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What is racism?

I still believe the only racism worth paying attention to is when meaningful discrimination occurs, i.e. has a meaningful outcome (like as regard to lower salary, seeking employment, business deals, school places, hospital treatment, treatment by police, etc). Racism is of course wrong and stupid, but when it comes to racist name calling….. although wrong, derogatory and intimidatory, surely it isn’t really someone should get hung up about is it?

QPR’s (football club) Anton Ferdinand earns (possibly more than) what elite criminal bankers and politicians earn (even considering political gravy-training) is probably going to have a very comfortable life far better than 99% of british people. Any racist words should have been water of a ducks back. But he behaved like a little little immature boy who got upset about it and started balling (no pun intended).

People who know me may find my words uncharacteristic and very harsh, but there’s a reason behind it. Lets assume John Terry (of Chelsea football club), the supposed offender – who was found innocent of all charges in an English Court of Law called Ferdinands mother something awful and other awful things like Ferdinands penis was the size of a pigmy maggot…. you know… something stupid and horrible like that. There is no way such stuff would ever make it to court. Think of your slur, I dunno, the point is why should the supposed racist language Terry allegedly said end up in court and why should it get him banned and have his name blackened?

Why was the supposed racist language which was utterly trivial be entertained?

Now that the referee Mark Clattenburg has supposedly used what one guesses is racist language against two Chelesa players, it’s going to be very interesting to see if the interestingly names Clattenburg will be treated the same as John Terry.

If I was a betting man, I’d put a wager down that they won’t.

P.S. Ashley Cole was 100% right to make that tweet. I think intelligent people will understand why it was withdrawn.

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