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Jonathan Elinoff –

This from a commentator on Nafeez’s site:

Nice to see regular commentary appearing here again Nafeez, after a couple of periods where I suspect you were one busy dude!

It’s too early to tell but I recommend you check out the preview film site – a researcher there called Jonathan Elinoff has announced a 5-film (!) series on 9/11, BCCI, deep politics, the drug war, the JFK assassination and all the various threads. I have my hopes up for this as I’ve gathered that Elinoff (based on hearing his interviews and hearing others talk about him secondhand) is a very solid researcher. Cynthia McKinney posts a message of support on the site but it’s obvious she hasn’t watched the films just yet. The first installment is due out in about a month.

I’m posting it here so I don’t forget and to alert you to what seems like a interesting set of investigative movie. Those issues are of course interconnected to various extents.



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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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