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BRICS new bank.

Brasil, Россия, भारत, 中国 and South Africa are to create their own reserve/development bank.

It seems like many who oppose the domineering ‘western’ world hegemony, and want to see it end, will applaud this move which is said to pose a challenge to the IMF and World Bank (and probably make inroads into the realm of the Bank of International Settlements).

This isn’t a unique phenomenon. For example Russian military hardware often gets utterances of awe and beauty while instantly dismissing – in their expert opinion – the F-35 as junk. This even extends to the point where Russian women are held up as being more beautiful than western women.

What I’m saying here, is that when people who have thankfully managed to blow away the western smoke-screen of self-promotional guff, to see the awful reality underneath, then these people have a tendency to automatically jump into the opposing camp, even though really  it is just a parallel of what it is they hate.

There are many examples from many walks of life. You sometimes see it in Islam too. People whose hearts have switched on to Islam, get manipulated by some group that want’s to advance its own agenda and in the guise of ‘learning new information and/or new ways of thinking, can end up making these people trying to switch off other peoples hearts by killing them [I advise all new Muslims never to join one of these ‘groups’ – advise they are of course free to ignore].

Microfinance is the same. “Oh, those nasty nasty BIG banks. They are so mean denying loans (usury!) to the poor, hence keeping them poor. Hooray for Muhammad Yunus!” – Yeah great, envelop the poor in usury and charge them massive levels of interest.

It is a mental (political) bipolarism, and it seems detrimental to our own humanity; a version of “Four legs good, two legs bad“; heads I win tails you lose.

The way to oppose the filth that’s grabbed the planet by the gonads is not to fall for the good cop – bad cop routine.

So in my eyes, there is little to cheer about this new BRICS ban, which to quote the BBC says:

“One of the goals for the bank – whose creation has been discussed for some time – would be to increase the amount of money loaned to developing countries to help with infrastructure projects”

Hummm… lending (doubtlessly on interest) to developing countries to help with infrastructure projects. I’ve heard that method somewhere before.


BRICS report featured on ZeroHedge.




The black and white world of Adam Curtis.

If you don’t know the BBC’s Adam Curtis is, you can use Google, wikipedia and Google video to find out.

I fell in love with Curtis’ analysis in The Power of Nightmares, possibly his most acclaimed work. Being hooked, I trailed my way through most of his other work and began to see a pretty big problem: Curtis sees the world in black and white. No I’m not talking about ‘race’ I mean virtually everything he does is cast as everything consisting of just two opinions.

I began to see this on his program about ‘game theory’ particularly on a statement about JFK and the Cuban missile crisis, and since then I see it a lot. It actually turned me off watching his last programs about the loving machines, and the bi-focus he ‘explains’ the world in, is simply inaccurate.

I’m beginning to think that his bipolar constructions are a reason as to why he gets the acclaim that he does, because people are much much happier when they are offered to chance to see things in a bipolar way. Anything else is confusion.

The world has a lot of bipolar-ism in it, but Curtis’ geopolitical “analysis” that only sees things as one philosophy at loggerheads with another actually cheapens and brings into serious question the things that he says. He also proposes that the whole world is moved by the bipolar spread he lays out. Until he makes another program and then the world actually moved because that that other spread, until that is the next program comes out.

I finally penning an article to this because low and behold, Curtis is at it again…

He’s Behind You
How Colonel Gaddafi and the Western Establishment Created a Pantomime World

By Adam Curtis

Curtis’ work is valuable but quite overinflated and rather formulaic stitched together to hide the seams with some nice interesting music. Here’s a golden ‘oldie’ for you…

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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