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Loon my island

Today was interesting. I embarked upon a science based progression of logical steps warning beforehand the initial variables may have to be revised later. As it happened, the initial criteria did indeed lead to a dead-end but the initial criteria were very plausible as was the ‘supporting’ evidence pretty much up until the dead-end occurred. I got the plausibility of the route imprisoned some minds, unable revise the basis for heading down that road to begin with.

The human mind has a tendency to adopt something it finds appealing to the cognitive senses but then begins to filter (sometimes unjustly as happened today) other information that could lead to the altering or abandonment of the initial construct.

Before I waffle any more, Conspiracy researchers are not immune from this, despite their rather inflated boasts of being in possession of open minds and so on. One example of this is the sign of Diablo – the devils sign.

Google(image) “Diablo hand sign”. Quickly you will see a number of rather horrible people pictured giving this sign. Try telling a conspiracy researcher that this is meaningless and you’ll probably get some stick. Insist that it’s a coincidence and might find that it’s not too long before you are being advised to ‘wake up’ or something.

Point then to this however and you hopefully you’ll be met by a silence. Then watch the excuses start to pour out, demonstrating the resistance the human mind has to change its opinions.

Sadly it seems this ‘phenomenon’ is equally as stong in conspiracy researchers and non-conspiracy researchers alike and

P.S. I’ve even seen Sheikh Imran Hosein’s hand adopt the Diablo shape when giving a talk in Singapore. Somehow I don’t think that I.H. is a frequenter of Bohemian grove.

My wise father told me a long time ago ‘people look for info to reinforce their prejudices’. My father was right.

I’ll begin to finish this post off by saying ‘sleeping people’ and ‘awake people’ { conspiracy researchers among them} fall foul of the same trap, and that trap is bipolarisation. Chances are, your mind is infested with bipolarisation and it’s probably manipulated that way.

I’ll end now by saying at times I really dislike the fact that I have to rely on “news” of whats going on out there by having to read about it rather than experience it first hand, because it feels at times that the vast majority of news or alternative news is simply two sides o f the same coin. Someone is either going to try and manipulate me into what one may call the mainstream conformity and other will be simply pushing the ‘alternative view’ {many of which I myself have adopted} so I feel set up.

While the ‘conformity’ side is wholly repulsive, the bipolar twin sometimes looks pretty horrible too. The conformist Trueman show is miserable and the alterative Truman show is sometimes little better.

And so ends another personal message to be collected by the data harvesters. Phase 3 contains someone saying something like “The new world order won’t be forced upon anybody, instead we will all be queuing up or it” Yeah, and there’s probably two ques, and unfortunately I think I’m in one of them.

NWO? – you betcha!

I laugh at those idiots who boast at how great Russian weapons are, like the various MiG’s and the power of SS-20/Tor/Sunburns etc while rubbishing US F-16’s as junk and laugh ar US aircraft carriers as being sitting ducks etc.


Well you bipolar fools, I don’t give a damn what colour you imperialist underpants are cos they ALL suck! All imperial clad countries make me wanna puke as do their advocates and apologists. You criticise US killers for mowing down journalists like Terry Lloyd down, yet the assassination of Politkovskaya was OK because someone said without the slightest bit of evidence that she had something to do with “the Americans”.


Or how 9-11 was such a terrible false-flag operation yet the apartment and underground bombings including the failed attempted Russian state sponsored bombings of apartment blocks in Ryazan were actually not an attempted Russian state bombing of it’s own civilians and that hexagen explosives were actually sugar inexplicably left in large sacks transported into the basement of a block of flats in the middle of the might for now reason by persons who never lived there bought from a market that was closed.


Stalin was an alright bloke really because he denounced his captured son for being captured in the first place. The gulags and the crippling poverty not to mention intellectual fascism imposed upon people was something that the passing of time can cover up. How Yeltzin and the system that put him there was blameless because he was an American puppet. Or how great Putin is because he plays chess, yet Kasparov is forgotten ‘cos he too is with “the American” bogeymen


Yeah right.


And of course now that Russia is cooperating with the United Snakes in the Coalition of the Killing’s ‘war OF terror’, allowing US military flights for the US war effort, while of course maintaining the deception that it’s some kind of alternative and opposition to western hegemony, keeping it’s population locked in place with it’s likely pretend threat of Nuclear war.


Well done Mother Russia. What an inspiration you are against the convergence of the global fascist state.


The truth is of course, the Russian establishment is as rotten as the British establishment, the US establishment, The Italian and French establishment, the Chinese establishment, the Canadian and racist land grabbing pollution Zio friendly Australian establishment, the South African establishment, the Zimbabwean establishment, The Saudi, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi, Tunisian, Indian and Irish establishment.


There are cautionary exceptions of course, but few and far between.


All fundamentally rotten, pretty much to the core.



N(w)o end to Russiaphiles infatuation

Bipolarisation is a terrible affliction. It is a method of control avidly practiced in many countries around the world.

Here you go stupid ordinary person, here’s your two choices. Which one do you want? – When of course BOTH choices are just different colours of the same rotten flavour.

Screw your false “your either with us or with the terrorists” bipolar choices.


