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In search of music via the Jesus was a human conspiracy.


I’m changing the name of this post because I don’t want to give the impression I’m laughing at what are generally called conspiracies or those who research, publicise and discuss them. Conspiracies exist and not just because after some period of time a mainstream media outlet publicises it.

Dan Brown’s The DaVinchi code is utter pants and so is that other Tom Hanks crappy film Angels and Demons (“crap scriptwrters writing crappy scripts” would be a far better title). What a waste of lifeforce it was watching A&D. I’ve avoided the DaVinchy Code ‘cos I knew I would be angry with myself for a similar wasteage of lifeforce. (I’ve avoided Pirates of the Carribbbean for exactly the same reason!)

When I was a kid I remember seeing a program on the BBC talking about hidden messages in DaVinchy paintings. There programs were based on the “Holy Blood, Holy Grail.” book – CORRECTION: It’s the other way around, The BBC documentaties inspired the writing of the book which eventually carried the title “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”. See this great site about it: It was a fanastic program. It amazed me but I think I was too young to really understand what the secrets were supposed to be saying. Perhaps this and the Lybian embassy / WPC Yvonne Fletcher killings were the things that engrained a sence of critical thinking within me, or maybe I’m just an idiot, which if I am, actually makes me happy!

Must add: The ‘Grail/DaVinchy’ type conspiracies say Jesus fathered children. To me that’s not much of a sore-point seeing as it’s my belief that he was a very human prophet of God, and not one aspect of God. Whether he had children I don’t know, but I see no reason why not.

Secondly people might ask: How can I say dVC was pants when I haven’t watched it. Look… on occasions, you just know. Like if put an icecube in my mouth – it’s gonna feel cold. Hollywoood has been unspun in my eyes for ages already. I can predict almost every movie I see. That’s why to minimise this ‘problem’, I try not to know anything about some movie that I’m going to watch. I adopted this stance after national cinema day in around 1998 where you could watch loads of movies for just one pound per movie. From Dawn till Dusk was one movie we turned up for. And of course unawares, when the sun went down (in the movie) we got one very big surprise. After that tho, the movie was pretty much and ‘also ran’. 

Enough babble… I came across this video…

The last Supper. Secrets revealed by Leonardo da Vinci

Other than the slight generosity from w.r.t. the ‘ok i could be a grail’ bit, the rest of it was pantaloons, but not as megapantaloons as A&D. So why am I talking about this? Well it has that piano music that I’ve bene chasing for AGES! It comes in at 4m 35s.

I NEED YOUR HELP TO NAME IT. I NEED THAT MUSIC!!!  – Is it Handle. Who is it?? It’s driving me nuts! ? Please help identify it.!!! (The other music is great too. I think it featured in the Movie ‘Excalibur’ which has a very naughty and unforgettable sex scene in it!)

Before I go, the best comment on the video was as below:

iliyaDZ (3 months ago)
I think i saw the twin towers, bin Laden and Big Foot… Leonardo knew all about that stuff…”


Evolution – as seen on TV and from the mouths of fraudsters.

NB: error at end corrected

Evolution – from ape man to neanderthal – BBC science

2:12 to 3:51 is UTTER ‘Hollywood’ RUBBISH! Now it seems, a special effects / make-up dept is all the science proof you need. (Well it is the BBC!)

The accompanying ‘info’ on youtube for this flight of fancy says:

“This amazing video clip shows the evolution of our species from ape man to neanderthal.” – {empahsis added} HAHAHAHAHAHA! It SHOWS it huh… Dear oh dear oh dear!


Anyway, here’s a comment I wrote to a very smart ‘Medic student in preparation’ on evolution:


Species obviously do change (From Adam we have Africans, Europeans, Chinese, Amazons, Aborigines, Inuit…). This has been common knowledge for thousands upon thousands of years. How dare people put accolades upon Darwin for noticing this. Darwin observed variations in a species, the beaks of Great Finch (a bird) and giant tortoises. So what? He was well over 4000 years late.

The crucial thing he did then was to expanded upon that idea of species variation to PROPOSE a link between DIFFERENT species. He wasn’t a religious man, and had no religious signpost to guide his thoughts. Fair enough then to propose that species link.

Thing is, Darwin’s culture was of the Christian West which had persecuted people like Galileo in the past who observed the physical universe was different from the flawed teaching/understandings of the Christian church at the time. The WEST then began to develop a strained relationship with Science.

But with Islam it was different. Muslims in Cordoba/Andalucía the Maghreb embraced science – quite naturally. If man hadn’t yet corrupted Divine Revelation then how could science contradict religion? It couldn’t because there would be no contradiction. It was the Muslims who translated the Greek works which eventually seeded the European Renaissance which the West tried to hijack/portray as being independent of the Muslims. Europe was in the dark ages while Islam was embraced and lifted the people from Jahilliah whereupon science blossomed into success from what’s now known as Spain to parts of China. 

So Islam NEVER had a problem with Science. But the Europeans, already tense with science, then hijacked science (as they had done about their emergence from the dark ages via Thomas Aquinas and so on, and then later with the renaissance)  as it’s own and in effect ‘exported’ this tension to Islam. Arrogant Europeans talked about science as if it was something that rested solely in their hands and they still do today!

