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Common Purpose on da BBC

Update: Wed,  11 March 2009:
The Investigators with Jonathan Maitland. BBC Radio 5 live. Latest Episode: The Investigators: Secret Society? 08 Mar 09. Critics claim “it’s a secret society for careerists,” while members insist it’s a legitimate training provider for the public and voluntary sectors. Who’s right? The Investigators ask what is Common Purpose? We speak to the man leading the campaign against them, an expert on conspiracy theories, and the organisation themselves to help answer that question. MP3 download file = (Duration: 20mins | File Size: 10MB)  – lwtc247 says: Havent listened to it yet. Don’t know how good it is.
End up Update.


For what it’s worth, the BBC has an article on Common Purpose.


More worthy than most BBC stories is a post made by StefZ (Famous for 15 megapixels) about CP in Sept 2007 – almost a year and a half before the UK State propaganda and disinformation service a.k.a. “the BBC” did. StefZ’s post is called “The Common Enemy“.

As a side note, it is interesting how reactionary the BBC has become in recent years. Increasingly it simply responds to news that people already know and applies its spin after, rather than breaking new news and new information to us. When it does have a scoop, it’s seems like it reports in such a fashion as to steer your thinking. First impressions last kind of thinking I surmise.

Common purposes website can be accessed by clicking here: (today I don’t feel like linking directly to them)

If CP was an organisation with a secret agenda (and it probably is given the lack of altruism in the world today) then, I would guess like for any large scale secret society,  that it’s wholly unlikely that ALL of its members will be fully in on the plot. Most organisational structures operate on a need to know basis – employing a pyramidal/compartmentalisation of knowledge type structure. So it’s worth pointing out that if CP was a secret group you can’t just look at one member for signs to prove it is a shadowy group, you should look deeper. Conversely, if it wasn’t a secret group, then none of its members would be in on the plot – obviously, as there would be no plot!

This leads to: A member of CP who seems on the level, may well be, OR, he could be good at disguising his agenda. So we should look at more than simple individuals (like state sponsored assassin Cressida Dick of the Metropolitan Police, a CP member who unless I am mistaken was promoted after she ordered the killing of a innocent man, Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes).

If it was up to me to plan for a dark and deadly secret society with the order of to put the world at my feet for whatever purpose I saw fit, I’d encourage a myriad of secret societies, all to appeal to various people. People who believe in something can easily be manipulated or guided to do certain things {which can be used for good as well as for bad}. Not only would I try and tempt people into some secret society, but I’d encourage many people to affiliate with public organisations too. Division is, after all, the name of the game. And we see this in many aspects of society today.

While I believe variety is the spice of life, I should contextualise my belief. The differences bringing forth this spice(good), refer to harmonious and non-exploitative ones. As a consequence of free choice, we have differing opinions on many issues. But a grouping of like-minded people is beneficial in that it forges bonds of community. If that community is essentially benign in terms of dispensing oppression, then tolerance towards it should not be disputed. This actually encompasses religion too – let other people choose a different flavour of ice cream if they wish.

The question is… Is CP benign or does it have an agenda? If it was benign then as a political and societal structure which impinges upon our lives, it should be open to scruitiny, but it values its secrecy.

Brian Gerrish is the man attributed with uncovering CP and he’ll be speaking at the Alternative View II conference in London at the end of May 2009.


 – And please, by my mention of conference that taking place, don’t assume I subscribe to ALL views of ALL presenters that will be speaking there. I would like to say however I am saddened by them using the old “tickets are selling fast – so get yours now before it’s too late” tactic. For heavens sake… not much of an “alternative” mindset displayed there when it comes to their own commercial activities! It reminds me of when DavidIcke started appealing to people to donate money to him to keep hius research going accepting credit card donations, or even asking for donations employing the facilities of J.P. Morgan Chase bank a number of years ago.  
Why is it that the BBC doesn’t ask what IS THE Common Purpose? Who is behind it? What political leanings to they have? And why isn’t the energy and resources being poured into CP – like many ‘state associated’ bodies, being put into stopping starvation, poverty, oppression and ecological damage.

I think I already know those answers.

UPDATE: Must say: One useful thing about all these short-sighted conspiracies (e.g. Israyhell brought down the Turkish plane at Schiphol airport – Feb ’09 – because Erdogan was angry that he didn’t have as much time to speak as Shimong Perez at Davos) and deluge of ‘exposed’ secret societies is the extra layers of protection it affords the eternal conspiracy.




Thats the maximim cost you can call upon within the freedom of information act (FOI) to try and discover if the state apparaticks are involved in the dirty. What a joke.

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“Here you are Lou, the latest FOI’s”

‘Thanks “bombski” ‘.

Everytime Lou said his nickname, it brought back memories of the briefing they had on the eve of July 7th, when Wozack (his real surname) was handed the assignment to oversee the bomb team on one of the carraiges. As he was of Polish parents, Lou quipped “be careful bombski, they’ve given you a can of worms. Make sure it’s placed securely and out of everyones sight.”

Just two days after, they were reassigned and by stationed together in the office that handles MET FOI’s.

Lou thought to himself ‘The poor sod probably thinks it was coincidence. Hah! Well, he’s kept his nose clean since so no need to call anything in yet. Now there’s a thought – what if Wozack is actually watching me? Both of us watching each other? He does tend to ask some silly questions some times. Hummm. Enough of this, I’ve got these bloody FOI’s to sort out. Right, what do we have here? Hmmm…’.

He inhaled slowly and let out a sigh, narrowing his lips as he began his work.

Lou stamped each request with a scanner sensitive incremental number stamp and rapidly sorted them into nine piles. He then fed each FOI from one pile into the scanner finally  selecting a category as to how that pile should be treated. On this occasion, from a drop down menu the he clicked ‘Reject: – reasons of national security’

He then stated on the second pile. Something on the FOI caught his eye. It was enquirying about the organisation called Common Purpose. Lou had at times overheard many of his colleagues mention this group as if it was some kind of fitness club but never gave it much thought.

Having scanned the second pile, this time he clicked ‘Accept: – send for processing’ and placed each FOI in his out tray.

A few days later, he had a call from his department chief.

“Lou, we’re sending back a number of FOI’s back to you. A number of us don’t feel some of them are treated correctly at the initial stage of processing. We’ll return them in blue and they’ll be with you later today. Any questions”

Lou didn’t add anything.

The minutes ticked the morning away and just before lunch a blue folder containing a small number of FOI’s was put on his desk by Wozack.

“Cheers bombski” he said sighing again.

He opened the folder and immediately inside was a cover note. Under the note were eleven FOI’s. The cover note stated “These and future FOI’s relating to  Common Purpose should be classified as ‘Reject: – Cost of processing FOI would exceed £675. Please file for reference”

Lou photocopied the letter and pinned it up on the already crowded noticeboard alongside similiar special notices detailing how certain FOI’s should be handled. Putting the original copy in the workstation file, he sighed once more and retrieved the previous FOI’s for reclassification, only then finishing for lunch when Wozack approached him and said ‘I’m also running a bit late this lunchtime. Whaddya say for a quick lunch and beer at the local.’

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