UPDATE: This is the kind of thing I’m talking about: 

“FSB just Liquidated Top 3 CIA / MI6 Operatives in Dagestan… well done boys!” – source 

There is a pervese mind behind this. “Your assassinations are bad, our assassinations are good”. The rule of law must be applied to the ZUSUK (Zionists, US and UK) but the Russian authorities can kill who they like without evidence, without due process, without doubt that they may be wrong. IT’S DISGUSTING. Bipolariation is a disease and those affected by it make me sick. Hypocrits. But they are too stupified by their own disease to understand that their glee at summary (in)justice supports the assassination of people like Jean Charles deMenezes.


By the same token, those Russiaphiles for who EVERYTHING about Russia is so good, e.g. Russian weapons(and their consequential sale), Russian leaders(who have killed millions, oppressed millions, or blitzkreiged cities such as Grozny and with the soft flesh inhabitants there in), Russian software (I’ve never known software as crippling to my PC as Kaspersky), G7, Russian Food(Ask Anthony Bordaine about his Moscow stay), Russian submarines, Russian nuclear power stations(inc the alarming floating power stations), Russian FALSE FLAGS(ask the lucky and observant people of Ryazan), Russian stock markets (gambling of course), Russian Banks(hey giz us a bit of usury will ya comrade), Russian architecture, Russian assassination(of Journalists), Russian intelligence agreements(with Israyhell), Russian state approved media, Russian befriendment of murderous tyrants(Karimov in Uzbekistan), Russian failure to safeguard against industrial pollution, Russian Nuclear weapons, Russian chemical and biological research (e.g. smallpox virus), Vacuum bombs ….. see no negativity in ANY action Russia does, only the crimes of the West must matter comrade.

Now at this point the idiots in their Vlad underpants (or Vladipants TM) will be seething at reading all this.

Good – you bipolar idiots. That you can’t disconnect the frightening actions of the ‘leaders’ (leaders of politics, banking and Industry) and ordinary citizen people, the former of who are responsible for ALL these things, then you don’t deserve catharsis. Blow your lids.

What the straw that broke this camels hump (other than the above) well… try this for size. Russia allows US supplies transit.


Is it not time to stand together?

The splits, suspicion, hostility and insults circulate amongst what may be loosely called the ‘truth community’ and are partly responsible as to why the mass murderer Tony Bliar, was able to set about the killing of over 1,000,000 Iraqi people with impunity.

Face it, just about each and every advocate of the ‘truth’ will have something about them which you ain’t gonna like. The question is, are you going to big enough to push that dislike into the background and generally cooperate for the greater cause?

Cue Amy Goodman.

Amy is(said to be) Jewish (I don’t know for sure, I’ve never asked her) and as such, she has faced the flack many who continually fail to understand the difference between a Zionist (some of who say they believe in the Jewish faith) and a non-Zionist Jew.

For those not familiar with Amy Goodman, she is a author and journalist who has for a long time now hosted a TV/Radio/Internet program called Democracy Nowon Pacifica Radio Network. Her program (along with co-hosts) has done wonders to break news about the horrific crimes of the Bush/Bliar regimes, as well as other similar murderous regimes in other countries across the world. Because of her work, she has helped bring the crimes of multinational corporations such as US company United Fruit and other companies such as Blackwater – the company whose employees are given free hand to engage their death fetishes by murdering Iraqi’s whenever the urge grabs them.

Amy has interviewed hundreds of “important”{wealthy/powerful}people, peace activists, ‘truthers’ and some of the best journalists (REAL journalists) of the modern era. Indeed, Amy’s contribution to the truth movement is deeply, deeply admirable.

But it’s not just her{purported}Jewishness that sees a split opening in the ‘truth comminity’ it is also the fact she seems highly detached from the curse of bipolarisation, whereby you either love the US or love everything the US dislikes. She featured the story of Maher Arara Canadian who was kidnapped by the US under the extraordinary rendition i.e. torture program and sent to Syria for torture.

This ‘country’ helped the US torture people…


Yes, that’s right, Syria! One of the countries Bush added to the first tranche of countries he famously declared as members of the ‘axis of evil’ in his state of the onion address, {North Korea, Iran and Iraq being the original three}. But some anti-Bushers; being victims of bipolarisation, attacked her as trying to demonise Syria.

Maher Arar plays with his children

Democracy Now (and by association Amy Goodman) reports: Report: “Both Russia and Georgia Used Cluster Bombs” No doubt getting the backs up of another segment of the bipolarised crowd.

Another instance of criticism was when she and Democracy Now did a number of articles onthe the killing of photojournalist Zahra Kazemi (wiki entry here) after taking pictures of the Iranian Jail.

Zahra Kazemi

Amy was very recently arrested at the Republican National Convention (RNC) — video here — transcript here — and I’m pretty sure that once again she’ll have things said about her like “she enjoyed it / wanted to get arrested on camera” or “it was just to provide credence to cover her secret role” and so forth.

You see, it’s all about criticising the abuse and corruption of the current ruling and power class, no matter WHO or what currently occupies that position. It’s not about whether your personal and relatively unimportant dislikes born of bipolarisation have been perturbed. Do you want to keep sledgehammering away at those who really share your core desires of truth and freedom? Why spend effort against those who work hard against the powers that be? Lets work together.

Expand your perceptions, climb out of your rut. Good luck.


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