Eventually, Europeans used science for horrific means: ways to kill and injure people which in the modern day is seen in biological weapons, poison gas and nuclear weapons with an eye to plundering the resources from other countries (like Malaysian tin) without thought for the environment or without much thought for the indigenous people. The Muslims had already largely reached a good level of development that was satisfactory and more in tune with the earth, but as mentioned, scientific doors opened for Europeans which was more than intertwined with the consequence of empire.  Relative to that, it would appear the content Muslims might have stalled in science.

Getting back to Darwin, from my understanding, it was others who latched onto Darwins proposal of interconnecting species and promoted it as fact (Neo-Darwinism I call it). But there is no evidence supporting that theory. I believe Darwin himself said evidence must be found before the theory could advance.
Wikipedia says of Darwin that he provided “compelling evidence that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors” But there is NO evidence at all. The quote cites two references each relating to fossils. But there is no fossil evidence showing species changing from one form into the other (other than fakes, e.g. Archaeoraptor – they like to stay quiet about that one). But before its fake nature was exposed, it was believed without question and backed up with the old scam of ‘proof by artists impression’ See it at:

 man from ape
Classic proof by artists impression. Complete with gradient colour fills and more!

Their latest ‘proof’ which it seems to me is deliberately not subject to an honest analysis as to its authenticity, is Archaeopteryx, and there are many questions about this. It comes from China. China is notorious for what are called “fake fossils” {,8599,1888548,00.html}, indeed Archaeoraptor was one such Chinese fake. It is remarkable that it is the ONLY type of fossil (connecting birds to reptiles) that supposedly shows speciation and even more strangely is exactly what Huxley proposed when he preached his neo-Darwinism. Isn’t that strange? What a truely amazing coincidence. And even more strange was that Archaeoraptor – the fake before Archaeopteryx, was also exactly what Huxley mentioned. How utterly amazing is that. Totally astounding! 

“Scientists” – yeah right!

Fossil records are reported to show species ‘suddenly’ dying out, and new species ‘suddenly’ appearing. If you don’t count the very very suspicious Archaeopteryx, then there are NO interspecies links for anyother species. Imagine if Huxley had said “fish come from spiders’ – what’s the chance that the only fossil ever found supposed to fill in the missing link would by pure coincidence happen to ‘show’ a spider/fish intermediate. Ho ho!

“compelling evidence that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors” – Hahahah!

But Allah(SWT) in the Qur’an mentions all things were made from the sea. It could be taken to mean creature evoltuion did happen, in which case I would see no shame in accepting evolution IF there was scientific evidence to support that interpretation. But what do we actually find…?

It is reported that Dirk Fuchs of the Freie University Berlin said about the (non-)evolution {my modification and emphasis} of the Octopus: “These are sensational fossils, extraordinarily well preserved,” But what surprised the scientists most was how similar the specimens are to modern octopus: “these things are 95 million years old, yet one of the fossils is almost indistinguishable from living species.” similar stories can be said of Horse-shoe crabs, Woodlice, Crocodiles, Sharks, Coelacanth.

How come evolution was suspended in these creatures? How come, with their long fossil record, NO speciation is found in them? Why does the ‘continual genetic mutation’ not lead to these species evolving? I think I know why… ‘cos there probably isn’t any evolution by speciation!

Ask a biology teacher who believes in evolution to use evolution logic to explain why (backed by actual evidence of course – this isn’t an exercise in story telling remember!) these species are immune from mutating. Then, ask them how did animals turn from cold blooded to warm blooded? How did random genetic mutation lead to eyeballs forming – the cistrans retinol transformation and the associted protiens/enzymes the neural pathway to the brain the nerves, nerve gaps and the interpretation by the brain which must have developed together or any individual part of it would be utterly useless. Similarly, how did ears form, immune systems, DNA replication mechanisms, protein synthesis, citric acid, ADP/ATP cycles. How could feathers grow and the rest of the body (bone structure, muscle strength etc) change in synchronicity.

 How can one can disprove a soul. How can they discount the internal moral conscience (which admittedly we sometimes switch off) How did the first cell form which contained all the necessary functionality to replicate and absorb ‘food’ – where did that food origianlly come from? How come the ONLY cells we know of display the overwhelming tendency to die if just one part of it isn’t working properly. How could an animal turn into a cold/warm blooded species when all the other animals around it would have been warm/cold blooded respectively?

Allah hu Allam.

To me life is all about your relationship with God. There are many things to pull you away from God, many things to try and trick you, We are flawed people, trapped in this physical time, in a body, with the mind only the size of about a large Fuji apple, with only 5 limited senses, who will only be able to learn maybe 80 years of knowledge. There are many things to trick you into leaving your faith, to cut off your heart and to ignore the miracle of the Qur’an and the most amazing example of the Prophet (saw).

Sex, Drugs, False paper money, Darwinism, Entertainment, devil worship, false religions (e.g. Ahmadiah Muslims, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the British puppet) etc etc.

