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NHS – Nothing but Horrible Secularism

While the interestingly called Royal Devon and Exeter NHS “Trust” says the ban on necklaces has nothing to do with Shirley Chaplin’s necklace being a cross, I’m suspicious that it’s yet another thinly disguised attack on people of faith. It is afterall the trend – the ‘gravity’ of this diseaded socirty we have today.

Dear Mr Qutb – you thought you saw it bad.

I could be wrong. I hope Ms. Chaplin  tests this theory be wearing a very visible garment with a Christian cross on it.

Ms. Chaplin said “Everyone I have ever worked with has clearly known I am a Christian: it is what motivates me to care for others.” – fair play to her.

Why does it always seem to be women that are the secularists target. More easily bullied perhaps?

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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