powerful tool the establishment has for consolidating the fascism present in British society today.

Not to mention the government is already reported to be selling database information to private companies as well as losing the data – for which the government should be sued!

 So I had to get another flight which was biometric free.

I was astounded that I could fly into the UK from abroad with no biometrics, but to travel around my own country needed biometrics.  This does not mean I do or would accept biometrics be a requirment on foreigners, but IF it were to be introduced for the purposes the government says it’s for, then it would be foreign people (all 6 billion of them) who should be the principle ‘threat’ to the security of the UK.

But of course that explains everything, becasue the UK govt DON’T expect the greatest threat from foreigners but from ‘their’ own people and want to exercise the greatest control it can over its domestic populace. It’s a recurring theme. What threat do homies pose and why the need to try and impost total control (i.e. fascism)? becasue it is the citizens of the UK that are the ONLY ones that have the power to bring a halt to all this madness, and overthrow the dire rot that is at the heart of our power centres today.

 Additional fron Neal (Iron Clay ) – See how ‘good’ biomentics is and how its being spun…

IC 25/03/2008 News Headlines
Say goodbye to queues at Customs

It’s all so easy isn’t it.
Note to travel now you need The Mark of The Beast ??
But did you know that ALL these Biometric Signatures / faces and fingers are owned by America now?? CIA has obtained every Biometic Data base in the world. Yes this is the same CIA who orchestrates most of the Terrorism round the world.
Peace and Safety. Well that’s about to come to an end.


Say goodbye to queues at Customs

Kiwis flying across the Tasman could soon be getting through airports more quickly with the help of automatic passport-reading machines.

New Zealand and Australian travellers with electronic passports will be able to put themselves through passport control without having to queue.

Passengers put their passports into a machine similar to a ticket kiosk that downloads details, including an electronic image of the passport holder’s face.

Passengers are then given a coupon for a gate, at which cameras and computers using facial recognition technology do the checks done till now by customs officers.

Customs comptroller Martyn Dunne said New Zealanders had been able to use the SmartGate at Brisbane Airport since late last year and the system would soon be set up in Sydney.

Similar machines would be tested in Wellington in the next few months and he expected the system would be available for all trans-Tasman travel in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

At first it would be available only to New Zealanders and Australians with electronic passports but he expected it would later be available to those from other countries.

Travellers would still have to go through the airport baggage-checking system and some people would still be pulled aside.

“All this is processing people and takes away the necessity to handle everybody in a one-to-one contact,” Mr Dunne said.

New Zealanders and Australians accounted for 60 per cent of all trans-Tasman passengers and it would streamline the procedure for most people.

An electronic passport control system that automatically checks that travellers are who they say they are and does the routine immigration and customs checks everyone is put through when arriving at the border. It should reduce airport queues.

How does it work?
The SmartGate kiosk reads data, including an electronic photo on the microchip embedded in electronic passports issued since 2005. Computers use facial recognition technology to verify the passenger’s identity. If they match, passengers go through automatically – if not, they have to be checked by a customs officer.


I don’t subscribe to the Sex Pistols ‘culture’ (if that isn’t beyond them) but I think this song is quite appropriate…


“God Save The Queen”

God save the queen
The fascist regime
They made you a moron
Potential H-bomb
God save the queen
She ain’t no human being
There is no future
In England’s dreaming
Don’t be told what you want
Don’t be told what you need
There’s no future, no future,
No future for you
God save the queen
We mean it man
We love our queen
God saves

God save the queen
‘Cause tourists are money
And our figurehead
Is not what she seems

Oh God save history
God save your mad parade
Oh Lord God have mercy
All crimes are paid

When there’s no future
How can there be sin
We’re the flowers in the dustbin
We’re the poison in your human machine
We’re the future, your future

God save the queen
We mean it man
We love our queen
God saves

God save the queen
We mean it man
And there is no future
In England’s dreaming

No future, no future,
No future for you
No future, no future,
No future for me

No future, no future,
No future for you
No future, no future
For you


Data leakage won’t stop issue ID fascism.


I refuse to carry a UK ID card. I refuse to have a biometric passport. I Refuse to have my DNA taken.

I know that stance is going to cause me problems in the future and I am definitely not looking forward to it.

The reason why I take this stance is because I am utterly convinced the UK government will use that data for tyrannical means, and of course others WILL manage to get it and also use it for nefarious purposes.

In contrast to the governments stinking lies and spin about ID, it won’t be anything other than a new powerful tool to allow them to toughen their fascist grip over the people and spy on them with ease and impunity; The establishment still don’t get it do they? Their role is supposed to REPRESENT the common citizen,  NOT ‘rule over’ then, dominate them or oppress them. A government of the people for the people. Difficult for elitists to come to terms with that isn’t it? – Power to alter other peoples lives is an awesome aphrodisiac. Loss of it must be avoided.

Anyway, perhaps I shouldn’t get so steamed up about it. After all it’s a nakedly secular system, something I must disagree with, something that will always be doomed, being built upon the flippant and erroneous perceptions of mankind, laced heavily to allow the pursuit of selfish indulgence. That’s secularisms bedrock, but it would be foolish to ignore that there is some well intentioned people and policy that accompanies it. But I do get steamed up about it because secular laws impinge upon me, those I love and those I regard as friends. Not only that, but I energize myself on this topic because it is to detriment of my fellow man whether they realize it or not, and given the practicalities of le heure d’jour, who not make the most of a bad situation? After all, didn’t Joseph (Yusof) – the prophet with the amazing coat, advise the Pharaoh (Fir-a’oun)? Yeah, I’m not Joseph of course but perhaps the lesson can be applied?

But I predict, like in almost ALL other cases, my fellow Brits will just obey the Sheepdog. Perhaps they’ll hold a ‘feel-good’ march and then kowtow afterwards leaving just a handful of highly principled people behind. Certainly, that’s what the historical body of evidence suggests will happen.

I dunno… Sometimes you have to wonder what’s the point in doing it?, not just about this topic, but other related issues too. In the end, if your life to have any meaning whatsoever, you really do have to take a principled stance on some issues. And I am quite happy with the level of research I’ve done into all this to believe that I am in the right camp.

I just hope it will mean something when it all pans out.

I’ll finish on these quick points:

The more ID we have in this world, the more ID related problems we will face and the greater the seriousness of these problems. I want a society where is about the same as the current level ID or perhaps even a lower level than what we have now, because I believe that the liberty from anonymity is more beneficial than any problems that stem from less anonymity.

More ID will not stop terrorism. It will make any terrorists harder to spot.

Why do we need more ID as opposed to the ID level we had previously? Were on a circular esculator here folks!

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