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Do YOU really control YOUR mind?

in which Brown strangely laughs at NLP(!)


On Darren Brown again…


Just seen one of his “Trick or Treat” programs in which he sent some dude to Morocco, which was actually the most lame bit of the show. The NY bit where some “totally spies” kinda NY blond girl was like totally hanging out with 2 guys, and like most USan young men, were each probably about  Each was probably about 220 lbs, 7 feet tall and all that at only about 14.


Brown asked the “like totally blond” girl to phone not home, but a friend, and Brown was going to predict a word that the person on the end o the line was thinking. Brown predicted tricycle and wrote it down. Eventually the guy said bicycle. The “like totally cool” girl was amazed and having instantly dismissing the thing as a failure, I too was amazed as nanoseconds later I realised that actually to all intense and purposes, Brown’s guess was as good as correct.


I started thinking… Was it a set-up? To which I reasoned No. Some time later – Eureka! It suddenly hit me how it worked. As Brown was talking to the guy on the phone, Brown said things like (I can’t remember exactly but this is close enough)…


a) “Imagine your back in school”

b) “Imagine your writing the word in chalk on a blackboard”

c) “I’m going to ask you THREE things, Imagine these three things in your head going around like cogs, going around and around again”


He mentioned things that were kids-school imagery again as well as (I think) something like “sitting down” The word three was mentioned at least twice, possibly three times.


You can see that his words were carefully selected to draw upon imagery of three connected circular things going around, of childhood and of junior school. Very interestingly he in effect issued an order, telling the man to visualise these things in his head. What else could the guy on the phone choose other than tricycle? Well as it happens the guy chose the word bicycle instead, possibly because he never experienced a tricycle before, but also possibly because of Browns use of the words cogs and therefore imagery of a gear like system was introduced which are far more common on two wheeled bikes.


I didn’t manage to catch at which point Brown told the guy when to think of a word, but I suspect it was AFTER he implanted the bike based imagery in the guys mind. Or he would have had no control over the random thoughts of phone-dude.


You may think “so what” about all this, but I’m writing on the subject simply because it is an excellent and powerful demonstration (along with my other post on Darren Brown) on how it could be that: if we think we are making a free choice, in reality, we might actually be simply regurgitating a choice someone wants us to make, especially if they made a pre-determined decision and made the appropriate effort to influence your apparent “free choice”. Darren Browns mind trick demonstrates this very well and reveals that the work needed to do so is very minimal indeed.


This is of course what propaganda does. Most of which is easy to see, {hint: it’s called the Mainstream Media – MSM} but if you haven’t woken from your slumber, if you’ve never challenged officialdom before, you are likely to be dominated by it.


Please be aware of efforts to manipulate your minds. When massive riches and power are at stake, you can bet your life (and they will frequently bet your life, on their behalf!) that they’ll be after you mind. This is one reason why it is incredibly dangerous for media to be owned by an individual like Rupert Murdock or a small group of people like the board member of Time Warner etc. (see Media and the New World Order by Antireptilian Iration and Loving ‘It’ by Stef, Famous for 15 megapixels). I implore you to be always on the look out for their tricks and to expand your sources of information. Try not to accept everything at face value.

I would just like to say when I briefly came across Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) one thing I particularly remember and that was our instructor (of whom it was said was a UK leader in the field of NLP) said Asians, to which I guess he meant far-East Asians, have a different profile compared to westerners, meaning of course different techniques for mind manipulation would be employed for them as opposed to westerners. Once aware of this, a study of western media and Asian media to specifically look for this should be easily recognisable.

Update: Ultrasound Shown to Exert Remote Control of Brain Circuits, 29-Oct-2008. – source the possibilities are very far ranging. Every scientific discovery has some slime try and use it for nefarious purposes, yet the mainstream corporate media only ever portray the potential (often unrealised) belefits. E.g. “nuclear power offers the potential to power multiple esalination plants so that countries with extensive desertification can become lush gree oasies.”. you get the picture.

P.S. I’ve misspelt Derren Brown’s name throughout this article.


February and MK-ULTRA

image c/o

 When I first heard of MK-Ultra, I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Maybe it was the goofy name which certainly to me, resonated of Roswell/Area 51/Nirabu kind of things and so on, and those latter ‘conspiracies’ seem mostly hearsay and frankly a bit of a waste of time really. 