Biologists say what their biology books tell them. Lets do what God teaches us, even though, God forbid, we sometimes stumble.

And as you [Med student to be] cleverly indicate, ALL explanations of biology rest entirely upon what is already there. What created all this in the first place is said by biologists “Oh, that’s Physics” yet Physics can’t even trace 96% of the matter it needs to support some Physics version(s) of Archaeoraptor. Where did all the transgenic Uranium come from in a Universe only 13 bln years old? And how can you even measure 13 billion years when as time goes on, time itself is supposed to change. Even Einstein’s special relativity is very limited, and as for quantum processes…. well, just wait and see how if quantum theory is indeed ‘true’ how it will NOT in the slightest bit contradictory of the Qur’an.

Hope this gets your mind buzzing.

Allah (SWT) tells us to seek knowledge. What a brave and superb directive. To me, one tafsir of that is crystal clear; nothing of true knowledge, (as best as we can get true physical knowledge via our observations {all models are flawed – as we aren’t The Creator!}), repeat, true knowledge will never contradict the existance of God. True knowledge will however support, via signs, the existence of God. Allah surrounds everything with knowledge.




The Simpsons – Homer Evolution


Nature – Where lobbox flows freely and comes ever so naturally.

Got a lot of “science” to moan about today…

Take a look at this from the “periodical” called Nature (27th March)

Link on pic points to:

And what Nature definately WON’T be looking at is the political/and neoLiberal economics that is largely responsible for half the worlds population not having satisfactory water/sanitation.

 And whoever accused Nature (or the BBC) of MASSIVELY spewing out inflated and grossly proposterous speculation should be ashamed of themselves…


Well OK, maybe not then.

Hey, let’ get in on the act. Let’s point to the latest born baby and say something like “LOOK! The last human!!!”. I mean come on, for pity’s sake!

But wait… There’s more from Nature.

Title: “The appeal of sugar goes beyond taste”  Excerpt:  Researchers have found that mice prefer sugary water even if they lack a gene needed to taste it.  Although the mice could not taste sweets, reward centres in the brain reacted when the mice drank water spiked with sucrose, but not when they drank water mixed with a low-calorie artificial sweetener. The results, published this week in Neuron 1, suggest that mice can detect calories without relying on their taste buds — a finding that could change our understanding of the sugar cravings that can plague dieters and contribute to obesity. 

And of course the worthy scientists knocked out the mice’s nasal receptors so the mice couldn’t smell it. They did knock out the nasal receptors – didn’t they? OOPS! And they visually blinded the mice so there was no chance in the mice being able to detect some kind of difference in refractive index change of the sugar sulution and non-sugar solution. They did blind the mice didn’t they? Oh Dear! And they remembered to sever the remaining oral sensors in the mice to that the mice couldn’t tell from the viscoscity and texture of the solution that it was different from the viscosity/texture of the non-sugar solution. They did destroy all oral sensors didn’t they? Crumbs! And they remembered to remove the nerves from the teeth of the mice, so that the ion balance and electrical conductivity of those nerves on drinking sugar solution wouldn’t help the mice learn which was the sugar solution and which wasn’t. They did remember to destroy the mice’s teeth nerves didn’t they? Doh! And obviously they screened the rest of the mouse’s DNA (a task that took Celera  nearly a year to do) to make sure the alteration to what they thought was solely a taste related gene (becasue they know the exact funcition of every gene you see, and no gene could ever be polyfunctional*) hadn’t caused any effect anywhere else in the mouses genome. — sniff sniff, something’s hit the fan! —

Why is it that the proportion of “science” apprears to be complete junk?

But there’s even more…

 The article goes on to say… “They did not, however, favour water sweetened with sucralose, (I’ve got a feeling we’ve been here before) a low-calorie artificial sweetener. This suggests that the mouse body does not learn from the taste, but rather from the calories in sugar.

Notice the article of course does not say… “They did not, however, favour water sweetened with sucralose, an man made trichloro organic artificial sweetener. This suggests that the mouse body does not learn from the taste, but rather from the calories in sugar.”


Rodents don’t like sucralose. Food containing sucralose will not be raten by household rodents. Great for all them hungry Indians and Chinese. And sucralose is lower-calorie than sugar. Hourray!

All hail the cleverly named “sucralose” Only it will allow us to consume multiple more nutrients that some sponging Africans, and we won’t get fat.  And get this… sucralose is completely safe, afterall wikipedia says so. Wikipedia also says the case is proved after “110 studies in humans and animals.” – and that will be made up of 110 studies in animals and 0 in humans, or is that 110 studies in humans and 110 studied in animals, or some other combo? – well, it doesn’t say so obviously it’s not important is it?

Some time ago, The CIA were fingered for altering wikipedia pages in order to demonise the Iranial PM, Ahmadinejad. Of course it is unthinkable that sucralose’s (or “Splenda” as is the other name manufacures Tate & Lyle call it) wikipage has suffered a similar fate, what with a piddly sales revenue of $212 million in 2006 (Johnson,Avery, “How Sweet It Isn’t”, Wall Street Journal Marketplace Section, April 6, 2007 p.B1 )

* sarcasm.

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