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Sex magnet Ken Livingstone – Children, animal and vegetable revelations.


Thought I’d try my hand at MSM journalism headline writing. Guess what, its a piece of cake! Any Joey can do it (exactly).

Increasingly common amongst those who are supposed to serve us, Ken Livingstone, sex magnet, is the latest to reveal (the paternal extent of) his sex drive.

Ken, on privacy vs. media exposure says “As long as you don’t involve children, animals and vegetables, they leave you to get on and live their own life in their own way.

 Who the hell is Ken to determine whether sex practices can involve vegetables or not? And if one was to say use a ‘mange tout’, cloves of garlic or sprigs of parsley, in some kinda sex act, then we should expect it to be ‘fair game’ for the media to report it? What about prosecutions, if the media can report it, does that then mean there is a case for legal action?

“Thou shalt not employ mange tout for sexual gratification” – says Ken Livingstone


Is there an act entitled  ‘The 1984 – sexual application of vegetables offences Bill” or something?  Scr…. errrmmm… Get lost Ken you pretentious prat. who the hell are you, you hypocritical vow breaker trying to foist upon us your legume discrimination.

Step aside you neoLabour sell-out and let someone worthy of being a man of the people, namely Brian Haw, be Mayor – a REAL Mayor (not a suckup to corporate interests like you Mr neoSocialist Livingstone). More of the same Incessent Political Party Crap (IPPC) involving the Marotship should be banned.

Now, where’s them damn chick peas?

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