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Dangerous Knowledge

I’ve been back in Blighty for a number of days now and don’t feel as shocked as the last time I came home. Immigration wasn’t as bad an experience as it was before, weather barmy as ever, CCTV all over the place as before.

The terrestrial news is visible more pathetic – YouTube “BBC broken news” to see the BBC taking the Mickey out of the pathetic nature of its own news broadcasting. (comedy shown on the BBC is quite praiseworthy)

 (see other clips on the playlist

Anyway Panorama did a reasonable, but highly selective program on the missing billions in Iraq, and last might a very very interesting program indeed called Dangerous Knowledge: BBC4 on BBC2.

Here’s the entry from the Radio Times:
11.30(pm) Dangerous Knowledge: BBC4 on BBC2
David Malone pays homage to mathematician Grorg Cantor, physicist Ludwig Boltzmann, Einstein’s confident Kurt Gödel and code-breaker Alan Turing – all great thinkers whose lives ended in tragedy. The programme also features interviews with those (including IBM research staff member Greg Chaitin) who are attempting to find out whether there are some things the human mind cannot know.

It was great. The just of the program was that these men were driven insane by the findings and that what they knew drove them insane. I got the feeling that this proposal was rather jazzed up to sell the programme or at best ill founded, and I got rather angry at Malone’s inverted ascribing of existence and signs of God to the conventional mathematical and physical system of pure predictable logic.

Far from it.

It was plain to me, that what Cantor came across, and Gödel later proved (i.e. it being impossible to prove certain things which may be true, and that there was no way of predicting which of those things couldn’t be proved then man is doomed to live with finite knowledge) was a sign of the Magnificence of God.

I took it that God conscious Cantor knew of the implications of his work – a mathematical proof that there is an order of intelligence and design that man would never hope to touch or understand and developed some kind of madness from obsession, and depression that he wasn’t delivering that proof.

Gödel did it and used universally accepted mathematics to show mathematics was fundamentally inadequate.

Any scientist knows mathematics is the fundamental basis of all abstract knowledge. Physical is the characterization of matter and its interactions therefore applied mathematics. Chemistry is applied physics. Biology being largely applied chemistry. And so on.

That mathematics is finite is a disaster to the arrogance of man and indeed a humbling outcome.

Yet the work of Gödel receives self-censorship or one-eyed viewing from the majority of the publicly-visible mathematical fraternity precisely because of its implications to the meaning of life and our role in the universe.

What a fantastic programme, what a remarkably self-defeating attempt to spin the programme.

I would advocate philosophy be a significant part of tertiary and higher education today not just because of the infinitely connected structure of knowledge but that it reveals the truth to us about life, the universe and everything.


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