But thing is, MK-Ultra was actually true!!


The US government <b>did</b> engage in mind control research to for civilian and military purposes. Some of the experiments actually used psychoactive drugs such as LSD on unwary people. It is well documented. The US government is on record as paying compensation to a handful of its victims.


Nazi scientists, syphilis tests on African Americans, radioisotope poisoning, lobotomies of the mentally-ill, electric shocks all related to the physical and mental ‘research’ in the country that proclaims ‘God shed his grace on thee’. What a terrible slur towards God that is.


I’ll come back onto MK-Ultra a wee bit later.


So, at the end of this week, for my sins, I was watching TV. One of Darren Browns shows came on. It was called ‘The Heist’ (2006), and it was absolutely <b>extraordinary</b>

 THE HEIST (2006)
(If anyone knows of a Google link to ‘the heist’ plz let me know – I can’t access streaming video sites at the mo.)   

Basically, he programmed people without their realisation, which on exposure to visual and kinaesthetic stimuli, would predictably commit a major crime: robbing a security guard at gunpoint (the gun was a toy gun) who was carrying ‘valuables boxes’ (£100K cash in money although this is irrelevant as the contents of the boxes were not known to the participants) who was just about to load them into the security van parked in the street in the City of London. In effect, these people were to lose control over their own actions, and/or were going to give in to their dark side, albeit fertilized.


When the program started I didn’t really get what was going on. But later, I think when they were in a green room being conditioned, MK-Ultra popped into my head and it struck me the Darren Brown was employing knowledge associated with that. It was fascinating to see the psychology that was going on.


I had seen a previously aired, theatre based show by Mr. Brown, who at the end claimed to use similar techniques. Some of those techniques were employed in ‘The Heist’. In the theatre show, I believed I could have explained away virtually all it as a magicians ‘slight of hand’ and so on, but for one thing: If he wasn’t actually steering the minds of these people as he claimed, then he would have to had an entire audience of plants to ensure it’s success – i.e. his show was purely for the folks watching on TV, not in the theatre. Although I suspected one or two people might have been deliberately ‘selected’ I didn’t get the impression that the whole audience was in on it. Therefore, the alternative explanation: that he did indeed use the power of suggestion to make his objective a success was my conclusion.


I never thought of MK-Ultra during that theatre show, as there was no element of bad intent, and at the end I was left thinking that it was very possible he was employing a highly skilled degree of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) which I studied as a ‘module’ at University.


You really should watch ‘The Heist’ to see for yourself this very possible and powerful practice and understand what I’m going to write about below, and you really should also ponder on this… Darren Brown stated in ‘The Heist’ that he only programmed them for 5 hours. That’s right. 5 hours to program someone to carry out a very serious crime. That is incredible – and indicates a very big danger.


The end of the program was chilling, but at least three things that deserve a specific mention of a few things of extra spookiness which left me in a mild state of shock afterwards.


At the end, we were shown the participant walking down a drizzle soaked street on a dark day, presumably very early morning. There was a slight kink in the road due to what looked like a building jutting out a metre or two into the street compared to the other buildings in the street at that point. A shot of the participant from behind was shown and immediately on seeing this, I thought of the highly questionably CCTV image supposedly taken outside Luton train station in which it is claimed to showing the supposed July 7th bombers. My eyes widened at that point.


Not only that, but on the same side of the street that the participant was walking down, stuck up on the kink was a narrow yet long poster showing a womans legs and a hand on the upper leg suggesting a rubbing of the leg. On the poster was the words ‘DO IT!’ at the bottom. The rubbing of the leg formed part of their preconditioning and was one of the one visual cue to respond to the subliminally implanted suggestions, along with the ‘DO IT!’ words that appeared on the poster.


So what is chilling about this? Well, because again the instant I saw it, this poster came to my mind…


(full and hi-res picture here)


This ‘poster’ is of course the one of the Tavistock Square No 30 bus bomb that detonated on a Thursday morning on the 7th of July 2005, killing and injuring many people.


