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Why a number of British police are scum

Originally Published on: Jun 29, 2010 @ 10:03

Apart from an apparent passion for bumping offsmacking up women (like Sgt Delroy Smellie did)punching and bashing members of the publics head off the ground, the police are also scum for this reason…

Yeah the police need to be a bit ‘pushey’ at times like against those in the child porn business, errrm I said the police need to be a bit pushy not stabby (covering their tracks methinks), or into porn, child molestation, satanism and child abuse but when it comes to civillians who are clearly just being civillians, they go too far on too many occasons.

I’m sure if the police just buggered walked off instead of dreaming up the law on the spot and antagonising members of the population, then many situations would automatically end.

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I am refering to British police, but here is a U.S. example British police are no doubt studying:

P.S. grab your copy of these vids ASAP as it looks like dirty work is afoot on YouTube re:police bruitality




“posing” as paedophiles – yeah.

16 March 2011 Last updated at 15:27 GMT

‘World’s largest paedophile ring’ uncovered

By Dominic Casciani


It’s my guess the British police contain (a small closed group of) hard core paedophiles, doing the dirty under the cover of  ‘infiltrating’ kid-sex rings. I believe one of them was killed a few years ago.o keep him from spilling the beans. I suspect these rings are only ‘busted’ once an outsider catches wind of what’s going on. _ I have no proof, only a guess at that I read about it.


1)more British police child sex abuse porn molestation paedophilia – this time with added satanism

2) Geoffrey Harries: Child porn policeman stabbed to death.

More BBC and other establishment trash

wee willie hague never thought sharing a hotel room with another man would look bad. I’m sure he was completely bowled over when he realised whar some thought that his activities suggestes a streak of homosexuality. Come on, give wee wille a break. One could easily tell if he’s fibbing. Just look at the guys life to see other fountains of communal generosity. For example does he share his car, house, bank account, office, constituency surgery, many pints of beer, shoes, tie, toothbrush, trousers, atm card, business class airline seats? If he’s honest about all this, I’m sure such altruistic tendencies could be easily spotted. Caveat: caring and sharing are of course exempt when it comes to those dark skinned types in the ‘stans’ etc. in continuum of British foreign policy.

Later, oor wille shed light on his personal life saying “I have made no secret of the fact that Ffion and I would love to start a family.” giving gossip guru’s something a number of exclusives to wag their tongues on, pollute the airwaves more heavily than usual.

It is thought that wee willie may have called the BBC and thanked them for the ‘kinder’ snaps of him and his shared room mate…

BBC pics:

The Truthseeker hosted pic (also by XPOSURE) – the pic the BBC didn’ show.

Meanwhile one of the UK’s filthy cops has surprisingly been given a jail term.

Pigs like the paradoxical ‘lightfoot’, are probably 10 a penny (and 50Kg a pound) who usually have no action taken against them because unlike lightfoot, they are not unlucky enough to get caught on camera. I bet lightfoot regrets not moving the US some time ago. Where even when caught on camera, the penalty isn’t nearly as punitive.

Getting back to coward ‘lightfoot’ How ironic that lightfoot beat up some scumsucking ‘soldier’ that was a member of a force that bombs the hell out of Iraqi and Afghani kids.

Scum on scum methinks.

When a non-extablishment whore is beaten up then that’s ok.

Oh, by the way, when the media report Israyhelli settler thieves and assassins being killed, it’s a “senseless slaughter” according to US president Barack Obomber, yet when 9 turkish humanitarian volunteers are known to have been murdered in international waters by Israyhelly commandos in no danger, then (to paraphrase) we must wait to see what an Israyhelli investigation says about the matter.


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