In the show, the colour green was also used as part of the programming, as was a Jackson 5 song called ‘Can You Feel It?’ which was played to them by a car that just happened to be ‘passing’ by, all designed to make their  programming rise up and take control of them, as the individual participant walked down that street.


After all these audio visual taps, 3 out of the 4 participants pulled out their toy gun and robbed the security guard in a way that strongly resembled the aspects of the power programming Brown has instilled within them.


After the participant robbed the guard, the film crew, previously hidden, came out from all directions and surrounded the participant who was trying to run away, and the expressions on the thief’s face was either the best EVER acting I’ve seen by anyone, OR, it showed that they were infact in a totally different psychological state to what is their normality. Only when they saw Darren Brown did they seem to snap back to their former selves.




Well, given the strong associations with 7-7 that kept hitting me during the climax, and that if Darren brown can achieve such an act of mind manipulation after just 5 hours of programming, I started wondering to myself saying “Could something similar to the London bombers have taken place? Were they subjected to something similar? Just ordinary people who perhaps were consciously directive of being part of an exercise that day, only to have someone waiting to set off a number of triggers to make then ‘fire’ off their bombs, they thought may have just been props?


I would have thought before that show, even with a brief knowledge of NLP, that it was most unlikely, but now I feel it is a very real possibility, it also helps explain a few other questions I had.


Pre-heist, In just 5 hours, Darren Brown used the following while programming these people:


Colour: Green and logo.

Audio:  Jackson 5 song ‘Can You Feel It’

Physical association:  Leg rubbing attached to empowerment)

Key word: DO IT!

Taste of illegality: Stealing sweets

Meditation: Thought of energies flowing through the body

He also probed their obedience to a perceived knowledgeable person in authority, using close repeat of the famous 1963 Stanley Milgram experiment where a scientist convinced a member of the public to administer lethal electric shocks to someone else (the civvie wasn’t aware the shocks weren’t genuine).


On the day of the heist,

Colour: Green and logo.

Audio:  Same Jackson 5 song

Depiction of Leg rubbing along with the words DO IT! was used on the poster.

The participant belief in a Chi energy or strong use of assertion was used


And when you consider that these people were only there in the first place because they were supposed to meet Darren Brown, but got side-tracked into stealing from a security van, makes the power of their manipulation even more incredible and creepy.


Even the 4th participant who didn’t actually try and steal, had a look in his face as if he was seriously thinking about the robbery that he had the potential to do it, but was dismissing it in his mind as we walked past the guard and van.


We must ask, is all this in ‘The Heist’ fake? The way the participants acted once they were surrounded, which if you watch it, you will see that their movements, facial expressions and so forth looks really really genuine. Because of that I don’t think it was fake. Not just because of that, but because there are broadcasting regulations that prohibit fake/scripted shows from appearing real without stipulating as such. I think it is genuine demonstration of mind manipulation.


With regards to 7-7, was the ‘terror’ poster on the bus significant? What about the Kingstar van? Was any particular music playing that morning? Was any scent dispersed? How about on the tubes? There are currently too many unknowns to answer these questions but I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any reports mentioning such things.


But that’s not all. I stated the program was made in 2006. That’s  almost one year AFTER the 7-7 bombings (depending on the month of production which I guess was summer – given the light and the very empty streets – likely to be 4am morning).


Darren Brown said the police had sealed off a RADIUS of 200 metres in the surrounding and a camera shot of a police helicopter was seen in the sky {whether this helicopter was part of the cordon is not possible to discern}. But, you may well remember that the filthy disgrace of a human, none other than blood drinking mass murderer, the very repugnant Tony bLiar, said to conduct an independent enquiry of 7-7 would be a ludicrous diversion. A crass statement which induces the same bewilderment in me today as it did then.


His argument was that it would waste time and resources of those who are trying to stop such terrorist acts and so forth is what Count bLiar and his cultists chant. Well you butchering fascist pig, what about the polices involvement in this show? Or at football matches ever week (where private security firms could be present).


Scum sucker bLiar’s argument is of course easy to destroy because it based on a lie. That wasn’t the reason why he denied any enquiry. He doesn’t want it because as is my personal firm belief, that elements within the UK establishment were involved in the horrific mass slaughter that took place that day.


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